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  1. I don't have a Naim Muso to compare to but I had a go at the Resolve keyboard at Broadcast Asia and the jog dial was smooth!
  2. You should look for something you're passionate about before embarking on a project like that.
  3. I live in Singapore. We still have these. How urgent is it? I could probably mail one to you.
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    Gig Inquiry

    It really depends on financial health...
  5. A little rudimentary but I use this SD card holder. there are two sides to this thing and each side holds up to 8 cards. with a little red and green electrical tape I've labelled one side green for 'fresh' cards and the reverse as red for 'used' cards. I used to lose SD cards all the time but after using this simple case I haven't lost a card in months.
  6. I certainly agree. Have come across more than a few myself. As someone said earlier, makes you question whether you even like doing this or not. I've had clients who have asked me to "match" or "requote" a hundred or two higher than some months-old newbies (I have coming to six years' experience in this field) who were quoting half my price. I don't need clients like that.
  7. Ha, I've owned a Mini since December. won't exactly be kicking myself since the sensor is the same. I got it at a very very good deal brand new. but I definitely agree about a Pocket update.. I hope one comes soon
  8. when someone pirates your work (or attempts to do so)
  9. Plenty of small business clients here have this mindset.
  10. Soul destroying is an apt description of all this. I once swore off low paying jobs but with the economy this bad, and having just let go an errant business partner not too long ago, I had to bite the bullet to take whatever I could for now. Some clients I should have just priced them out of being able to afford me in the first place but it's usually only after a while dealing with them when you're able to tell what sort of person they are and how they view you. Imagine being accused of overrunning and taking too long to direct the client was tooo cheap to get proper actors.
  11. Singapore. Here nobody gives a rat's ass about quality at the mid-low end corporate/commercial/events level, as long as you're cheap and own a Canon with an L zoom (perceived to be the industry standard by most small medium business owners). these guys often start out doing photography until they realise they can enter the video market because their camera can shoot video too. you usually end up seeing tons of videos with the high shutter (using shutter to expose), oversaturated look with plenty of meaningless sliding movements because "hey we've got a slider let's use it in every shot!" thanks to these guys flooding the market, buyer expectation for a corporate video is usually three to low four digits (i've had someone asked me to do a corporate video for $200, that's about USD175. obvs I declined).
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    More spam

    I found this thread after 25 pages. it's insane.
  13. been lurking around for a few years but this topic piqued my interest so much I decided to register and reply... we have a pocket, a GH2 and a GH3. We rarely get asked about our cameras during pitching/pre-production meetings, though clients do sometimes get a bit concerned with the size of the cameras on set but we carry some of our best work around in our mobile phones or iPads which was shot with those cameras. I have had enquiries too from clients asking if we shot on Canon (I didn't get the job eventually. Not sure why they asked that either)
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