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  1. I consider dual pixel a league of its own, nothing else is so stable and reliable, it is the only one I have professionally use (Canon C100mkII). I also use the NX1 (with the cheap PZ lens) on Ronin gimbals and the focus is right like 19/20 times, actually from all the good takes, none had an AF issue, so I am guessing that it could have lost the odd one. I am not really using AF for anything else, as it isn't there yet, to keep shooting auto. In video you need full control, and it is better to loose a second to focus, than have an hour long take with the AF hunting back and forth an
  2. Couple - similar to the Feelworld - more, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Andoer-S7-Pro-7-On-Camera-Field-Monitor-IPS-HD-1920-1200-Video-Monitor-US-I5F4-/142201492431?hash=item211bde93cf:g:8UsAAOSw-0xYRNlT http://www.ebay.com/itm/LILLIPUT-A7-7-HD-IPS-Peaking-Field-Video-Monitor-HDMI-for-Camera-Camcorder-C6C7-/112310853126?tfrom=142201492431&tpos=bottom&ttype=price&talgo=undefined http://www.ebay.com/itm/HDMI-4k-UHD-monitor-1920x1080-IPS-LED-Sony-A7s-II-GH4-Blackmagic-IKAN-SmallHD-/322060619486?hash=item4afc4f0ede:g:l1IAAOSwL7VWl7Rd and a couple of smaller ones http
  3. I have a smaller version of the Viltrox (just bought it when they were really rare, a couple of years ago or a bit more), and even though there isn't any CRI measurement on the box, the quality of light is very good and rendered useless all my previous cheap LEDs, collecting dust on some drawer or closet. Cheap LED tech has gone quite far. Chinese manufacturers are doing great stuff for all of us, and they are innovative too, not like 15 years ago that only copying things. Well done China! I also just bought a couple of the 406, because, why not?!
  4. Nice use of the spoken words in the beginning and the relation with your name, and you had a lot of things going on in 2.2minutes but with a good rhythm and not randomly put there. Good stuff!
  5. I just quoted some facts about the a6300/a6500 cameras that some people that haven't use them do not know about. I replied specifically to the terrible (in my opinion, and all reviewers obviously) 1080p performance, but I just copied the next few lines as well on the review. Whatever you do is your own choice! I can only reply for my self and the people around me. I personally use my mirrorless (NX) cameras for live performances (we use 5-8 cameras per performance), that last 2-4 hours, so I want the least SD cards possible, the least files possible for synchronization (so around an
  6. It is not curious, it is very well documented by every reviewer, the a6300/a6500 1080p is of very bad quality. "1080 video is surprisingly poor by current standards, even taking a step backward from the original a6000, and falling far behind what the company's own RX100 cameras are capable of." Also, I add this, "the 120p and 100p modes of Full HD video are shot using a smaller, 1.14x crop in from here and 30p 4K imposes a still tighter, 1.23x crop. Cropping has several effects: it means you need a shorter focal length to achieve a wide-angle shot and also means that your noise
  7. Just get your facts straight and you will be fine. - 5D3/D750 aren't 4K cameras, so no 4K monitor can help you there - The monitors we are talking about are NOT real 4K monitors, is this comprehendible enough for you? - Full frame focus with 1.4f lenses is almost impossible to focus right for more than 1 second - or less, even if you had a 65" TV worn on your head, it isn't about the monitor/screen/focus peaking, it is about physics. That is another huge conversation, about the 5Dii revolution, and the effects on moving image mentality and psychology, not for this topic.
  8. Dude, the cameras you are mentioning are not even 4K cameras, so a 4K monitor isn't even a possibility, what are you talking about? These monitors aren't truly 4K monitors, they just "accept" 4K signal, a 4K 7" monitor would cost more than your cameras, have you checked how much the good 1080p monitors cost out there? Also, have you read at all about the 4K controversy, and how big (and far) a monitor has to be for 4K be really necessary? Do you know that 4K mobile phones, are 4K only for the spec war, and for VR glasses? I am bored of listening people "complaining" about things that
  9. How exactly "they fucked it up", when all the indications and numbers shownthat they are still #1 both in photography and video cameras sales? While they sell more lenses than all the rest together? When the least demanding amateur, and most demanding professionals have a Canon in their top 3 buying list? I do not own any digital Canon cameras right now (I have AE-1 and a couple of 90's SLRs) but I have influenced people buying C100 and C300s before, and I do understand why people mostly buying Canon, because they DO work as advertised, do not -usually- have asterisks, and they are right
  10. Also, it clearly states that "monitors shipped from China", so they are just middle men of the same monitors.
  11. 5D3 and D750 are not even 4K cameras. Monitors are good, I am not saying that, but I do not own one and most of the people I know do not use one, and monitors accepting 4K signal is something that happened last year. Got my point?
