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  1. Hi, does anyone know when the new G5 update will come out and what will it be? Thanks
  2. Hi, I usually make night shots in the night, in the forest or large areas in the villages where people dance. I always use a small led lamp on my GH5 camera. Often it is insufficient and I need more light. I'm thinking about a LED Front Lamp to put on my head. I noticed a lot of lamps of each invoice but for trek and running. I don't know if it can be useful for me too. I need a front lamp with zoom and with a large floodlight. Does anyone here have experience in this regard? Maybe I do a stupid thing to buy and use a LED Front Lamp? I found some LED Front Lamps with 6000K but I could add a filter to make the light a little warmer. I always travel alone and I also need to optimize weight. Thanks for some precious news.
  3. Hi, I'm sorry for the urgency but it is real. I never was so undecided- My budget is around 500 euro not more. I have a NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080Ti and I make video editing with Edius 9 but also I surf on Internet a lot. It seems Benq is a 10bit monitor. If you know both monitors in your opinion which is better for me Dell UltraSharp U2717D or BenQ PD2700Q? Thanks
  4. Ok, thanks. Out of curiosity: if I use Resolve, is there an integrated filter like Neat Video so that I can do without buying the plugins for Edius 9?
  5. About Neat, do you mean I will need to use Neat in post production?
  6. Hello, the next months I will go to make a short documentary in the Coptic churches with poor light.The churches at night lit up little more than with candlelight of many faithful. Can anyone advise me how to configure the GH5 to get a good video inside the churches? I have the Leica 12-60mm f / 2.8 lens. Outside I want to film in 50p but maybe inside it would be better to film in 25p to get more light. Quite right? Thank you.
  7. If a variable ND filter is more functional, my preferences are like yours.
  8. 😂😂😂 yes "run and gun". Thanks for your suggestions.
  9. I will use the ND filter only in sunny days and my shots are "shot and gun"...
  10. Out if curiosity: do you prefer a fix ND filter fix or a variable ND filter for your GH5? I mean for video. Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm a non-happy owner of a Lumix GH5, if I want to shoot in rec.2020 with my GH5, what should I do please? What is the easiest step to do? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have GH5 with the latest update. I need to shoot in 4K 50p and HDR. I know it is impossible, do I have to change my GH5 with another camera or is there some external devices that allow to rec in HDR? Could it be possible with the next update? Thanks for some info.
  13. Hi, could you clear some worrires please? I shoot with GH5 only at 50p Pal System. Do you get a better UHD video by shooting in MP4 LPCM or MOV? They are options to choose in Rec format. Then, I'm noticing in HDMI recording output/Bit mode 4K/50p I have the option to activate 4:2:2 10bit. But I've always known that you can shoot in 4:2:2 only at 25p. What does it happen if I enable 4: 2: 2 10bit and I shoot at 50p? Then: I don't see "Color space" on the GH5 Menu. Could you tell me where it is precisely? Thanks a lot for clearing up.
  14. Hi, I have the GH5 which has been updated with the latest update. I shoot only at 50p in UHD. I would like to know if I can enable the HDR but I don't think it is possible. I have a TV with HDR. Some suggestions please: 1) In your opinion, is it better to set my GH5 with rec709 or YUV 420 rec2020? 2) Is it better I shoot at rec2020 with my GH5 and I edit at rec2020 with Edius 9? Thank you for some info.
  15. Hi, I will reach Africa and I need to buy a good ND filter for my GH5. I take only video. Do you know if there is a a 62mm ND filter among Nisi, Breakthrough and Syrp? I need 6 stop. I trust these brands. Thanks for some info
  16. webrunner5, I think we are not able to understand each other. You never sugegsted a Ronin S and : 1° Ronin S is not available yet and it is a lot heavy. I remember you suggest me to buy a mechanical steady. In Augost I will leave and if I had to buy a Ronin S I really would need 2 Land Lovers, opsss ... sorry Rovers.
  17. Hi, I'm sorry for my urgency but in 2 days I have to buy a monopod in carbon fibre (for video) and without 3 small legs at the bottom. It is a good brand and I have to buy a monopod with 2 options. The one with 6 sections or with 5 sections. I will use it in countryside and not in town. I never used a monopod, thanks for your suggestions.
  18. But it is impossible to buy it from Europe in 10 days. I'm thinking about Vary-i. I always shoot in sunny days and I'd like some help. Do tou know Vary-i? https://vary-i.com/ I'd like to buy only VARY-i solo for the GH5/GH5s. Is it useful? I already know it is useful but I'd like to know info from users. I thank you for your info. I bought gimbal Zhiyun Crane Plus oe week ago for my GH5 and after 2 days I sold it. I never I threw so much money badly like this time. My GH5 has: Leica 12-60mm + ND variable filter and Zhiyun Crane Plus cant manage that long lens. Many times the lens clashed with the arms of the gimbal. It is a big pain.
  19. Friends, I need to find a solution for my GH5. I am going to Africa where there are sunny days. Many times I shoot with the camera at the hips and I can't see inside the EVF. I was thinking to buy Vary-i loupe for GH5, but before I need to know your experiences with it. It is a little expensive and I don't like to throw away money. I know GH5 LCD screen has worse resolution than the EVF and it is only 800 x 600 pixels. Could you give me some real suggestions please?
  20. Has anyone ever used a viewfinder like this "GGS Swivi S5" in sunny days? It might be useful for my GH5?
  21. Can anyone tell me if there is a very light tripod with the same head of the Zhiyun Crane Plus gimbal? I'll get the gimbal in 2 days and I still don't know what head will it have. I'm asking this question because I will often have to remove my GH5 from the gimbal and put it on the tripod. Thanks x some info.
  22. Hi, I bought the SLR Magic Reflex Mark II 62mm ND filter for my GH5. I'm a lot satisfied with it and I'd like to protect it with a lens hood. In fact, the front lens is very protruding and in my travels in the forest I will certainly go to spoil it. Can anyone suggest what leans hood I can buy? Thank you for your suggestions.
  23. Hi, I have just bought a Zhiyun-Tech Crane Plus. I will get it in some days. I will use the gimbal only with the GH5 and Leica 12-60mm. Especially in wide angle lens or with a light tele. Out of curiosity I need to ask some questios because I'm absolutely inexperienced about gimbal. In August I will make my first serious UHD documentary in Africa (but not in the cities). How often do you use the gimbal every day? Yes, I know it might seem like a stupid question. But I would like to know if I can keep the GH5 on the gimbal all day. I need advice from experienced people please. I will not even have a few minutes for rest because I will shoot everything that appears in front of me from morning to night. But could the video annoy those watching the video, when they see all those movements used so often with the gimbal? I have no idea how to use a gimbal. Can you give me some advices please? THANKS for your suggestions.
  24. Thanks for your suggestion, I will almost always shoot outdoors on sunny days with a gimbal and the GH5. Do you think it may be useful for a sunshade for LCD? I have no experience with this. Does anyone use it? Thanks for some info.
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