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  1. Around 3:00 he is showing that the micro fourth third adapter won't work
  2. This is the speedbooster i have http://www.ebay.com/itm/Focal-Reducer-Speed-Booster-Adapter-Nikon-F-mount-G-lens-to-Micro-4-3-GX7-E-PL6-/401045885828?hash=item5d60329384:g:nkIAAOSwPe1UA-9D
  3. I saw a video about the micro cinema camera where the guy says that the camera won't work with a metabones micro fourth third speedbooster. I have a micro fouth third speedbooster but not from metabones it's from China and it works on my bmpcc but i wonder if it would work on the micro cinema camera ? Anybody using one of those on the bmmcm ?
  4. Not good to hear that there is even banding in 10bit. i hope they come out with a update to fix these issues then it's gonna be really worth buying the update. I just got my Gh4 and i don't know how long i'll keep it so i'm not convinced about buying the v-log. i will try to get the free v-log profile with the android app since it will be impossible with my iphone. Will shoot some videos and if it's worth upgrading i will buy the key.
  5. So internal V-Log is that bad?
  6. Yep i'm looking at that ninja assassin. Seems like the best option for 4k. But i would really prefer to record internally for now because without a monitor i can shoot faster in run n gun like switching from gimbal to tripod to shoulder rig. Also for data space because if i can record only 3 hours of 4k ProRes HQ in 1 TB HD that means i would need much more space that i need now...
  7. I've also red about the macroblocking and cyan problems in V-log when recording internally. Is that still a issue or you'll have ton use an external 4k recorders to get rid of these problems ?
  8. Is there any difference between the V-Log on firmware 2.3 vs the one on 2.4? any other difference in the camera overall ?
  9. Swiss

    Sony a6300 4k

    I changed my mind about the a6300 after seeing more clips and testings. I do only videos so Bad skin tones, shitty 1080p, jello effect, banding and macroblocking, that's too much to deal with. It was too good on paper to be real in the first place. Now i'll have to sell the batteries,charger,adapter and lenses that i bought/ordered already trying to get ready for the a6300 early. That's what i get for trying to buy a camera that's not out. I still got my bmpcc and i'm getting a gh4 for now and we'll see what small camera comes out in the next months...
  10. Swiss

    Sony a6300 4k

    What do you guys think about the skin tones ?
  11. Swiss

    Sony a6300 4k

    So that means handheld shots will have that crazy Jello effect ?
  12. Swiss

    Sony a6300 4k

    The ir & uv cut makes magic you should see the tests. I'll probably use it with the a6300. It can always be fixed in post but better to do it on camera. But for sure on a6300 it's not as bad as on bmpcc
  13. Swiss

    Sony a6300 4k

    I have an hoya uv & ir cut filter that i use on my bmpcc to help get a cleaner image especially when using a nd filter. Will it be necessary to use that filter also on the a6300 or does the censor already have and ir cut ?
  14. Swiss

    Sony a6300 4k

    Can't really judge a camera by youtube footage or it would have to be made by a talented videographer and with a good grade on slog-2 or slog-3. Waiting to see a video like that. The reasons why i want this camera is that it will give me more solutions for easier creativity like good autofocus for gimbal use, 120fps for slow motion,4k for reframing stabilization and overall better resolution. Now that vimeo also do 4k it won't hurt either. 4k can also be a positive point to sell your videos to client because they don't know better. I know that i will deliver in 4k soon because why not. My only concerns now are if the motion is not right and the s-log3 issue that you guys have mentioned and maybe the overheating. So it would be better to use S-log2 till they fix that with a firmware update ?
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