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  1. Thanks, that's unfortunate. I will just have to adjust
  2. Can you please try to replicate his shots where he was showing a lens to the camera? I think those examples are the worst.
  3. When I am in replay mode (to view footage already shot), what physical button can I press to start playing the footage? I keep pressing on the Menu button because it seems natural to me, but the only way it works is to press the play icon on the screen. I don't understand why the Menu button does not start Play, since it works like that on most cameras I owned.
  4. After watching the entire video there is no other way to describe this other than damning for the autofocus system in the GH5. The egregious real life examples are in the second half of the video. I promise it is worth your time to view it all.
  5. Video from Panasonic on the autofocus setings:
  6. Just for clarification, the Atomos has features to capture timelapses just fine. I think I can set the shutter speed to whatever I want. That is what I was doing until now with my Sony A6300. I was saying that I wish I could leave the Atomos behind and only use the new GH5. Which I can't unfortunately due to the codec.
  7. I tried out Variable Frame Rate today (VFR). While the feature works fine the codec selection is not so great. At least in 4K, VFR only seems to work when selecting 8 bit 100 Mbps. I am disappointed that it does not work for the 10 bit 150 Mbps codec. I shoot a lot of timelapses in log format (so for GH5 it would be V-Log L) and I would have hoped this camera would let me get rid of my external Atomos recorder. Not so much
  8. Yeah we can change the command line parameters to get better audio. I can take a look later.
  9. The 4K 10 bit files that GH5 records internally cannot be read by some software such as Resolve. Also, the files are in an inter-frame codec so editing crawls to a halt in some software. The solution is to transcode from H.264 10 bit to an intraframe codec like Prores. Here is an ffmpeg command line that does that: ffmpeg -i "input.mp4" -c:v prores_ks -profile:v 2 -qscale:v 11 -vendor ap10 -pix_fmt yuv422p10le "output.mov" But you have to be very careful to use an ffmpeg version that was compiled for 10 bit support.
  10. Do you remember the settings for the first video? What is your opinion of the pans in the first video? I think there are motion problems, I don't know why.
  11. 4K 60 fps 8-bit 150 Mbps footage shot in V-Log L yields green and magenta (compression?) artifacts when converted to Rec709 by DaVinci Resolve with their color management solution. While the image below is a 2X magnification, it is also plainly visible in moving images at normal size. This is my dog's hair, btw I wonder if the color processing for V-Log in Resolve is mostly geared towards Varicams. I will also check 4K 30 fps 10 bit internal and external. HOWEVER, if I color grade the same footage manually starting from the V-Log, without using automatic color management, then I can make it look better. The artifacts are still visible when pixel peeping, but not obvious during play:
  12. The new Leica 12-60 variable f/2.8. Shooting 4K 60fps 8 bit and 4K 30 fps 10 bit in V-Log. I did tap on the screen and used the shutter button a few times to coax it into focusing. It was slow. The reason why I am saying it's bizarre is that I don't yet understand what circumstances makes it fail to focus. Sometimes it works fine, especially for wider shots and when the entire object is in the frame. Am I correct in assuming the contrast based focusing is done before the image gets converted to flat V-Log? P.S. When the image does get in focus the image quality is fantastic.
  13. The autofocus is a bit bizarre on this camera. It works pretty well for stills, but for video it's inconsistent. I went outside and shot at ISO 400 in V-Log. It seems to be having issues focusing when there are big objects close to the lens.
  14. Yes this is pretty much what I am seeing. But having tested it indoors in the evening I can tell you that with footage involving people it's even worse in V-Log. And it's not only the ghosting. There is some sort of strange banding and other artifacts going on. I watched two previous low light V-Log tests and I could not see the same ghosting that I am seeing in my production camera. It's either a firmware change, or it's the fact that there is not much panning in the test videos.
  15. I will give it a try shortly. I am just a bit pissed because V-Log L is a paid license. And I need V-Log or something like it for what I do (I shoot HDR videos exclusively).
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