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Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

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9 hours ago, BjornT said:


Picture 1 is raw, picture 2 is filmconvert nitrate applied with 5207 stock (only adjustment is grain turned off), picture 3 is nitrate with lumetri color applied before filmconvert. Used white balance color picker to white balance off her top.

Shot in HLG 4K with a tiffen black satin 1 filter and slr magic variable nd filter attached. 5600k in camera. GH5 and HLG profile picked in filmconvert obviously.



1st Cut.00_00_09_23.Still003.jpg

1st Cut.00_00_09_23.Still004.jpg

1st Cut.00_00_09_23.Still005.jpg

mind sharing your lumetri adjustments ? 

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"6K/24p Anamorphic Video Mode, while fun, is severely hampered by its 4:3 aspect ratio" UM! That's what an anamorphic mode is - 4:3 Someone let our dear friends at Cinema5D know.

Here are some 1080 JPEGS from a music video that I shot with the GH5 + SLR Magic anamorphic primes.  

A couple of quick screengrabs from a recent Jazz concert I shot. I must say I was super impressed with the GH5 on this one - not only it recorded for 1h30m straight with no issues but it did so on one

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1 hour ago, Adam Kuźniar said:

mind sharing your lumetri adjustments ? 

All I did with lumetri was white balance with the white balance picker of the white in her top. 

5 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

@BjornT Cool video! Beautiful colors! Awesome performers too! Who are they?

Thanks! The performers were part of a photography meetup in Berlin organized by Beazy.

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2 hours ago, kye said:

Interesting.  Here's my manual attempt to replicate the grade.


1st Cut.00_00_09_23.Still003.jpg

My manual grade:


Grade from @BjornT with Filmconvert etc:

1st Cut.00_00_09_23.Still005.jpg

Some of the colours aren't quite right, but it's broadly there.

I'll do a write-up in the Grading thread about what the adjustments are.


Nice! Very close. Done in Resolve or Lumetri?

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15 hours ago, hoodlum said:

Apparently a major firmware update is coming which would also suggest the GH6 is not coming soon.



That’s exciting.  Hopefully they’ve been scouting the various forums and looking for little annoyances that they can fix.

Panasonic if you are reading this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the aspect ratio guidelines REALLY REALLY obvious, at the moment they’re practically invisible and I forget that i’m meant to be framing inside them.  Even better would be blanking out the parts that are out of frame.

Even better than that would be to just shoot that aspect ratio - eg 2.35:1 and have the output files in that resolution but still with the full output bitrate so we’re not throwing data away by cropping in post!

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Can someone explain to me whats going on? 

I shot this with GH5 + Sigma 18-35 on a Viltrox + ND filter. I am doing VFR 4k60fps straight to 24 fps in-camera recording. The file is just downsampled to 1080p in a link below. No editing, no grading, as it is. Where the hell is this vertical tearing coming from on especially seen on her tshirt white letters? And how to avoid that nasty shit?


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6 hours ago, kye said:

.. looking for little annoyances that they can fix.

Hope Panasonic gives us some variable frame rate options for anamorphic shooting..

Maybe  also some higher frame rate 4K options with cropped readout al la P4K.

The possibility of better mapping of the V-Log L curve would also be appreciated :)

@Amazeballs on VLC player I'm not seeing any tearing here.  

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I do see quite a subtle pattern looking closer.. Was looking at the video projected and it wasn't that noticeable (hence the reply) the addition of some grain has helped when I've seen this in the past.. and lowering the local contrast would also help with the white and blue verticals.

The Tiffen ultra contrast filters help but that direction is quite subjective.

Maybe Panasonic can fix it with a firmware update..? ?

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How about this for the GH5S:

1. ProRes RAW or BRAW via HDMI to external recorder ?

2. Internal C4K 60p 10-bit 150Mbps IPB

3. Internal 10-bit or 12-bit uncompressed cDNG 1080p for shits and giggles. ?

4. Ability to have custom LUT .VLT loaded for HLG profiles

5. Linear focus and custom focus throw support for 10-25 f/1.7 when manual clutch mode

6. That nice big red recording indicator box that you have on the S1H.

12 hours ago, matthere said:

The possibility of better mapping of the V-Log L curve would also be appreciated

Would be nice. Highly unlikely. HLG kinda does it now anyway.

19 hours ago, kye said:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the aspect ratio guidelines REALLY REALLY obvious

I second this.

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Does anyone have any hints on nailing focus on manual lenses when filming yourself?

For example, I want to film a bunch of tests of myself (like the lens tests always have a model in them) but when the lenses are wide open I can't work out how to check critical focus.

I've tried the app, but found that it doesn't have enough resolution to tell what's in focus, I can't setup something at the same distance and pre-focus because if DoF is only a cm or two then I can't make sure my eyes are exactly that distance.  The only couple of thoughts I've had is either to hook up the HDMI out to a huge TV that I can see well enough, or to buy a telescope so that I can see the flip screen well enough from where I'm sitting.


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