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  1. Another interesting fact for people not very familiar with the sound jibberish, is that the Sennheiser MKE 440 is a MKE 400 multiplied by 2! What this means is that you have a much narrower stereo image, almost what you see on a 35mm lens (while the usual stereo microphones out there, are equivalent to something like a fisheye, or an extreme ultra wide lens). Plus, always happy with German engineering for sound (not so much for cars!). In my opinion, this is more useful for a video maker, than the wide stereo patterns of other solutions. Another option, cheap, that I haven't tes
  2. I am going to start that next, just do not have the time right now. "TV" is the new cinema, it seems like everybody does episodes for something. It is a great medium to tell stories that can exceed the 90-120 minutes of an average movie, while the budget (in the good ones) are still there (Westworld, The man in the high castle, The expanse - which season 2 plays right now, etc etc) and through the new technologies, the audience is the whole world, mostly instantly. Taboo was the last good one I watched recently, didn't deliver 100%, but technically was awesome and I liked the rhythm
  3. 18-105 is very steady with the a6300 as well, seriously impressive lens stabilization from that lens. Oly stuff is impressive, best in business, haven't seen the new Panasonic stuff though. All in all, an external stabilizer that stabilizes the whole camera system, is a better experience than IBIS I guess.
  4. I wouldn't buy a FS700 even for 1600$, the two I was using the last few years are -literally- fallen apart, the build quality is terrible, there is NO handling whatsoever, ergonomics are Sony's best (worst) job. I do still use it from time to time for slow mo, ok, but I would never buy this camera with my money. The one we use most was given to us (to the production company, not me) when we started a motor show a few years ago (together with some lenses, much obliged!), but they never stick. One of the reasons (and some other terrible Sony experiences I had through the years) I am so disrespec
  5. Of,course, like everything in life, competition is a good evolution exercise. I said on that thread, that I am expecting a little bit more from them to invest in their crane series, after that post, they released the mobile phone stabilizer to compete with DJI and the likes, good move from a marketing - and profit - view, but I couldn't care less for that product, now that they have that out of the way I hope they will reply with a better and more advanced one. If no one had respond to the Crane, then why to hurry to have a better one sooner, than later? Of, course we have to wait an
  6. I hope this will up the game a little bit
  7. I am intrigued by this as well! I am going to post it on the main forum!
  8. How's the Pilotfly with the NX? I am torn between that or the Crane, but I am not 100% sold on either of them.
  9. @Jimbo No megapixel argument here, even though the best possible 1080p you can deliver is sufficient for 90% of the jobs (95% in my case), 360 is a completely different animal. 1080p with a 50mm lens, is just that; a 360 video, is unbelievably many 50mm lenses all around you! It has nothing to do with pixel peeping or GAS, 360 - and virtual reality stuff - will need as much as resolution possible, and soon, but I believe it is somehow early for optimal performance and cost/performance ratio. If you are getting the dough, then a used Omni rig is your best bet! Report back w
  10. @IKSLIM This is an excellent microphone that I use for the stereo image for live performances, or small acoustic bands, or groups, also small choirs, for anything bigger you need a proper Stereo technique with pencil mics (as you very wisely suggest). I do not thing that this viable for an amateur, first of all it is very "expensive", big, heavy and NOT directional at all, it is a NO NO for what he described in his post. In my opinion, if you only have one mic, and on camera, you need something more directional, and the Rode Video Micro is the absolutely cheapest, with the abso
  11. http://image-sensors-world.blogspot.gr/2017/02/samsung-mobile-processor-supports-4k.html?spref=tw I want this on my NX1 s' il vous plait!
  12. haha! I am sure they do! Nuh..they are not that sensitive, cameras do not broke that easily, you see in various forums that only a few complain about broken NXes, and usually the top dial somehow do not work properly. They seem very well implemented, plus there are quite a lot new ones from Korea. From various sources around the net (and your Fabebook as well) it seems like there are a lot more NX users than I though they were, just not enough obviously. As it seems, my NX1/NX500/NX3000+all the lenses I need (except the 50-150 I do not have) will keep me good company for a few m
  13. It has been 2 years and some months since the NX1. Depending your projects, your line of work, where you live, what cameras do you use and your editing solution. For me it didn't change a thing, as I have abandoned final cut a long long time ago, so one day, I just imported my files to Premiere, and worked, I literally "had" to wait a few months for that to happen, but I hadn't used mine for any project (usually not the cams I prefer for pro video work anyway). If I was a rich man ("Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum") I would shoot Alexas and Reds all day, so no worr
  14. That's what I thought, for people don't make any money from it, or ain't rich, the tech is not mature right now. Maybe I'll be waiting for the next Samsung, it will have HEVC as well (that is a guided comment for another thread!), in general I am in stand by mode, in everything, only sound is a certainty in this business!
