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  1. I thank you for your advice. I already knew that video but unfortunately it was not useful.
  2. Hi, I will reach central Africa, I will be in the bush where there aren't trees, so I will have days full of light and I will film also black people on the red earth. I will shoot in UHD only and with Leica 12-60. Can you suggest the best settings for my GH5 please? For me it will be the first video wirh GH5 and I'm afraid to make some errors. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. I think you don't make videos. I think you make photos. Yes I need lens with zoom. I always go into the forest, bush, savannah to take videos about indigenous peoples. I always travel alone. PS: I have GH5 only for a few days and I'd like some advices from you but only if you make UHD videos. Going into the settings of the GH5 I saw these entries: Minimum gain limit settings Maximum Gain limit settings if you want to use the camera automatically, what numbers would you put there? I inform you that I have them in db. Thank you
  4. Hi, I'd like to know your opinion: if you had a GH5 with a 12-60mm lens for video and would you like to buy another objective, which would you buy between these two lens? Panasonic 45-175mm Vario X Motorized zoom Power O.I.S Panasonic 14-140mm Power O.I.S In your opinion which is more enjoyable and useful?
  5. Hi, in my UHD videos sometimes I can't make WB because I have not a sufficient free time. I use GH5 camera to shoot. Does anybody use a lens cap to do it? I know there are some different lens caps on the market. If you use it, can you inform me if it works fine? I attach a link of one of them. Thanks https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/591750-REG/BRNO_BAL62_baLens_62mm_White_Balance.html
  6. Hi, I use a GH5 with Leica 12-60mm lens to make videos (only UHD documentaries). I'd like to buy another more powerful zoom. In your opinio what zoom can I buy? I mean about focal excursion only. Thanks
  7. Guys and gals, ETC mode is a wonderful option. Is it possible to assign the ETC mode to "Fn" button? I am not able to do it. Can you tell me the right steps please?
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a good focal duplicator (teleconverter) for Leica 12-60mm with GH5. Does anyone know anything about it? Thank you
  9. Hi, I have just bought GH5 and I will need to charge at the same time. I have seen these two charge batteries: https://www.amazon.it/Andoer-DMW-BLF19E-Caricabatteria-fotocamere-Panasonic/dp/B0774NYS35/ref=pd_sbs_421_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=CNMQBX0NNACCFAJS4WXE https://www.amazon.it/Bundlestar-Caricatore-doppio-batteria-Panasonic/dp/B0744NMJ88/ref=pd_sbs_421_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=CNMQBX0NNACCFAJS4WXE In your opinion which is better between them? In don't understand well if the yellow charger can discharge also the battery before to charge it. Thanks for your info.
  10. It seems incredible but real. I have just bought a GH5 and now I'd like to buy an original Panasonis strap but I am not able to find it. Where can I buy it? Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm thinking to buy a GH5 camera with Leica lens 12-60mm to make UHD documentaries around the world. I don't visit towns but I document indigenpous life in remote areas. I'd like to ask some questions because I have always used videocameras in my life and the GH5 is opening up for me a new horizon that I don't know at all. For this reason I'd like to ask some questions please. 1) In your opinion will I need a Zhiyun Crane for my shots? I don't like to bring with me heavy matters but if it will be important for me I will buy it. 2) If you suggest to use the Zhiyun Crane, usually for how much time will I need to use it? I know it is a stupid question but I like to understand better. Will I have to use it around 50-60% of my shots or for all the time 100%? Certainly there are rare times that I need to put the camera on the tripod, but I do not mean this moments. So I exclude them because I mean allt eh times without tripod. 3) Can I always use a skylite instead of UV filter to protect Leica lens? Do you advise against it? 4) Can I use GH5 without any gray filter in the very sunny days? Will I get enough bad images? 5) How do you suggest to make the white balance? 6) Can you tell me if GH5 gives a good image quality with in semiautomatic mode? I'd like to fix only the shutter at 120f/s and I let the camera to choose all the other options in automatic mode. I'd like to get replies from expert guys who make UHD videos with GH5. Thanks a lot for your pleasant suggestions.
  12. Hi, now I use a Sony AX100 for my UHD video documentaries around the world (look at my signature). I'd like to buy a videocamera that can give a better image quality, otherwise I will continue to film with Sony AX100. I mean better definition, chromatism, color quality, etc. My budget is around 4000-4500 euro. I think Panasonic HC-X1 is a good videocamera but it has two handicaps for me. It is the bigger and heavier than my Sony AX100. I can think to buy it only if this videocamera gives a real better and clear image quality that my Sony AX100. I watched many videos on the Internet but I can't trust them. I need your suggestions, above all if you use or used both Panasonic HC-X1 vs Sony AX100. Thanks
  13. Jonpais, thanks for your suggestions. I always made documentaries since I was a boy. Now I'd like to renew everything of my old item: videocamera, PC, software, etc. I need to improve the image quality of my Sony AX100. For that reason I was thinking about GH5. But my concern is not the GH5 quality but about replacing my AX100 videocamera with a camera. I love GH5 but I'm afrai it is not the right item for me. Click on my signature please, so you can see what I make with my camera. Thanks
  14. Hi, I use a Sony AX100 for my 4K ethnic documentaries around the world. The next month I'd like to replace my Sony AX100 with another videocamera like .I'm thinking about the new Canon EOS C200 or Panasonic GH5. But maybe I make some errors because I like to travel alone and sometimes I shoot in auto mode. Maybe it is better I will buy another real and easier videocamera. But I'd like to get a better image quality than Sony AX100 in 4K. What is your suggestions? thanks
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