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  1. Panasonic and Samsung does it, I shoot with NX500 (and NX1) in the hottest day of this summer, and astonishigly managed to cope perfectly well. Maybe Canon doesn't seem very exciting, but they really work, and whatever they do they do it right. The problem isn't the a6500 so much,but the very mediocre(uninteresting, not well thought) a6300 in between. A6300 is - body only- 1300€ right now, a6500 doesn't have a price yet, and one of my business partners bought a6300 a week before the a6500 announcement for 1500$(body) while he got the a6000 few months before the out of the blue a6300 release (while rumors were talking about a7000 with IBIS, touch screen, double card slots, etc). He doesn't admit it, but he isn't very happy!
  2. @benymypony I do not know what is less serious, someone that declares he has 100k for video equipment, or someone that thinks a good idea is to by a6500+2 batteries+1 lens for weddings. I pass the whole craziness of the idea and stick only to the hard facts. Can you trust an overheating camera as your only one, especially if you live where I (Greece) and 60-70% of the population lives(in hot summery places at-near the equator)? I used the a6300 a little while ago as a 3rd camera (but equally used with the second one, so it had quite a use) and when I inserted my second battery at the NX1, I changed the 4th at a6300, and a6500 is more power hungry. So, I say buy 6 of those, or you have to charge at all times (we did that as well, to complete the party). I had the same lens, and it is amazing for the price and impressive image stabilizer -it was what I liked most from mybSony kit that day, but I had a full set of NX ones used among two cameras, and no way pulling all this with just one lens (certainly you need at least a prime or two, and I always use a fish eye, so 2 or 3 really). I am not sure if a "semi pro" person can afford all these, especially in Southern Europe that Sonys sell for much (a6300 is still 1400€, body only in my country last time I checked). A semi pro cam afford a Panasonic bridge camera easier I would guess.
  3. 57$ is just silly! Yes, the additional thing under it is mandatory, it rises it up, so much better for monopod/tripod placement and adds a little bit of height too, plus you can really add stuff, I used to have a matte box. The handle, the protection, and the few places to add microphones/led lights/monitor etc makes it essential for me. You feel much more comfortable with your equipment, plus I noticed that it adds to the wow! factor, something that in the wedding business may play some role, at least in my country (I just did a few this year, I am more in TV/cinema, but I have to do more from now on because there is no industry in Greece!) The only thing I didn't like much is the ENG handle, actually I removed it a few days ago and in a few hours I am going to shoot somethings without it for the very first time. Plus, with the ENG thingy I couldn't fit the whole thing in any camera bag (too wide!) and if I am going alone, or for something small, I don't think I need the ENG handle and the matte box.
  4. I got this when it was 3 times the price! Still I thought I had a bargain back then. I posted this on dpr a few days ago.
  5. Argh! I did a research and it is a very common issue actually! This is a dead thread probably, so we can change it to something more useful, like how to resist sensor annihilation by these damn lasers! What can we do?! The horror! THE HORROR!!
  6. Kisaha

    Dear President Trump

    If DT ever watch this, is going to laugh manically for at least 3 and a half hours; and then will try to buy the girl..
  7. @Parker what you said, and the native lenses are fine too, the 45 is 1.8, the 30/2f, the 16-50 2(!)-2.8f, e.t.c Even for the after parties, if you "search" for the light, it is ok, I have done it with even cheap zoom lenses (3.5-5.6 for church and parties and 4-5.6 inside the church). There wasn't a time in motion pictures history that you didn't need some kind of lighting. Even Kubrick with his special lenses was putting candles everywhere! if you don't mind, it would be nice to add an NX-L review in the NX subforum, there are a lot of us that are waiting for a credible review of the speedbooster!
  8. That's interesting, a friend's 6D sensor fried a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't even aware that it is still possible, and we always search for light sources..
  9. Yes, the 16-50 2-2.8f is perfect for that, a workhorse really, and can be found for -relatively- cheap. Yes, the XC15 would be amazing as a B cam, but you have the a7s already and NX can be your B, or A (straight 73minutes recording, no heating issues) and it is not exactly cheap for a small sensor and a few features missing. 3 cameras are too many to add another! Something has to go, and if you really want to buy something (I definitely would with such a big contract!) I would consider the Canon C100mkII with a 18-135 STM, it mixes very nice with the NX (you can have a prime lens for this one if you don't want to invest more, the 30 and 45 are nice, the 16-50S is unbelivably versatile as well) and you still can do great low light stuff with the C100.
  10. If you want to spend, buy the C300mkII or the new Sony FS7mkII.
  11. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Ultra-thin-Camera-Guide-Plate-Lights-LED-Photo-Video-Light-Lamp-PC-K128C-LC-/162269898486?_trkparms=aid%253D222007%2526algo%253DSIC.MBE%2526ao%253D1%2526asc%253D20150519202348%2526meid%253Df700954a08e34cfe8edc90367159972e%2526pid%253D100408%2526rk%253D8%2526rkt%253D19%2526sd%253D201590451629&_trksid=p2056116.c100408.m2460 This amaran seems amazing, but how powerful really is in real life situations? I have a similar to the one above (again, android version of the forum is problematic!), and it is the best cheap one that I have ever seen. Really thin and light, very good color reproduction (for what it is) and output, and good battery consumption. Similar ones in my country sell for 70-90euros.
