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  1. http://cvp.com/index.php?t=category/video%20assist/video+recorders//blackmagic////////video%20assist/ they have a 50% off, if I didn't wait for the spring time for my buys I couldn't resist this.
  2. GH4 was groundbreaking back in the day, GH5 will be tomorrow, definitely a workhorse camera with no overheating problems, good ergonomics, amazing battery life (for a mirrorless), great and various workflow options. I was just waiting for a better APS-C back then (NX1), and I am sure a better S35 (or close to that) will appear soon enough. Ideally, even though I haven't own a Canon camera since the film days, I would like this time next year to own a C100markIII and a Canon M (just add a number) with good video capabilities as a B camera, carry around photo camera, etc. I am getting boring, I know - sorry for that, but I can't stress enough how important is for my professional life a C100, but in 2017 I can't invest on a non 4K camera. Last year in the production company I work we invested on a JVC LS300, and even now I am trying to avoid that, in favor of the C100markII! Obviously a C300markII would be better, but it is out of our budget (and market) range. Sony is nearing though, they aren't out of the question yet, just haven't been impressive so far (I mean, overall - all around - impressive, because the spec sheets are), but their next cameras (FSx, AxS) have to be great, but I am not so sure, I am more confident than Panasonic will deliver, they always deliver, just should have put that variably sensor of the LS300 on the GH5, jack of all trades, master of some!! P.S don't take me wrong, JVC is a great all around performer but it is closer to old viceo camcorders (and not only in the form factor) than a Canon C camera, which in my opinion, they have completely nailed the design and ergonomics. Also the JVC slow motion is extremely cropped, so no use, we usually go with my NX1, or rent a FS700 cheaply with Zeiss lenses that we own for that.
  3. Exactly what I want to do with the pistol grip! I want to bring the old super 8 flame back!
  4. I bought one and doesn't fit, I tried some others from various friends, and they seemed to be optimized for dSLRs. Can anyone inform me about any for one, or both cameras? I am trying to avoid the magnet solutions, as I see them fall easily when in action, but if you know any of those that work quite well, please. Thank you.
  5. Here in my country, her fanbase are teens (and pre-teens) and 20 something's, plus a mainstream messed up and mixed up percentage of people that listen from mainstream dance music to local pop bands to whatever is on the mainstream radio at the moment; those people I do not admire much. In her latest live performance here 60% were young girls with tiny jeans shorts, 20% that were at the VIP section (the mainstream crown I mentioned) which they paid double ticket to have a bar closer to them actually, and the other percentage the rest of the people. She has (had) some great singles though, I can not deny that, just the artistic side of things is not my cup of tea. She is alright though, I -really- have seen and hear much worst! "genious"?! That is going too far probably! In my life time I have seen quite a few music geniuses and I wouldn't put her name on my autobiography! The noise in this video is TOO much.
  6. This noise is too much for my taste. Couldn't be super 8 stock or 16?
  7. Buy a Rodelink Newsshooter, and you can put the microphone wirelessly wherever you want. You will achieve an infinitely better quality sound too. You can also connect a lavalier microphone on the transmitter.
  8. I am playing the waiting game, a C100markIII must be imminent, is the only non 4K C camera, even they replaced the XC10 with a newer model! The important thing is what features they will include to that camera (I just hope for some kind of 120/100 frames) and if the HDMI-out is 10 bit (probably not). ..and the dough.. Whoever has used a C100markII for more than a week, knows what we are talking about.
  9. @Phil A I just wish for a Ronin MX and Crane hybrid with the best from both worldsworlds and cheaper (slightly) than the Ronin M! I do not care yet for smartphone videography, APS-C is still unbeatable for me!
  10. @Riadnasla solid reel, +1 for the wierd, big, goats! I am been very critical with Sony for their mirrorless line, and the reason is this. I do not believe they ever delivered such beautiful 1080 fhd, especially when you compare with a newly top APS-C camera like the a6500(a6300), everyone I know shoot 4K with this camera, while deliver 1080p, maybe is it too much to ask? Even EX-1 is still -somehow- competitive with their smaller sensor. C100 is the most comfortable camera to use on a difficult all day shooting. I just hope for a great mark III, it can be a camera for the ages!
  11. A better than Crane, less than 1000$, and I am getting aboard!
  12. What about heat production and energy consumption? I try to build low energy/low heat/low noise machines and Intel Xeon cpus were my best friends the last decade or so (another reason I went fully PC). It is good to see AMD up their games, but it seems to me that they aren't great editing choices yet for 4K editing. I hope I am wrong, as eventually (maybe this year) I have to replace my good old Xeon 123v4(or something!), and every little helps to bring down the enormous costs of an editing machine.
