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I think the spams are kind of virus infection.  Typing won't produce so fast.  This forum was hacked.

Sorry, but this is nonsense. If you dont know what you are talking about, just leave it and dont scare other people. This is just an automated bot that created account(s) and post(s).

My suggestion for the future would be, that an admin needs to approve a newly registered user. By doing so, the user would not be able to post directly - however, if he is a true (and valuable) user for eoshd, he/she would not mind at all.

does that mean the password get stolen too?..

not at all since passwords are stored encrypted in the database of the IPS system. @ken: now you see the consequences of your post. thanks for that.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

I think this should be fixed by simply limiting the number of new topics a new member can start to one topic a day. We have to remember many people do come create an account and ask a question, so we don't want to ban that. 

Just 1 topic a day, I hope this isn't a complex function to implement, no idea how sites/forums work. 

It seems creating an account is so simple a robot is simply filling the form and starting ultimate number of topics. Not a ''hack'', just annoying. 

China and the University of Melbourne are somehow involved here :d 

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Good grief. Cleaned up the latest round. It will be the last because now the first posts from new users go into a moderation queue for approval and until the content is approved they can't post anything further.

Great but make sure the approval is very quick, new users coming to get information is a huge part of the EOSHD community. We don't want to lose that when they get disappointed waiting for ability to post. 

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