  12. I just said that from your words it seems like the camera you currently have is the most appropriate for you. The only auto focus system I have ever used professionally is the one in Canon C100 mark II. I have used the A7ii, A7Sii, a6300, a6500, mainly with EF lenses. The a6500+18-105 combo was the most pleasant (and closer to my style for a hybrid camera). I don't dislike equipment, it just tools, and those kind of Sony cameras are missing a lot of the things that are important for me; I am not on the target group of these cameras as it seem, not even close.. Blockbusters have
  13. What do you mean "stabilization could be an issue with the Canon", how the a5100 is better for Canon in that (or any) matter? Onboard mics are easily affected by even the placement of your hands, AF noise, zoom noise, record terrible sound, those Sonys do not even have a mic input (even a few dozen $ mic would be sound better than the onboard) and the a5100 doesn't even have a shoe mount. Just stay with the A5100, from your posts it seems like it is the best camera for you, and you do not have to spend more money for buys.
  14. The VGs problem wasn't the codec, they were poorly designed cameras for the most amateurish appeal possible. I had the "luck" to use (back then when they seemed like an excellent idea) those cameras on a few projects, and for second or third cameras, and I was shocked at how bad implemented were. Every week someone here is reminding me another great Sony failure, and the reason I am skeptical with their cameras! Funny thing, working with a director and insisted using only the VGs sound, because Sony advertised it as the best sound possible! and this person is making documentary series sin
  15. ..like people couldn't focus for more than 100 years.. all these generalizations "we need 25600 ISO to shoot/only AF/only 4K 60frames 10bit is acceptable", and whatnot make me wonder, if I am too old for video, or people have just a six months memory. Like a couple of years ago, all humanity was focusing on 4K 7" monitors that costed 150$..just gimme a break.
  16. @wolf33d so your sweet spot is everything (whatever), as 98%-99% of the camera systems out there are FF, or m43, or APSC! My sweet spot is APS-C, plain and simple. Thin slice depth of filed with 1.8f lenses (which I really don't) - up to 28megapixels for crop purposes, close to cinema S35 for video. If I can get an ok video performance out of medium format, that would be really interesting. Of, course people can have different "sweet spots", I know people having a sweet spot for both blonds and red hair girls. Everything is possible in this world!
  17. Canon's dual pixel AF is considered as the best in industry, and I believe it is so. Sony 5100/6000 are old cameras, surpassed by many cameras from most manufacturers the last couple of years. Canon's aren't especially techy, but a lot of people found them sufficient for amateur/v-logging/hobbyist use, and they are said to have the best color science, at least they produce pleasant images. The Sonys you are mentioning are mirrorless cameras, and the Canon's dSLRs, different things. The Canon mirrorless series is called M, M5 and M6 must be ok for your use, maybe you should do so
  18. @markr041 that is why I said "it will have HEVC as well", and I expect it to be fine for us to reach year 2020.
  19. My proposal is the Sennheiser 440, stereo, but directional, brilliant idea. The Rode is good for general ambience, or music, if you want to have any dialogue in your film, is completely unsuitable, except if you are shooting with a 12mm and the camera is in front of the face of your subject, more than a few dozens of cm you are listening equally your subject and the construction workers half a kilometer away, or if a bus passes 15meters away, you are not hearing any words at all, or a motorbike passes in the highway just down the hill, etc etc etc The rest, is a yes in general, compl
  20. The only thing I am missing from the NX1 is the focus magnification while recording video. Just that, but it is a quite serious omission. The ergonomics and menus of this camera is out of this world, in my whole life (and career) I haven't ever used anything so consumer friendly, ever. People haven't used one, do not know what I mean. Yes, it is starting to show its age, but the 28megapixels BSI sensor, the H265 codec, the unicorn 16-50 2-2.8f workhorse, and the hack/modding happening in this forum, is keeping it near the top almost 2 and a half years after its first release, truly t
  21. Neway CT500HO/IKAN DH5e, but 419$ is too much for an Ikan. 289$ for the Neway much better, but you have to add some additional costs, goes north of 300$, which still is good, but reaching Video assist territory, and then...
  22. In my country the most rented cameras are the C100, rental houses have dozens of them, while a few C300 (per shop) and less of the rest. It isn't about cost, it is about demand I guess, most people will skip Ursa's for a Canon or Sony, 9 times out of 10, so why to stock Ursa cameras?
  23. "Neway's are usually known as rebranded Ikan's. There is a touch screen 5" one that interests me most, it is the same as the 5" Ikan, a bit cheaper, and accepts 4K", just wrote that on the other "Cheap 7" monitors" thread, maybe it is exactly the same as you ask. I do find the 7" too much for my needs.
  24. Neway's are usually known as rebranded Ikan's. There is a touch screen 5" one that interests me most, it is the same as the 5" Ikan, a bit cheaper, and accepts 4K
  25. for this mic to work you have to be 20-30 centimeters from your target audio, or just recording the ambience, there is no directionality whatsoever, so if you want to pick voices or dialogue (not professionally of course, that is why Sound men exist) it is almost impossible. Second, the build quality is just silly (you can get similar Sony and Tascam mics much smaller), all plastic, and the rubber bands are always messing in my bags. Just my experience. I have abandoned this mic lately, and I am considering buy the Sennheiser. The NX1 has obviously sound meters, and you can adjust sound o
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