  13. @Dogtown we did a tv series with thus setup a lot of years ago EX-3 with a Letus adapter! Was a nightmare to light but back then it was the best budgeted workflow for a small market. I still use the EX-1 for some plain events coverage, it has started shown its age, but still quite competutive for a cam corder
  14. @andrgl If I could edit on my smart phone I would definitely would -but I am comfortably happy with 2 monitors and a TV screen! but the -without knowing or judging this 6 years old- there are some film makers that can change people's life. Youtube views in my book are like friends on facebook, not important.
  15. @Arikhan It is very obvious that you do not follow my points very well, and I am not at all shy at this, and other forums, and I remember a few occasions that we had exchange views, so I am shocked that you are "accusing" me for something that I "accuse" others! Everybody in this hobby and/or business knows that digital(and physical!) bodies eventually die, lenses are the ones that still hold practical (and financial) value though time. I have many digital cameras that I do not use at all as they do not offer anything right now, numerous super 8 film cameras that I haven't use for years, and a few film photo cameras that I am not sure that work anymore (I tried the AE-1 a couple of months ago and something is definitely wrong with it), but the main difference is I still use my old system's lenses. It is a fact of life, that anything that do not evolve, eventually dies, if it isn't in 2 years, it will be in 3, 4, or 5, it is not really an issue, I just wondered if anyone had an opinion, if it is possible eventually for an adapter for another system to accommodate the excellent NX lenses that brought me to this system as a hobby (the 12-24 and the 30mm to be precise, and the plan was to use all my old legacy lenses with the brown NX300 which I consider one of my favorite photo cameras ever, and I will buy it again!), and with the NX1/NX500 later, as a low/no budget jobs camera (I also have an NX3000). For most of the other jobs, I am using real video cameras and that is because the nature of my job (run and gun situations, TV documentaries that are my expertise) are screaming mostly C100markII and others, depending the job and the budget. Also, I have written numerous times, that most of my clients are asking for DVD's, this year is the first year in TV productions that we deliver HD material in my country, and I have defend the view that IBIS and extremely high ISO cameras are something that happened the last couple of years, and we were just fine for more than one hundred years with them (I do not deny the features, just remind to young people that the industry was just fine for such a long time without those, and other things are equally important). So my simple question stands, and I will be still wonder if I will be able to use my favorite NX lenses in 10, 5 or 2 years time, or whenever the standard for productions will be 10 bit and/or HDR and/or 4:2:2 and/or 8K, or whatever will be here when NX cameras won't. For a matter of fact, I still use my Pentax/FD/Zenith lenses from my first photo systems, why not from this one too?
  16. I am wondering, what is more profitable to make an EF lens to NX camera adapter, or to make a NX lens to X camera adapter, where X can be Canon M/Sony/m43, whatever really. An NX to X adapter can create a whole new market for the many NX lenses on ebay and can keep our investment much stronger than the opposite. Next year, NX1 will be almosy obsolete, Canon and Fuji will be very close, or will surpass it, Sony A7markIII or A9 will surely will be the best Sonys ever, and they already sell quite well, Panasonic will have a cheaper version of GH5 before Christmas, etc while the unique and under-respected NX lenses will still perform great, for a great price. 16-50S is unique among ALL systems, 10mm unique in APS-C mirrorless world, 30mm, 45mm, 60macro and 85mm among the top on their respected classes, 12-24 + 50-200 some of the best cheap zooms I have ever used, the pz is 5 times better than the Sony one (and no Canonikon equivalent) and so on and so forth.
  17. For sports I would go 50fps and the rest quite a normal operation. Why don't you get a GH4 that does 96fps? Batteries usually suffer from cold, get some more than usual, and have a good (or two) power bank(s) to charge on location. I am not familiar with the Sony, but if you can borrow, or find it for cheap, just put it above your main camera and choose accordingly, or experiment while your brother (and/or other athletes) train. Maybe wiser is to get the Sony FDR-X3000 which has real stabilizer, 120/100fps on 1080p and 4K/25fps, you should have something from the sled.
  18. I would like to @yourname, but I couldn't understand what letters to choose! Would you care to share your equipment/settings/workflow? Good job!
