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  1. @MonGe El GenioMusical there is a huge continuity mistake around 3:50, she takes off her bra, but then in the next shot inside the cabin the bra is still on.
  2. Using a jib is a very common technique from soap operasm sports, to films. It is almost impossible to achieve great Hollywood movement, they are not using just a "jib", it takes really specialized equipment and people, and recently a lot of technology; of course you are open to experiment and achieve some things that will make you really happy, depending the project. You can study movement in all the great directors, you can start from here
  3. The best video camera for weddings is a C100 (any of those) with any standard APS-C 2.8f zoom, and a couple of very good LED lights (or redheads).
  4. Sorry for bringing the old ghosts back, but I can't resist reading the Sony extremeties! NX 16-50mm 2-2.8f, is the one lens can't find in any other system. 2f from 24mm-35mm (equiv) and the specific rendition and image stabilizer of this lens make it an amazing set (that you don't need!) of 2f primes, and a few more 2.8f ones. Together with the amazing AF and DIS of NX1 is a still relevant combo for most jobs. Someone posted recently an asking price of 1200€ for NX1+16-50S+extra batteries+external charger. This is what I call value for money! Fuji is also an option, X-T20 anyone?
  5. This is a very interesting thread, if anyone knows anything about inexpensive cranes should add his wisdom here! The only thing I know, the traditional big ones need 2 persons to make them and 2 to operate them sufficiently on the field.
  6. Even though I will be waiting for the next Sony move (a7000 and/or A7Siii), I am pretty sure they will be finding more than one ways to ef up! I know it isn't relative of what you ask, but I am really longing for a C100markIII or a Panasonic LS300 (with variable sensor and the insides of GH5) more than anything, and I hope just in time for my next camera buy in the summer!
  7. @ricardo_sousa11 Great work man! Did you use any lights at the night party scenes? What drone for the aerials?
  8. Kisaha

    To MFT or not

    You have to be more specific of your needs, but for amateur-ish users I would say go the hybrid route. In the long long term Canon is King, and for most people, even the M5 is pretty good as a first camera. GH5 will be the video standard soon, but obviously you can not buy it yet, or any time soon, as I am sure there will be a serious back order time delay, and if you do not know what really 10bit is, and how to process it, then it can be overkill (money and hardware wise) for what you do. (if with "preamps" you are referring to mic pre-amps, then that is not a reason to buy into any of the photo/hybrid systems, as most are not adequate for paid jobs, and there are many ways to work around this issue anyway, and for cheap, so not something you really have to worry about).
  9. Can anyone confirm in what focal length the vignetting appears? Will the NXL v2 would have any other difference? A discounted NXLv1 would probably be of interest for us that do not need extreme tele focal lengths (even though I would like to see my 125 and 200mm FD lenses on my NX!), or an EF-S capable active adapter, I am not mad about the full frame look at all, but I would like to use EF(-S) lenses.
  10. @mercer 1) price/performance ratio 2) for the same purpose one can use a portion of an iPhone's money for a similar results phone 3) with similar (but less) iPhone's money you can have a better camera phone (iPhone barely makes it to the top 10 at DxO) 4) a small modern mirrorless is not that big to have at all times (and I gave the example of a few pancake lenses on some systems). 5) performance/price ration (I do not know which version is the right one) but to pay more money for lesser results, it is counterproductive in my book. 5) look at 2 and 3. I am super pro people using their media devices, just saying there are other options too. Just that.
  11. That is what I said, nobody uses a P&S because they have camera phones and it is perfectly fine for those people. iphone 7S 128GB costs 1079euros = 1155$, you get real! you can buy an editing computer with these money, and a 24" monitor. Xiaomi redmi note 4 64GB(4100mAh battery) 269euros + 128GB Samsung EVO for 50euros = 320euros Samsung NX500 kit bought new with 2 batteries and external charger = 520euros Total: 840euros, and 240euros more left for cases, screen protectors, coffee on the go for a couple of months, and a super market bill for the family. https://www.placemall.gr/Technology/Technology-Telephony/Telephony--Mobile-Phones/xiaomi-redmi-note-4-dual-sim-64gb-gold-1003-105978?mfp=manufacturers[88]&sort=p.price&order=ASC I rest my case here.
