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Andrew Reid

Olympus E-M1 II mini-review - a sign of things to come with the Panasonic GH5?

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12 hours ago, Video Hummus said:

I think you will enjoy it immensely with the new firmware. 

From some brief testing it's really nice with the old firmware. I can't believe how effective the 5-axis IBIS is now. I thought what they created with the original OM-D E-M5 was good but this is astonishing. The EVF is lovely too. The 4K video is very good & it has the lovely Olympus colour.

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The cable arrived & I've updated the firmware.

The C-AF is freakishly good. At least the equal of any proper camcorder that I have used over the years.

Initially I was horrified at the severe crop mode in both HD & 4K video but then realised that this is only when you have sensor shift & digital IS engaged & when you switch to sensor shift only there is no crop.

I bought a cheap Vitrox speed booster to enable me to use my Nikon lenses but having tried then I don't think that this is going to be useful as the camera is hideously unbalanced when you put a heavyweight FF lens plus speed booster on the front of the camera. I'll just live with the 25mm F/1.7 which gives me 50mm FF equivalent view & can always use the lossless 2x digital teleconverter when shooting video to give a 100mm view.

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20 hours ago, Ingerson said:

Anyone have some clips to share of the improved AF? :)

Sorry I'm busy with regular work stuff at the moment & not had much time to shoot any video. TBH I jumped in & bought the camera as I saw one at a good price & I was expecting prices of used cameras would rise once others spotted how good the firmware update is. It's a lovely camera & feels just right in your hands.

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