  19. First of all, I wouldn't advice anyone to get that Zoom for video production. Second, Canon cameras have terrible audio systems (and pre-amplifiers), third the most common setup is the mic close to the sound source (with the Rode mic close the end) but you see because the Rode isn't especially hot (almost the opposite actually, vs par example the Sennheisser ME66) and the mediocre Zoom recorder a less adequate sound than I would expect for such a close and right mic positioning. Now, the One, the One is great, the big one (with the side mechanism) is very noisy. There is also the Wing, which is a very interesting design, and this oh! and this!
  20. I agree with Don, not only that, now they are doing video getting our jobs! And failing miserably to do so, can't focus manualy, don't understand most of the settings. There are so many women doing wedding video right now that is unbelievable! I help some friends during a Christening during the summer, and I took the girls A7ii and the settings were all over the place (and the menus of Sony, but that is another story). I mean, common, it is your camera, read a manual or google a bit. These people are getting -through facebook- a lot of jobs and money.
  21. @hini The 16-50 S is a 2-2.8f lens, the fastest standard zoom in its category, ever. It is like you have a 16-23 2f zoom lens, which covers the 24mm, 28mm 32mm and 35mm prime lenses with 2f. Not bad at all.. Then you can go the rest of the range with 2.8f, not bad at all, either, just not that unique.
  22. @tugela completely agree. That is the one side though, as you said, this is for the "pro" people, that being "pro means having an Apple, just because; the other side is the "fashion" and "status" statement that Apple products are, as you said, the software and hardware advantage of the Apple equipment are not existent anymore, so they are going very much the opposite way (e.g loosing functionality and ergonomics) , as to make "fashion" and "marketing" statements that back fire in pro environments. Make a comparison with the good old Mac pro towers we used to work. Ample space for everything and very good heat dissipation and design, look at the latest ones, amazing having one in plain view in your office (to make that fashion and status statement) but can't really put anything inside for the 4000$ you paid for. Also, we used to do some VJing back in the crazy days and some on location editing, and it was great to have a Macbook Pro, when similar Windows laptops weren't even existed back then (and if, they were bulky), now, you have to carry with you an adapter for everything you use, and pay extra for every one of those! Apple phones, the same and worst. etc etc My 3 years old Chinese phone was just surpassed with the previous 5.5" iPhone ( I don't remember the numbers), and it costed me back in the day 225euros, and still has some advantages over the iPhone (sd card, dual SIM, it is thinner and a few other things). When I put together my latest editing PC (I was thinking to go hackintosh, but never needed that), with 60% of the price of the MacPro, I even had some advantages! @jonpais maybe they will go Hackintosh on Andorid too at some point!
  23. @jonpais maybe the specific example was too much, but we are all nice people here and can talk freely! In reality, when someone so against capitalism, is so pro apple, that made me think a lot, as these little paradoxes in life always amaze me. Their own version is that "they work better, and you do not have to mess with many things". Sorry if it sounded somehow! P.S I sense that New York Jews really have a preference in Apple too! Joking! P.S 2 there are some books written that Apple "works" like a cult. I do believe that, because I gave as a present a Xiaomi to an Apple user, and can't believe that the 175$ device works better than his old 650$ Apple one (he had an older version)! They are obviously overpriced, look like most phones out there, do not perform much better, have worst battery (at least they do not explode of course!), so why??
  24. I was working OS and Final cut for a good 5 year+ 3 years in Film school. I don't really get what's so "amazing" about it. Maybe only the "eject" button for the usb devices. Years ago, the Mac Pro's and their amazing cinema displays were making sense for editing, now you have even better displays for cheaper (or Korean same panels less inputs, dead cheap!), now with the latest disappointing pro products, I do not see myself even care about them, at all. Windows are so simple and straightforward, and work so good these days that I do not even wanna go back to DOS 3 that I started using a computer. and I do not want to go to the hardware and overpricing side of things (the same processors, hard drives and graphic cards cost double or more on the macs..seriously?? at least game consoles have proprietary hardware specially designed for them, even when the PC hardware surpass them, you can not really tell, because they are not comparable!), and how close this system is. You can't really choose what you want to do, I guess it is easier, for people that do not wanna have infinite decisions. Another weird fact that I have noticed, is that a lot of communist friends (not leftists, communists) are Apple fanatics, even in some hardcore communist political party they have only iMacs(!), and I tend to believe, because communism is a very close system, that their mentality tends to work better with macs. This is a very interesting fact. Even for that - close system - I am ideologically against it, systems must be open, free (which windows isn't, at least it is ok priced and software can be dead cheap) and for most, that is an evolutionary statement. Unfortunately a tried a couple of years ago to see what linux has to offer, and it wasn't in the same league for video editing. Maybe I will try again some time. I believe Lightworks works with Linux these days.
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