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(FT5) First images and full specs of the new Panasonic G80. Has new 12-60mm Leica lens!


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Probably Cinelike D/V. This makes sense. People wanted the IBIS, but wanted a fully articulated screen and mic-in mostly. This is best of GX85/80 and G7, acknowledging the market for hybrid shooting and the recording of usable 4K footage that compliments the 4K consumer market (tv/new media streaming video). It's like I said before, it makes sense to have some kind of does it all camera flagship, but there's still tons of people whom may not even care and benefit from V-LOG L and things like an anamorphic mode (or just need an affordable basic 2nd unit that compliments & matches the more expensive main one (GH5)). So I was thinking they should just make a GH5 as their hybrid flagship and then a VC5 (VariCam 5) that is basically for people who come from a MFT GH2/3/4 & Blackmagic background and want something more serious without it ending up body only 3000+module costs (think: A7RII/SII, FS5/7, Kinefinity Terra, BMD URSA Mini, RED etc). I think 1999-2999 is not crazy for something proper. I think with the G80 they can satisfy the need of hybrid users, that shoot stills and video, but aren't willing to pay premo price for video features that go way over their head. So the G80 now seems the consumer flagship that I before would call GH5 and instead of that VC5 they now bring the actual GH5.

Neways time to sell the GX80 and G7!! :grin:

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7 hours ago, sanveer said:

If it is priced above $999, it may not sell too well. Unless it has some impressive (apparently new) kit lens thrown in. 

I was excited to see a new 12-60mm lens as it could be the perfect run and gun lens (the MFT equivalent of a 24-120mm), but then I saw the f stop.....  f3.5-5.6! That sucks. Wanted *at least* constant f4

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And this is the list of products that will be announced on Monday and immediately available for preorder:



LUMIX DMC-G8M-K standard zoom lens kit

Battery Grip DMW-BGG1



Soft Case DMW-CLX9-K




M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 30mm F3.5 Macro








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body + lens dual stabilization and weather sealing confirmed


First full review:

"In my opinion, as a B-roll or hybrid camera is where this model really shines. 4:2:2 8-bit recording on to SD cards, Dual-IS II in 4K video, Cine-D and Cine-V profiles and a mic input. It’s taking the best features of the GX80 and GH4 whilst slimming down on the niche, high end features. For me, the Dual-IS is the biggest revelation. I had the benefit pain of using a DJI Ronin M with the GH4 for the shoot. Whilst it worked 75% of the time flawlessly, its annoyances were enough for me to hate it by the end of the shoot. There were also times where it was just impractical."

Preview by CameraLabs



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1 minute ago, ntblowz said:

there is always 12-40 and 12-35 for constant aperture

12-60 f2.8-f4 is the perfect travel/semi-pro lens for me!

Looks like Panny is microsizing Oly's 43 lens which is a welcome addition.

Sure, I won't sell my 12-35 and 35-100 anytime soon and now I will go and get a 7-14 F2.8 from Olympus... (Still have the metabones and Sigma option) but these lenses looked really nice... the combo 8-18 and 12-60 was perfect for me... with fix A

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9 hours ago, Geoff CB said:

Agreed, also seems like RS is not very good here, Lots of scewing vertical lines.

In saying that, I didn't think it'd have good continuous AF and RS seems like most other cameras of it's price range and better RS than the a6300, but that's not too hard!

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