  12. It's good to leave the post here, even if you answered your own question! Maybe someone will need such a solution. I use the Varavon one (not with the battery grip), which I just noticed has an extremely low price http://varavon.com/collections/hot-deal-zone/products/armor-ii-nx1-pro-cage?variant=4096862915 there is the standard version also, for less!
  13. NX is good for everything, A7sII is perfect for the party later, and anything really low-lightish. I always use 2 cameras at least, or we are 2 cameramen. The contract seems very good, maybe you can afford to have an assistant, it is so much better to have someone else for help and a second camera. As mentioned above sound is VERY important, and a few (really good) LED lights.
  14. Kisaha

    4k tv as monitor

    There is a reason(or two) that big tvs cost much less than small computer monitors.
  15. Good job, and a lot of special effects to this teaser! Do you care to share the equipment and your process?
  16. @MattH i am not even American either, thanks for replying civilized by the way; I make my own mind and U read multiple sources. I am very well educated, well-read, and kind of old, to judge things and opinions. Today I have read 4 articles from July to this days about Tony Schwartz, that wrote The Art of the Deal. If you care, read one, is from New Yorker to Guardian. This man is no mystery, quite the obvious really, as he seems to not stop talking all the time! If you are just being mature enough to follow the news the last few decades you know who Donald Trump is. People got bored of mainstream politics, and they will explore other options, but real life is not a game (or video game), multiple wrong decisions can lead to war, death, nuclear disaster (since the begining, that was a wrong decision), pollution, extinction of hundreds of animals, e.t.c Right now, the middle is vanishing. The middle class, the medium incomes, the centre in politics, right now the fars are gaining power, far left and far right, when these two will meet because there is a critical point that these two will clash, then there will be another world war, and I don't know with what guns this is going to be fought, but the next one will be with rocks and sticks (not my line!). Well, I refuse to play the role of the ignorant beast, I am no left nor right, to be in the middle, right now, is a stance of resistance, not accepting the hate and divide of human nature. Basic knowledge of history and the whole situation is loud and clear, I just hope people will not choose the negatives of this world and enjoy all the wonderful opportunities this planet, and this life (the only one we have anyway). Well, wishful thinking.
  17. It's not a shame to admit that you are a KKK/White Power/buy guns everywhere/Wannabe Ultra rich/Trophy girlfriends/Chauvinist sympathizer. This is the government you vote for, you must be proud. Haven't watched CNN not even 15 minutes for the whole year by the way.. P.S Of course you are not, but this is what you vote for. Maybe you are a victim of your system. Only 2 political parties? This is not democratic at all..Check the Swiss democratic system to note the vast differences between them. Anyway, this is what John Weaver, (Republican) said about Bannon (you know him, right?) “The racist, fascist extreme right is represented footsteps from the Oval Office. Be very vigilant America.”. He is not trying to be poetic.
  18. The guy admited commiting these acts. Spending so much mind power to try to prove the unprovable is plain sad. The people he said that he will put in his government are favorable of the white power movement and pro-guns. He even said that he would prefer teachers have guns to control violence in schools. KKK,yes, the famous one, not the Kupa Keep one (Cartman's team in Stick of Truth) declares that for the first time there is a worthy president, and from 3 things that he thank just after his election, one was the NationalGunAssociation. The guy said on public television "that if she wasn't my daughter, I would date her", he has insulted almost every minority in the whole world (except KKK ofcourse), women, lgbt community, muslims, latinos, blacks, poor, eastern European countries, Germany, South European countries, Japan, Korea, and I am sure some others for sure, he respecta Putin and Erdogan, 2 of the most autocratic and imperialistic rulers (that rule since forever by the way, because of the new laws they discover everytime), he born ultra super rich (not a working class hero I guess) and he always was consider women as his trophys. You can vote for whatever you want, and I will support your right (as I did here as well, I commented 4-5 times and didn't insult anyone for his vote) but do not play with logic, reasoning and common sense, some things are objective, and you are not only "loosing face" (what a degrading term, only fools loose face, wise people learn from their mistakes and they are open to other people's wisdom or knowledge) but your whole substitute.
