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Delete my account Please! Done with Andrews political rants


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I've been hearing the term "snowflake" and "safe space" a lot from the alt-right...  Not sure what side of the political spectrum you're on, but regardless, c'mon now.  

At the least, you can just walk away from here and never return.  If you don't like it, jump.

Still, it's just one dude's thoughts for goodness sake.  Even if you ignore the rants, there's other good info here.  Besides, what's exactly wrong with hearing other's political opinions?  I'm pretty sure it doesn't make one's brain explode.

Does it?

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I don't know... no offense to anyone's opinion, we're all entitled to them, but who gives a shit what Andrew's political opinions are? Or mine? Or yours? Or anyone's?

Arent you the member who used to own an XC10 and D750... and if my memory serves me, you recently bought an F3? If this is you, you have posted some good work, focus on that and ignore the rest... or don't and let some random guy from the internet, who you obviously disagree with dictate your time spent on a video site...

I mean, I disagree with almost every dipshit, crackpot political theory I read on this site... from both sides of the aisle... it doesn't mean I cannot learn from their video experiences...

But whatever...

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They already have them....

Here's England imposing a similar ban.


Look it's not about safe space. I'm just tired of it. You see it absolutely everywhere. Is it even possible to delete your own account by the way?

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Just when I was thinking some latest thread could be better placed in yellow press and I see this one who totally won place number one…..c'mon, to be honest I always laugh with Andrew's political thread, I usually differ from him, but that's life, we all have a different opinion in one point or another, the world will be really a bored place if we all think in the same way….

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Hardly a 'political rant' to disagree with a ban on cameras in hand luggage

He'll be calling me a nazi next?!

If he's a trump supporter surely he is used to people, even some of his friends, disagreeing with his political views...

Anyway it just goes to show how insufferable people are becoming

You can't even joke about feminism in front of some people without them blocking you or unfriending

people are far too sensitive

perhaps the irony is that Amook is the one that really needs a 'safe space'!

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What do you guys think about Kennedy assassination btw ?

Should college students carry firearms to protect themselves during mass shootings on campus ?

Are people in UK stupid to have voted for the Brexit ?

Why is Marine le Pen so popular in France ?

Do you think Russia was behind the Democrat/Hillary email hack ?

What happened to the MH370 flight ? Is someone hiding something ?

Are Muslim terrorists a deviant form of a peaceful religion or the visible part of an intrinsically violent Islamic culture ?

Can't wait to hear your opinions. No Godwin points please. Courtesy first


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