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  1. This is kind of serious for a camera that costs 12.000euros or more in Europe. I thought it was an excellent camera, but with a similar to the XC10 issue?!
  2. In general, I really admire young kids openness and creativity, but as always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Education and experience must have a balance, and just watching youtube videos is not exactly education. Also, as I say in Greek "είναι τέχνη και τεχνική" = "it is both, art and technic". In Greek, the word "art" has an Indo-European root, and it means "ξυλουργώ", meaning "woodwork" or "carpentry", "woodcraft" or "woodworking". Where artistic starts, or where technical ends, is really vague. The first religious woodcrafts, totems or statues were artistic inspirations but ve
  3. Working only with headphones is very bad for your hearing, all professionals of sound are a bit deaf(!). Better buy low-middle (150-200$ each) speakers as monitors, but you certainly needs a good pair of headphones (sometimes to hear closely details later on) for recording as well. I use mostly Sony MDR7506/Sennheiser HD 25 and I was considering buying the aforementioned Audio Technica ATH M50 or Beyer Dynamic 770 pro or something similar, but I decided to invest later on the best monitors possible under 400$ (each). I would say, that the "easier" headphones for an average use w
  4. Apple's systems are elitistic, closed and esoteric, and you can see the "defense" of the system from their Zealots reach middle ages proportions. This closeness and lack of choices are not for me. There are thousands of different components you can put on a PC and build it on your own with just minimal knowledge of hardware and software, I found this more liberating than just buying something that others have choose for me, and make me pay 2 or 3 times the price for the same components, that I know how they cost, as they are the same ones I use for my PCs!! I just wish Linux was a bi
  5. With 8megapixels won't be a hybrid camera, even though we know that megapixels don't mean a thing, 8 is too little for most serious users, and less serious users, won't be able to pay for a "low light monster". I just hope it will have ISO 435908209358270 because I am trying to expose Batman and I need a few millions billions more ISO sensitivity for the Batcave.
  6. @Justin Bacle I was exaggerating of course! Also there its slow motion capabilities are almost a joke (this is the main disadvantage), but it is a 2986euros (including 24% Vat) in my country and the FS7ii is 12.300euros, FS5 is 6700euros double the price and some.. After a couple of substantial firmware upgrades this little camera is worth to be considered in many peoples buying lists.
  7. A turn of the screw, and I am in the market for a cheap tripod to go with my S6 head! I want something relatively light, better with flap mechanisms (no twisty things) and between 100-200euros (I guess). It will be my second or third tripod. Preferably from Europe or ebay (no "exotic" US products, unfortunately!). Any suggestion is welcomed. disclaimer: I am not trying to "conquer" the thread, just felt the two (tripod legs and heads) in that price range are very similar.
  8. If it adds 10 bit, then it will be called FS7 mark II, and will be sold for 9.999$ in B&H! (and it will have e-ND too!) I still haven't figure out completely the J-log procedure, the noise in the shadowy parts are insane. If anyone here cares, it would be super-duper to explain the procedure in detail. Cheers.
  9. Those small full frame bodies with big front heavy Canon/Sony/Nikon full frame lenses are a nightmare. Some times small is good, but sometimes small is bad. Even Panasonic went out of its comfort zone to produce a truly great "pro" camera, this GH5 is BIG (and relatively heavy). More space, bigger batteries, better heat sinks, more buttons, better ergonomics, more reliable - hassle free machine. There will be a Sony dSLR like mirrorless soon-ish, some things are tested through decades, and work for more than one reasons, evolution is good, but evolution is to take the good things and
  10. the good thing is that there is already a cheap macro tube with contacts, maybe it is possible to 3d print one of those and put some elements inside. This is were my mechanical capabilities stop!
  11. I would love a 16mm starting zoom, but the low priced ones start from 18mm. Limited focus breathing and parfocalness are two of the most important advantages of those lenses, it took me a while to learn how to work with photo lenses, and still I am not comfortable with those. The Sigma's seem to not meet the criteria of such a lens, and the 18-35 isn't enough (for me) for an all around cine/eng lens. From what I read in various forums and reviews the Sony isn't on par with the aforementioned lenses in many ways. The previous 18-105 even less so. For EF, the Canon seems to tick m
  12. This is very weird, as I do not comprehend why it happens only in 4K mode and not in everything else? Currently I am not using any of the higher bitrates, as I am not certain how bad the excessive heat is for the sensor, and for what I do I prefer lower Giga bytes and reliability than a bit more of bitrate. Where are you sending the camera for repairs? Do you still have any kind of warranty? I hope for the best.
