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  1. DaveAltizer

    Olympus E-M1X

    At first I totally disregarded the E-M1X... now I feel it fills a VERY VERY special niche for video. YouTubers who can afford it. Did a quick collab with Sara Dietschy comparing it to the GH5. Check it out!
  2. Don’t forget about the a6400. Would be a fair comparison really
  3. First video of the show... the underdog and hidden gem on the CES show flow squeezed between Samsung and Canon... at the SHARP booth. The story is Foxconn is making this camera with SHARP so you know there is some serious money behind it. Ask away as I will directly answer any questions on a future video on our channel. I interviewed Jeremy from Atomos about ProRes raw with Nikon Z6 and that video will come out soon as well. I will also try to do videos about any other requests above or below this video.
  4. Not a ton of camera news here but Connor and I just arrived in Vegas and are willing to cover anything that you all find appealing. Let me know in this thread and I’ll try my best to get info.
  5. Me and Jeven (who was linked up there in his two reviews) just did a first look on the new firmware. Vids will come out tomorrow but basically, DJI fixed some of the issues with it. 120fps 1080p officially now. Better AF. and better audio!
  6. sorry i have been so busy with YT i havent had time to check the forums... I will upload some footage to DB for you guys...but if you could do me a favor and pre order the camera using our affiliate link that would be amazing! https://click.dji.com/AA6yMeWjUiNhOEQs4Pha5A?pm=link Cinelike will be available. DJI reached out to me and told me that there is going to be NEW firmware even newer than what I have that they are going to give me to address some of the concerns I had in our Q&A video. SOOOOOOO....just hold all judgment until that video goes live. Codec is H.264 and you have the option of .mp4 or .mov. 100mbps is the "very fine" mode. Its ok....as good as you would think lol. Like a Mavic 1 Pro or something.
  7. totally. you can buy the weird water proof case!
  8. No unfortunately they aren't giving you the settings you're used to with the Mavic. You only have two options for picture profiles. Normal, and D-Cinelike
  9. Great question...I am thinking of getting one of those USB-C to 3.5mm and USB ports that enable you to use the headphone jack AND still charge it. Would be an interesting test....however, two hours of battery life is pretty dang good and haven't ever had a problem with it dying on us on a shoot. Yes I can share some footage. If more people want to see it I can do a dropbox link
  10. Honestly, I have been really surprised with it. I really like the Osmo Pocket. It think we will be using it a lot on our channel! Let me know if you have any questions...respond to this post and ill try to answer them all....
  11. The DJI Osmo Pocket has been a serious surprise to me. At first glance, this thing really looks like a consumer product…but honestly, it shares the image quality we have come to know and love of the higher end Mavic Pro’s! The field of view is just right…wide enough..but not fisheye like a GoPro. The D-Cinelike grades beautifully and 4K at 60fps is wonderful. Using the device with a mobile phone is really the best way to get all the features, but if you want to go light and small just use the tiny built in display! I was seriously surprised with how good the image was on the DJI Osmo Pocket…and for me, I would rather have one than a GoPro. Here is our official video review:
  12. All I want is Phase Detect AF for video 4k on a MFT body. Olympus makes great glass and has amazing IBIS and color science. Would love to use one of their cams for 4k video....but I want good AF!!!
  13. I really need to start downloading videos I don’t have backed up off of Vimeo and just get off the platform. It’s really sad to see because Vimeo in 2008-2012 was really a place that I loved for the filmmaking community. The staff pick I received really helped me in my career and i really attribute it to being one of the biggest shifts for me
  14. Thanks again Andrew. Was a blast! Next time we will both have proper microphones!
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