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  1. I just did one yesterday and have a couple of requests in the next two months. I don't normally provide livestreaming services but it's really something to think about the way the world is changing.
  2. Thank you. SARS was a terrible memory for us, and we're determined not to repeat it again. Not sure about the restriction, but I believe it's only a matter of time depending on how the situation develops in the US. We've gradually imposed a mandatory 14-day Stay Home Notice (SHN) or outright bans on incoming visitors (except returning residents) from several regions (US was not one of them) over the last week but as of tomorrow night the SHN will be enforced on all incoming passengers regardless of point of origin, with the bans still in force. We just had our biggest daily surge in cases (47 in a single day) though they seem to be mostly residents returning from Europe. The crisis is far from over here and our authorities are warning that we may see bigger numbers in the coming days. Our neighbour, Malaysia, has already instituted a countrywide lockdown till Mar 31.
  3. WHO probably is in the know on the methods and necessary information and I don't believe for a moment that my country wouldn't share if asked. The problem is getting other leaders to put their foot down and take the necessary course of action to deal with the pandemic instead of pandering for political optics. Pride and power must take a back seat in a global crisis like this.
  4. I lost a well-paying gig that required travelling within the region (Southeast Asia) as early as late January/early February as the virus situation had already started developing in Asia by then. But there've been other smaller local jobs coming in that have at least covered 1/3 of what I lost.
  5. I'm in Singapore. There was some panic buying a few weeks back but things have since returned to normal. The economic impact has already been felt - Plenty of events, concerts all cancelled or postponed. I personally had about SGD30K worth of projects cancelled, but there are some smaller projects coming in so I'm not entirely dead in the water. I'm not sure if Broadcast Asia is still happening in June but it will surely be heavily impacted as there's usually a lot of manufacturers from China. HK Filmart has been pushed back to August from March, I was willing to brave the protests but certainly not the virus, so that's good.
  6. I don't have a Naim Muso to compare to but I had a go at the Resolve keyboard at Broadcast Asia and the jog dial was smooth!
  7. You should look for something you're passionate about before embarking on a project like that.
  8. I live in Singapore. We still have these. How urgent is it? I could probably mail one to you.
  9. It really depends on financial health...
  10. A little rudimentary but I use this SD card holder. there are two sides to this thing and each side holds up to 8 cards. with a little red and green electrical tape I've labelled one side green for 'fresh' cards and the reverse as red for 'used' cards. I used to lose SD cards all the time but after using this simple case I haven't lost a card in months.
  11. I certainly agree. Have come across more than a few myself. As someone said earlier, makes you question whether you even like doing this or not. I've had clients who have asked me to "match" or "requote" a hundred or two higher than some months-old newbies (I have coming to six years' experience in this field) who were quoting half my price. I don't need clients like that.
  12. Ha, I've owned a Mini since December. won't exactly be kicking myself since the sensor is the same. I got it at a very very good deal brand new. but I definitely agree about a Pocket update.. I hope one comes soon
  13. when someone pirates your work (or attempts to do so)
  14. Plenty of small business clients here have this mindset.
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