  13. Those Fotga and Neweer grip systems are very good for most uses. There aren't many things that can fail with those (they just have screws mostly, no mechanisms, no delicate complicacies). I guess everyone has something from Fotga! ..the one and only Mattias, kind off topic, but not much
  14. Why not?! Samyang is starting doing great and innovative (for Samyang!) things, I believe they got some of the Samsung NX engineers, responsible for the great 16-50S 2-2.8f lens, why not to make a 16-XX (just put whatever you want at the long end!) T2.9 one for 4.000$?! My only issue with all these aforementioned lenses is that I use too much the 16-17.99mm focal lengths! The Fuji 18-55 seems like the best deal, and if someone cares for all the electronic advantages on an EF mount, then the Canon 18-80 is one way (even though, the most expensive). The thing is, I seriously misse
  15. The Canon 18-80mm https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1246187-REG/canon_1714c002_cn_e_18_80mm_t4_4_compact_servo.html https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/products/details/lenses/cinema/compact-servo/compact-servo-18-80mm-t4-4-ef the new Sigma's http://www.sigma-global.com/en/cine-lenses/products/high-speed-zoom/ and the Fuji's http://www.fujifilm.com/products/optical_devices/tv_cine/cine/mk/mk18_55mm/ , are creating a new whole group of lenses. What is your opinion about each of these lenses, and do you see any other players contribute soon to this new
  16. Too much for your 10$ flat rate, try make one of paperboard. This is very interesting too, https://nl.aliexpress.com/store/product/Crocodile-shape-super-clamp-with-both-3-8-male-spigots-photo-studio-film-clamp/1293354_32441815186.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.9XHokd never know when you are going to need one! Cheers
  17. @tomsemiterrific I agree with 95% of what you said, still considering the IBIS as a panacea to everything, is similar with the attitude of the people considering the low light capabilities of the A7s as a panacea, well, to everything! They are tools, and everyone has different uses (I for once, tripod like 97% of my time, and 2% monopod!), plus, there are amazing zoom lenses these days, and with one, you don't have to carry 4-5 FD ones (I have a small FD collection my self, and Takumars). Also, there is a lot of discussion going on about the resolution of lenses in the new 6K downsampling
  18. There is one such solution @webrunner5, your mobile phone! First of all the date mentions 31 of March, so no 1st of April(!) and second of all, most of the updates are not much, but every little helps!
  19. Just leave those VG cameras to rest.. Some of my worst experiences ever, there were so many "producers/directors" bringing one in every shooting and asking me to be "productive" with those - hated them, and most were insisting that the sound was incredible (the Sony marketing must be unbelievably effective, then and now) and we didn't need any other sound gathering.. There is a similar little camera (if you do not use the handle, has in built mics in the body as well) and is called JVC LS300, with a m4/3 pancake or even small zoom, you just can't believe how small it is, and is a bit
  20. The first of these videos were internal recordings. I do not thing that this camera has 10bit capabilities at all, as it isn't just a firmware/software thingy. At one point (soon), I assume we all be needing 10bit, TV industry pushes it slightly for now. https://www.atomos.com/cameras/jvc-gy-ls300
  21. @webrunner5 If you read the reviews, most of the people have very limited use, or experience with video, or used to have small cheap tripods of no significant value (or performance). Maybe for the G7 and a specific style is sufficient, that is a personal matter, for most people those kind of heads are enough, anyway, with your ENG experience, I am sure you would love something sturdier and with better motion (and load). The only thing I am sure, these kind of heads are not even slightly ok with dSLR cameras (like the 5D) or even EF-S zoom lenses (18-135 anyone?). @Inazuma the differ
  22. @Inazuma If you don't move the camera, or do not getting paid for your camera movements, even a table is sufficient. If you are getting paid for your camera movements (= the people paying you for those movements, expect certain things), or you make. I am using C100mkII extensively for corporates, and with the 70-200 L is a nightmare to make the right moves, and when there is a whole crew or 5+ people, and the customer(s), missing a shot because of your tripod, isn't acceptable (it is easier to miss something because of the focus, as these lenses aren't very good for video, and people
  23. As this is a A7Sii thread, it is appropriate to mention that CVP's mailing list just send a 400pounds reduction on A7Sii and A7Rii cameras. This is a huge reduction in any sense, and a lot of people in UK (or Europe, or wherever this discount applies) will pause for a minute. There is an 300$ offer in B&H also (prices of Asian products in Europe are crazy expensive). Is this the GH5 effect, a A7S(R) iii or something else? http://cvp.com/index.php?t=category/a7pricedropap17&utm_source=mailshot&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=email
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