  12. @IronFilm For the price (Audio Technica is 10-20% more expensive than the Audix in Europe, depending where you shop) the Audix is a much better microphone (in my opinion of course), if it was 20% less than the Audix then it would be tempting, but if it was 10% cheaper, then Audix would be my choice againl! Anyway, I haven't done any scientific tests, and in this category (around 500) and from these 2 brands, I expect very good quality Oktava is 1/3 the price of Audio Technica, now, owing the Oktava for 3 years, I would have saved for the Audix, but I bought without testing it first, big mistake, on the other hand, the 3 capsules have give me a slight versatility for different sound jobs. I really appreciate Curtis and watch his videos, but Youtube personas aren't Gods, and in the beginning of his youtube carrer I considered him to be not very experienced (same as Yuri when he was started), but they have involved rather well though their work, still I believe there are hundreds of professionals with better knowledge, and no youtube channels.
  13. @webrunner5 do not take me wrongwrong, whatever works to whoever! Something is much better than nothing, and I am pretty sure talented people can make amazing movies with a hand made camera obscura, I trully believe that, and if I tell you what kind of equipment I have used in my entire life, iPhone seems like a space rocket! My points are: 1) iPhone is NOT even the best camera phone, why we have threads like "incredible iPhone movie" and not "amazing Samsung S7", or "HTC and Google movies" etc?? 2) the price of acquiring a latest iPhone, with NO SD card option (so, not much space for recording video, really) and a couple of extras you need, exceed the price of an equally (or better) good Android phone (have you checked the Xiaomis lately?) + a cheap, small and light 4K mirrorless camera kit, and I am sure you know that "4K" isn't really the real deal, or else C100 cameras would have been burned on sight. 3) the quality is perfectly fine for 90% of the people, but I am not one of those, and ofcourse I am expressing personal opinions, and latest iPhone pictures are not even close to my cheapest (and smallest) mirrorless, with my cheapest (and worst, but a zoom nevertheless) lens. Any good small pancake from any system (Sigmas, Canon M 22m, NX 30mm etc) and any mirrorless after 2013 is SO much better than the latest phone cameras. People in this (and other) forums debate m4/3, crop sensors and full frame ones, and suddenly sensors smaller than half of my smallest nail are adequate to produce (technically) amazing stuff? Personally, my sweet spot is 1.5X (for a lot of reasons), and I don't like debating for sensors sizes as it is mostly a personal desicion and everybody have its arguments, but mobile phones are perfect for old compact camera users, still there is a small pro/semi pro/enthusiastic segment, which I am part of, that compact cameras of the past and new, are not right for us (and I am not talking about the thousands of euros Sony, Fuji and the other high end compacts of course!).
  14. Like IronFilm said, just ask politely to turnoff the AC, and mention somwthing like "these pro microphones are very sensitive", it works 100%!! Except if it is really impossible to do (which 99.9% isn't). If you have the money get the Audix, or else get the Oktava.
  15. @IronFilm @HockeyFan12 The article starts with these people telling how they started their careers. In small markets like south-east Europe, and most of New Zealand (except if you are working for any Peter Jackson blockbuster, and still..) I do not see a lot of people getting 1K/a day.
  16. @webrunner5 I have the pictures on my 27inch screen. Don't you think that I have used an iPhone (I do not live in Afghanistan caves, and even there, I am sure some tribal leaders own Apple devices) before or recently? Nothing mysterious about it or magic, the 3-5 years old Samsung sensor with the kit lens is superior in any possible way, and I have it with me at all times too. I do not even care to carry my NX500 with me, which is 28mgpxls APS-C BSI and by the way, it is almost the same size as the NX3000 (though, a bit heavier, but slightly). Also, iphone is 9-12 in camera phones, with 3 other devices with the same score, it is not even at the top of its segment, gimme a brake with iPhones and secluded hipsterist systems. With the same money you can buy most cameras+1 lens+1 equal (or a bit less) Android phones. Even a LX100 is a joy to use, and can have it with you at all times. I do not know your background, but if you are so sure about your equipment, you are pretty welcomed to use it professionally at all times, no one denies you this right.
