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  1. The chemicals will be to dissolve the fungus as the proteins the fungus is made of can be very sticky.
  2. Vlog was mentioned in leaked press release text for the FZ2500, but not the G85, so probably not. The FZ2500 will also have 10 bit 422 over hdmi.
  3. You could rent both to test with your setup. Edit: you could also get an external recorder for the GH4. If you have a beefy computer the Blackmagic intensity 4k might work for a studio setup.
  4. I wonder how the camera will handle 6k. As far as I know HDMI 2.0a does not support 6k, so an external 6k HDMI recorder might not be possible yet. I think that would leave a proprietary external recorder or internal 6k recording.
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