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Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

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7 hours ago, Cinegain said:

I'm slowly forgetting about the A6300. :P And thinking about the BMMCC & G7 with a Pilotfly H2 + handle kit.

One is available today, one is available tomorrow, one is available.....

Love what Blackmagic is doing, just don't have the patience anymore to wait for a camera that was announced almost a year ago and was originally supposed to ship a few months after. They do this every year, wish they would just announce less and deliver more.

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I'm going to go ahead and say it. This $1,000 camera looks slightly better to me than the URSA Mini 4.6 footage I've been seeing -- in terms of color rendition and motion cadence. That's a matter of t

Looks like the Micro is already going down in price on the second hand market. I got one for under $700. This is my first test, also my first time shooting Raw. Love this little camera. My Micro and P

Good news! Blackmagic have sent me one for review, should be here any day now!

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Sony keeps rolling out cameras that are a spec tease and BM teases us with the image and never delivers...you can wait for sony to release something worth buying and BM to actually release somethig. Either way it will be a long wait :)

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Just curious. Had anybody put up a pre-order anywhere and could it be that they're slowly shipping out right about now?

See, I was randomly checking stock situations at different stores and the local one I bought my Video Assist at suddenly has changed from 'ships in 31+ days' to 'In stock'... however, all other shops got nothing and are still accepting pre-orders. Haven't found any other 'ships in x days' items on the site either, everything appears to be in stock which is pretty unlikely too, so now I'm thinking it might just all be bollocks and some backend/system/database fault. But it be nice to know. I know CVP sometimes had pre-orders running in the past because of the backorder, but were slowly shipping out items out whenever they got a handful of units in (Blackmagic does this so randomly, stores have no idea until something pops up for delivery I believe). But they seem to post exciting news like that on their social media, and non about the BMMCC yet: https://www.facebook.com/cvptvhttps://twitter.com/cvpgroup . I kinda have become 'A6300? Fuck it. I'll get a BMMCC and G7', so I gotta admit I'd get one if they have some.

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NAB is only a month away. Want to place a bet on when those NAB 2016 cameras will ship? lol

Be crazy if they don't announce any cameras at all :-P

Maybe if instead they announce a cheaper EVF  (yes please!) and a 7 inch Video Assist that does 4K?? Plus a URSA Mini 4K variant with a MFT mount.

No new cameras but did those three things instead, then I'd be very happy! :-D

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Haha. That's why I wouldn't mind the BMMCC even if they would announce a pocket v2 right now at NAB. :grimace: By the time those would come out... I'd be grey and getting sponge baths.

I dig 5", nothing wrong with that, I have the 7" Lilliput 663/O/P2, awesome features for the price, super solid. Too solid in fact; it's really bulky and heavy. And of course, just a field monitor, no recorder. What I'd want is to take 4K HDMI camera output and downres it to 1080p by either downressing it before it hits the Video Assist through HDMI or... something that takes 4K HDMI and turns it into 4K SDI, which the Video Assist can downsample itself. Like a <99 USD box converter or something. Although, admittedly, just recording 4K altogether would be pretty amazeballs. Especially if they'd come out with something more like a PIX-E5(H) with some of the Shogun/Odyssey features incl. vectorscope, waveforms, RGB/Luminance parade, different zooms, peaking, LUT support etc. All sweet solutions are now well over a thousand bucks. I'd love to see something at 699~999 USD.

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Kholi said the pros of the BMMCC are


- 60P
- Dramatically Improved Battery life (I'm pretty sure I'm getting two+ hours off of a single canon battery)
- Full Sized HDMI (not HDMI mini which was a big flaw)
- Improved Image overall (Noise, Rolling Shutter performance, DR)
- Slightly more versatility.

The "improved image" picked my curiosity. Looking forward to 1to1 comparisons with the BMPCC from early adopters.



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