  17. Only a couple of hipsters would be happy with an iPhone wedding video, and only a "naive" and only-care-about-the-hype hipster would use such equipment for a professional video. I am not even use the unstable Sony's for this reason, and nothing AUTO, I can't imagine using a phone for a paying job. There are better camera phones, why not a Samsung or a Google camera then?? I agree that one can achieve great things with whatever medium chooses (from super 8 to camera phones), but a few days ago, my NX3000+16-50 pz kit lens out performed every camera phone (mostly iPhones) that my friends and familu used to record a social event we had. And that combo costed me 1/4 of an iPhone. Plus, with the exceptional Samsung app I moved all the pictures to my Xiaomi and shared instantly. Oh, and I had a real lens, doing real lenses stuff. P.s my mobile phone+camera combo costed me half the money of the latest iPhones my friends are having, and they do more things, with better processing power, and the NX3000 WITH THE KIT lens, was in my jackets left pocket,it is even smaller with the exceptional 30mm/2f pancake.
  18. @AKED-M If it is definitely a different sensor than GH4 (we all know that), but if it is a different one than the new 20megapixls one, then who is make in it? Even the interviews of the Japanese people are talking about almost the same high ISO.
  19. Aputure seems to be all over the place right now! I am wondering, we have perfectly fine 5, 5.5 or 6+ inch mobile phones, why not turn them to monitors?!
  20. The fact is, noone knows for sure! I wouldn't bet on Pana sensor though..It seems like Sony is the exclusive m4/3 sensor maker, for a few years now. I am expecting for someone with the answer, it will explain a lot, and show the capability of these companies diferentiate from Sony, and compete against it A a7000 in September with better ergonomics, battery life, AF system, 10bit internal, better IBIS, 180fps slow mo, no overheating (with the bigger body for better ergonomics, and bigger battery for more minutes of use, they can manage heat better), and around 2299$, can destroy any m4/3 camera of the near future, and Sony must be building such a camera right now, and since a6300, for sure.
  21. I am also amazed when people use the Sony a6xx cameras for pro work, but it doesn't stop people from doing so. If I may, I would like to quote Ken Rockwel, "Versus Fujifilm Sony and Fuji are completely different from each other: Ergonomics Fuji's cameras are designed by and for real photographers. Fuji cameras have far superior ergonomics, with real shutter, aperture, exposure compensation and other dials. Sony's cameras have the world's worst menu systems, and then they force you to into menus and screens to set the most basic things like ISO and shutter speeds. Sonys are designed for and by amateurs and online tweakers who don't actually know what's important in a camera. Quality Fuji, like Canon, makes almost all of its cameras and lenses domestically in Japan. Sony usually offshores its cameras — even the $3,200 made-in-Thailand A7R II — to whatever country can do it the cheapest." I couldn't say it better, and maybe that is why I am not earning my life writing about cameras! The bold line is the essence of the difference, that is why young people and new photo/videographers are fine with that, can't really compare, and the spec war is more important for semi-pro/amateurs, than real everyday use.
  22. Jimmy is right, the 300 is an absolutely fantastic camera, but it is expensive for an amateur, maybe a C100 is more your price, 35mbps and 8bit ofcourse, but a workhorse, I was using it in -5 degrees Celsius in the snow and rain, the whole last week (together with 24-70/70-200 L lenses) and never failed me. The batteries were going down much easier than usual though.. Don't you have any battery problems with the A7? In normal weather I need as much as 6:1 (vs C100 batteries, and IBIS with the mkII Sonys). Rental is also cheap with C100, and will probably be fine with your tripod, even though I had some issues with the Sachtler Ace L and the 70-200, the lens was a bit heavy for that combo.
  23. What sensor the GH5 will use? All the latest m4/3(and not only those) sensors are Sony ones, the new (last years) 16mgpxl and the 20 one. To make a completely new one, and in big quantities is very difficult and costly, even Samsung buys Sony sensors for their phones, and we all know how stubborn Samsung is when they want to manufacture everything in-house. The only new camera with a different sensor maker that I know, is the JVC, which supposedly is in house made (JVC bought a small company a few years ago, that's what I have read), and I can imagine that their production must have been astonishingly small (they must sell in the dozens, instead of the thousands of the new GH5). If someone has a table or a resource about sensor manufacturers (in video and photography), I would be very interested.
  24. I would consider this monitor too cheap for 4K use. I am eyeing for some months the new Ikan 5 inch, which seems as a much better construction, less features, better performance. Seeway makes an identical cheaper one, but can not find in Europe. If I can get by with a cheap Feelworld, or whatever, really, then I would be really happy to spend much less than the -almost- 500€ I need for an ok one. Also, in 500€, you are reaching BM videoassist territory, which is tempting, but I am not sold yet!
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