  15. I am interested in this matter as well, but it seems there is a long way to go, definitely we need 8K workflows to see this thing shine. I have an enthusiast friend, and after using all the cheap 360 on the market kept the Samsung one as the most convenient. He saw me footage of a few of them and everything was disappointing from my point of view (S35 and APS-C supporter here!), and I find ALL the action cams footage disappointing too. Maybe for the extreme sports generation they are enough. @rdouthit I am eyeing the Omni for some time now, but I haven't explore the market over here
  16. What are the "hurdles" of using H265? I am finishing a project right now (color correcting, warp stabilizer, and a few other things) with 3 H265, 1 pocket, 3 gopro and 2 video cameras, with additional sound, and I am editing natively in Adobe Premiere on my, almost, 5 years old "middling" machine with no problem at all. And on an external hard drive. They delay their adaptation because they do not want to pay anything for the format, when companies like Apple, Facebook, Sony, YouTube, that have a gazillion net profit do that, they do not care about the end users "profit", but their o
  17. It is a very good cage. I got it when it went around 200$ and consider a great offer back then, with this price it is actually given for free. Although the postal costs must be around 50$ for Europe, it is the best NX offer ever.
  18. Very original presentation, very good job! Do you use any kind of lighting in the interviews? What settings are you using? I like the quality very much, it is a very clean look. I was also considering this USB device (10:02) for video editing use! Seems nice.
  19. 1) there is a whole set of Cine lenses by Samyang/Rokinon/Bower, you can buy the same ones in photo costume, for cheap (you don't have to buy NX, buy a different brand and adapt). M42 that goes with Russian and Pentax lenses, and Canon FD are very cheap. I have both, I am very pleased with those, they have some interesting lenses in the 35mm focal length. Wider is more expensive and rare. 50-55-58mm have some exceptional ones, in all these 3 brands. 58mm 2f Zenith, 55 1.8f Asahi Pentax (one of the Takumars, I have 2 radio active ones!), 50mm 1.4 Canon FD are my favorites from each. I
  20. wow! do you have a link for that? I am sure this little cam has some untapped hw and sw potential in it. Of, course it is a liable candidate, and brand new with warranty!
  21. @mercer Try to try one first, even though it is a great camera, for me it is more a Canon C100 replacement (with some very original and amazing ideas though, like the prime zoom function, which really works!), the slow motion crops heavily (=unusable, anything above 50/60), the monitor/viewfinder aren't that great either (at least it has a monitor, forget the viewfinder though) and you probably need a metabones adapter (that's how we use it, no native m43 lenses yet, just tested a generic Panasonic kit the other day), we haven't managed to tame the J-log yet though, and I have read that a
  22. I wish we could up our game a bit, this codec obviously has its limitations, high ISO performance is not great at all, the noise reduction is killing our video, and I just wish I could magnify for focus while recording. All in all, everything else is super amazing! Kino, you have to pull a rabbit out of your hut dude, don't you have any Balkanic super hacker friends?!
  23. I say that for quite a while now! 2600$ is dead cheap, people are going to spend as much for a GH5 and the XLR thingy, or just a used 5DmarkIII, or a D500+a kit lens and with 2600$ you get a real camera, and a shotgun mic in the box! You literally buy the camera and go to work (and then you need like a couple of hours to figure out the menus!). Even camcorders cost as much and more, I do not comprehend how this little cam doesn't sell in the thousands. It is 3300euros here by the way, almost 1000$ more (than the price you mentioned) and I still consider it as the best value
  24. @rdouthit Yes, the Seattle area is one of the most advanced in the whole universe, while middle class (to lower) Greek is one of the least technologically advanced in Europe. iPads are a rare commodity around here, there is almost 50% unemployment and an average wage is close to 600-800$ with taxes eat most of that. Anyways, this is a very interesting topic, and still am not sure how we go in the present (and near future) for delivering to customers. I will look at Vimeo Pro, but I am not sure this is the final solution.
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