  19. The above video was just terrible. I do not know the German message, but I don't care to learn either, it didn't created me any positive emotions at all. The big humans in history (the greatest examples, Aristoteles and Da Vinci, the best in ancient Greece and Rennaisance), were trying to be as complete as possible. You can not care only for one aspect of our job. I hear that a lot from empirical shooters, that underestimate Universities. no, NOT going to university is not going to be a disadvantage in real life, but being in a Bachelors degree program in another country, study and work there, was an immerse experience that made me who I am know. More "succesful" people I know here, didn't study anything, usually they had the connections because their fathers were working for the state television (Watch the Bacalaureat, the Romanian film, if you want to know how things are done in east/south Europe), maybe they have more money (they do!), does that make them better people and/or professionals? Most of them are terrible people full of complexes , the worst to work with. Everything is relevant, if you want to achieve great standards. It is funny to see that people that argue about "comment/money/views/likes only" are the young ones. To be a complete human with knowledge, logic and reasoning, goes beyond making you a good professional, it makes you a good citizen. Know how to use your tools is another trick in the craftsman's sleeves. Everything is part of the story, either being an Alexa shot, or something purposely shot on Sony Experia Z phones.
  20. Libels, yellow press, propaganda, demagoges, misinformation was always here. Since the ostracization in Athens (civilians were writing names in shells, of people wanted to exile), the offending graffiti in Pompei, to ever. Always (self-)education, logic and reasoning are the only "weapons" we civilized humans have. As I said before, it is an evolutionary thing, maybe we humans are not ready to go further, maybe we have to pause for a bit, take a few steps back, and decide from there. A lot of things happened the last couple of centuries, maybe some peole's bodies and minds are not capable to process, and evolve. Do not forget that we still have some Neanterdals genes in our genome. Some people more so! On a more positive note, at least things have been accelerated, this "steps back" may won't last 1200 years, like the last time!
  21. Novim and Arihkam, excellent opinions that complement one another. Very well thought, and nice analogy. I just felt that a "like" wasn't enough. Also, you saved me time to reply to something so obvious, since the palm painting in pre-historic caves (I take your book analogy, and put it half a dozen thousands of years back)! Cheers.
  22. Well done Ricardo! Even though I just do my own grading, and just add 30-45 impulz film grain I will consider them when/if go down in price in the future. The most apealing to me is the Denver one, can you comment on this specific one? Also, I would like to say that the original in camera footage seems great to me also. Very good exposure I guess. Thank you for your great job.
  23. Yeah, almost all of the rest! For us in Europe, crime rates, guns everywhere, extreme capitalism, health system, non very eco friendly, cheap Sony cameras are very far from the system here. Still, if we look elsewhere in the world, US system is the closest, and the friendliest to us than Communist(?!) China and Democratic(?!) Russia.
  24. 1) My point was that the Russian's you think are going to save you, are the worst enemies of their own people. 2) point about Australia. The best that ever happened to you (and a lot of Greek friends there), but the worst of the thousands of people thrown into tiny islands, that can not escape with gangs ruling by the law of the jungle. 3) I didn't talk about the people protesting for Clinton (I know about the Clinton family), but the fact that they CAN PROTEST, something that wasn't possible in your country before, nor in Russia before, or now, or ever. Western World is the best we have right now. You are being romantic if you thing there is a better possible solution right now. You take the best that there is, and trying to build from there. If I had to choose between a Theocratic State, like the one in Turkey, that just yesterday passed a law for men that says that men that have rape girls, are innocent, if they marry them, and Russia that the state murders or puts in jail whoever is against the government there, and put Academics and Journalists in jail in both countries, then yeah, definitely Western World isn't such a terrible place. It is undeniable that Assad was ruling the state without being elected, and there were people there that felt excluded from the government, and I believe those people were the majority of Syria (and I have to state here, that Assad's regime kept the country stable and peaceful, that is the truth, but the majority felt like revolting, that is another Colonization Britain's map making of the past). It is pretty obvious that when Libya started, CIA and the western world didn't know what to do, and was unprepared. Qaddafi had just signed tenths of different papers with Western governments, and stayed in Italy (in his tent!) for a whole month. The West was pro Qaddafi. The revolutions, the Arabic Spring, DID started from democratic people, but as the history shows, the naive democrats and the young, soon felt the barrel of a Kalashnikov in their backs, the radicals capitalized on the instability, and guns are more powerful than protests and twitter. Historically, this is the best chance the Kurds have to make their own state, they are 30.000.000+ without their own state, they fight through this war to their freedom, in their new US funded armored 4WD and their new shinny boots. For them, this war is an opportunity, and Kurds are inhabited the area a few thousands of years since BEFORE even the Turks arrived from the steppes of far east (1109).
  25. Simon Sasha, again, you seem to thrive and make dreams, because you are living in a western world country, not in Russia, not in Azerbaijan, not in Nigeria. There are people protesting everywhere in the US because they afraid that their elected president will not respect minorities and communities, the other day Pence (the vice president) went to the theater, and the actors declared their fears on stage, and audienced boo=ed the vice president. Could you do that in Syria 10 years ago? Can you do that outside Kremlin? Also, Australia has the strictest immigration policy right now in the whole world. Have you not notice that tiny islands a lot of hundreds of miles away from the whole Oceania continent have thousands of people living in terrible conditions? Who is going to make a documentary about them? See, your dream is someone's else nightmare. I hope you can go back to your city soon, and do your documentary.
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