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  1. @noone we got it since 5 posts ago, the a7S cameras are the best for you. Also, you avoid to mention whatever you don't like from other people posts, and that shows fanboism behaviour. If someone asks me "do you know anyone that says that a7s is the best camera for photos?", I will reply "oh, just noone".
  2. @lucabutera aren't any New Year Sales price, like 40% off or something?!!
  3. I did a promotional video a few years ago for a famous lady singer here, and the stills photographer, probably the best in my country, came with a tiny Panasonic (GM1 something? I don't remember exactly) to do the poster photos (and these were quite big street banners and stuff). Obviously you can do use whatever, for whatever, if the A7s works for you, bravo, well done, some other people have different views and opinions. http://www.sony.com/electronics/interchangeable-lens-cameras/ilce-7sm2 http://www.sony.com/electronics/interchangeable-lens-cameras/ilce-7rm2 Can you guess, from the Sony official site which one is orientated for video and which one for photos? I see a very clear pattern.
  4. The S lenses are the best AF lenses on the NX ecosystem, the 85 is one of the slowest, especially if you go fast. Quite a big lens, too much glass inside, old design, I wouldn't expect any better. Change the AF speed (I do not own this lens, I do not know), and see how it goes. From time to time I have to work with 5Diii's and I can't stand the image anymore. I am joking about Vasile, he did great for the whole community, but there are people like Otto and Kino Seed that did much too (if not more) and there are still around for a word or two! I believe Otto was the last one had some kind of communication, I can not be sure of course.
  5. Kisaha

    GH5 Prototype

    Nice video, and so true! They have two Varicams, and the one Light, which can be a super FS7 if you like (the "super" part makes it rather expensivy). I would be more interested in a super FS5 (or a hyper C100) and I wouldn't mind if they called it a Varicam Micro, Mini, or whatever. I am one of those people that find the C100 form factor as one of the best for doing run and gun video, which is 95% of my work. It would be interesting to see such a camera with 180fps, 10bit internal, IBIS, whatever - everything for less than 5000. and then I would have a G(X)85 - GH5 and a AF5, or whatever it is called. Covered from all sides, super happy!
  6. ok @kidzrevil I am very interested going the Pana way, G85 (even GX85 for the right price) and GH5, it makes sense as I am using the LS300 already (EF lenses here), and as you had an admirable NX reputation(sic) I am eagerly expecting your thoughts!
  7. Hi, @kidzrevil , what about the low light performance. In general, do you have any comment Vs the NX1 ? Pana seems to do all the right things lately! I just hope for all the rumored GH5 insides, on a C100 type Panasonic!
  8. Kisaha

    GH5 Prototype

    This is start getting out of hand! I am selling everything and waiting for the GH5! My thing is, if you can afford all this technology on a 1999$ mirrorless body, why not a C100 killer on a more video orientated 4000$ body with variable sensor (a la LS300)? I mean, the hordes of consumers buying like crazy a6000 and Olympus Pen and Canon M3(or 2, or whatever) are not going to be moved by things they do not even understand, a specialized run and gun 10 bit poetry for under 4999$ would be much better appreciated.
  9. Obviously, I was referring to the PHOTO part of that camera, that I have never used it as a PHOTO camera, because there are much better PHOTO cameras out there. I didn't say anything about the VIDEO part. If you check the official Sony site, obviously (I know..) the S is marketed to video shooters, and the R to photo ones. Of,course it is not illegal to use whatever camera, for whatever use; just saying. 12 megapixels aren't that great for crop. It is a high iso specialized camera for me, good for some jobs, not my preference as an all around hybrid. Just my opinion of, course, obviously.
  10. There are tripods, monopods, feet (that can walk the distance and use a wider lens!). I am surprised that suddenly IBIS and gimbals became a necessity. Like the a7sii, all of a sudden people prefer shooting in absolute darkness! I am not against IBIS/GIMBALS/HIGH ISO SENSORS, but there are ways working around limitations. After 18 years of pro work, this year was the first to use A7sII and Ronin, great, but only for 3 occasions (2 the A7sii and 1 the Ronin).
  11. Same here. I think I will be playing the waiting game for now. Most cameras are good these days, but I want to see where the industry is heading as a whole. I have a complete APS-C mirrorless kit with 3 different form factor cameras (28mgpxls, 4K, H265), lenses and all. Maybe I want to see what's the next Canon C100 will be, or a similar Pana, or the JVC LS300 mkII (very underated camera, a good tool for budget orientated productions). 2017 will be a defensive year, trying to do small steps and probably invest more in marketing and accessories (lights, maybe a bit more on sound) than cameras and lenses(ok, maybe the G80/85 after the first substantial price drop!). Also, HDR is going to be big, and it is for real.
  12. We are using cameras with shoulder rigs for decades. The wider, the better. There is always the tripod solution.
  13. You mean "I wouldn't invest on a dead system". If you take the m4/3 crowd and NX out (by the way, the lack of options of true great hybrids is the reason the NX1 still sells quite well, there are new with warranty cameras out there), then you do not have much to look for. Aforementioned XT-2, the a6xx (which I prefered staying and invest more to NX system than have anything to do with this series), a7Rii(more of a photo camera, but I haven't used one. A7ii, A7Sii and a6300 are the only Sonys I have used recently) and that's it. Maybe you should seek a 2 cameras solution if you find the Fuji not that good for video; something like the D750 for photos and different one for video use.
  14. a7S is not a very good photo camera, for quite some reasons. I would never thought of using one for photos. The obvious solution is to wait for the GH5, it must be pretty obvious really, and maybe the best value for money being the new G85/80 (GX85/80 is even a better of a deal, but for video and ergonomics, I would prefere the G). Have you seen the threads here about the X-T2? Great camera, I would say 60% photos - 40% video (completely unscientific numbers of course!) and the lens options are the best in APS-C sensors. Another such camera (more photo than video) would be the new Olympus as well. With the same money of X-T2 (+ battery grip, you would need that for video) you can buy a slightly used NX1+16-50 S 2-2.8F ( I saw one earlier on ebay with an excellent and almost 500$ flash, grip+3 batteries, the aforementioned S, + the excellent portrait 85mm 1.4f for 2400$ or something, there are similar deals almost every week). There is a whole sub-forum here about that camera and the advanced mod/hack bitrate (up to 180Mbps H265, even more for some, but 160-180 seems very stable), but of course it is a discontinued camera which complicate things, but still is a very capable hybrid with 28megapixels BSI APS-C sensor and 4K video (it can be an advantage, even for 1080p projects) and really great ergonomics and touch screen everything.
  15. Kisaha

    GH5 Prototype

    There are some examples of the hacked NX at the NX sub-forum. Even Samsung's early (and rather "weak") H265 implementation, is great for live performances and other byte consuming jobs. There is always the option of 160/180 even more, Mbps which grades better and holds more information. The codec is not that great though, because Samsung probably used a very basic one (do not forget that was back in 2014). In anyway, H265 will be the future for the next multiple K generations (I think it supports up to 8K?) and that's it was created by the same H264 consortium.
  16. I maybe have seen it once, but I can not be sure, so I can not be of any help. I believe NX1 has some little issues (probably like this one, and another thing, when from photo camera, press REC, then it takes a second, or so to adjust to the video settings) that weren't taken care of, because of the retreat. You are not going to find Vasile any time soon!
  17. I could read Greek in your video! Do you use the lens image stabilzation, DIS or nothing at all? I liked the motion very much.
  18. Sorry to hear that, it is definitely software related (Apple related too), as my pc is much older, but with good specs (except the gpu which is jusy mediocre with today standards). I haven't process anything more than 120mbps though, I guess the 180 could make a huge difference in processing power needed, does it make a huge difference in grading and total image quality though?
  19. You should wait and see. If you shoot more photo than video, Canon is still an excellent company with plenty of choices. Video will get better too. How many lenses do you have and which ones? Maybe you can sell the older versions, as I see many of them replaced in the near future, if not for faster AF, for better performamce and enchacments, but surely you can keep your most used ones, and invest on a couple from the native system you are using (for crop Sony and video the 18-135/4f is an excellent lens for the price, you can get a couple zoom amd a prime for m4/3 too, it depends). Sony is not even close, and some of their best lenses are more expensive than Canonikon ones, Canon lenses are still the market stable, so many adapters around, and they are getting cheaper and better. I wouldn't worry If I was you, you can play the waiting game and see where the market goes in a couple of years. Too much going on right now to know for sure.
  20. @Cinegain as usual I am on the move, and on mobile. Can you sum up the prices of the lenses you mentioned above? Geniounly interested to find out. And are equivalent that worth equal or more from the Pana side? I am considering the facts in case I want to move to GH5 later, and I would like to have some certain native lenses (I use the LS300 as well, so moving to m4/3 could be handy).
  21. @NX1user what H265 problems? I have the memory leak issue, but everything else works fine, so I am reluctunt to upgrade to the newer version. If I am not be able to use H265 natively, then I will skip the latest version.
  22. Athenian? or Salonica?! How did you stabilize?
  23. ..and because they don't like Christmas trees; must be a religious decision.
  24. Everything is relative these years; obviously we are living on a era that everything chances, and the world will be unstabilized for the next decade or so. Years ago I had the option to stay in London for work. For me London was the place to be career-wise, but the quality of life it is just terrible. Most of my friends have stayed there and now they have issues with Brexit (especially the ones working in universities are in limbo, and they are not sure if they will have permit to stay for the next year) and also, they have to work just to pay the rent. Also security and safety is relative as well. We all know what is going on with the world right now, and it is scary that not even in the greatest European capitals one can feel safe. The world is in motion, money and careers are not the most important aspects right now. I see it that we have to have a defence stance, to try to save some dignity for the next generations.
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