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  1. @Dean sorry, I thought that you moved on! I just see the Fuji as a downgrade on a lot Of things (touch screen, DIS, I prefer a few lenses of NX, 73minutes continous video with no overheating and no extra battery grip, H265, I do not have to spend any money, as I own everything I need on the NX system) and the 16-50 2-2.8f lens is keeping me tighter to the NX system, plus the brilliant 10mm 3.5f fish eye, that I use with NX3000/NX500 instead of a gopro camera for various shoots. If anyone can answer my previous questions would be really helpful. Maybe the X-T3 will finally be there, but if you manage to use one, let us know. I have only one friend owning the camera, but I won't see him until this summer..
  2. Brilliant, but too small, for a very light camera and very expensive. I am no ashamed to say that I am waiting for a Chinese version of it.
  3. NX1 still best value for money, now with a speedbooster too! They don't make them as they used too..
  4. @Dean sorry if you have answered that before, but can you say a few cons and pros of the Fuji vs the NX1? What about the 16-50S vs a similar Fuji? For a lot of NX users, Fuji is closer to our needs than other mirrorless offerings, so I would like to hear a few words for someone that have done the "Pass-over"! Also, my impression is that there isn't any native Fuji fish eye lens, am I right? What other fish eye offerings exist? Are there any active adapters (Canon/Nikon)? Cheers.
  5. It took them half a dozen of years for this, I hope in another half, they will have a working prototype camera. I believe Fuji helped a bit in the design too, if I remember right. Instead of spending resources in todays technology, those two skipped a generation and go for touch down. Where is Sony with their groundbraking technologies? I am sure there will be a huge tech war, because sensors are the future, and everyone -except Sony and Samsung - were left quite a bit behind. Exciting times!
  6. Me too! Actually that is the only reason I haven't one yet, as I started a similar thread a few months ago, and noone has ever used this one! There are some youtube videos of the Ikan version, you can take a look there for starters. It is also touch screen!
  7. http://www.personal-view.com/deals/monitors/neway-monitors Neway ct500ho it is the same as Ikan new 5" with touch screen, but I have never seen one on the field. http://ikancorp.com/mobile/productdetail.php?id=1710 The price from personal view is right too, as the Ikan price goes Blackagic video assist territory.
  8. Does anyone knows if it is the same as cinemartin? Places to buy?
  9. @BenEricson Fact is, for all the awesomeness C300markII has, it is a bit overpriced for small markets like mine, I have to double my camera budget , while still have a lot of stuff to complete my sound kit, some basic lights, a better 4K editing machine etc etc C100mkII is my favorite camera to use right now, but my next buys are going to be 4K ready, I seriously can't think of a reason of buying a NOT 4K camera in the 2nd quarter of 2017, and there is no Canon C options for less than 13.640€ that the C300markII costs here. Plus, bigger (and more expensive) tripod, accessories, bags etc Of course there will be selling a lot of C100s in India and EastAsia right niw, so I do not thing that Canon cares much about the downsizing European market and its specific needs, but Sony is here, and going up, even A7Ses are getting sales from video people.
  10. https://www.feelworld.org/online-store/!/Feelworld-F7/p/76909086/category%3D19178241
  11. @Ronnie Amighetti http://www.cinemartin.com/monitors/7inch/loyal/lt/ Is this the similar to the feelworld? I am really tempted by the Neway/Ikan monitor but noone owns it around here, I had some communication with Neway China, but the price to come to Europe was almost 300€, which it reaches the Lilliput territory, which is a full HD 5.5" monitor with great standards, new design, panel and all (yellow color a la Atomos included!). From what I hear the Ikan/Neway is a very refined 5" monitor, that honestly fits better my mirrorless style and do 4K as well.
  12. Yes, my first concern is that I am going to crash it the second battery. Second concern, is how much flight time I need for some worthy shots (just the basics), Third, I really do not like the image quality of the previous ones (and action cameras), actually I detest them, so for a crash cam, I am using a small ASP-C mirrorless with a fish eye on it, much much better image quality, so the new P4p camera seems like a must for everyone (old footage wasn't cut greatly with our advanced mirrorless and intercheangable video cameras). With all these said, I ideally would like a Mavic size one! With the Phantoms, you always need space on a car, no other option, and I favor light and easy carry equipment (that's why mirrorless, that's why APS-C native lenses, etc etc). Thank you very much for your information. It needs some thinking, a used P3p can be a good idea for the begining, but the safety features and sensors of the newer ones worth the extra 1000€?!
  13. @benymypony for 550$ I am doing it for free on my 3m boom pole (which I do for years and years now anyway with gopros) and buy a used Phantom! Seriously, it is a great accessory, but rather on the expensive side, still a great buy for some. Small cranes are very cheap these days too (from 80-200$) and can achieve great motion.
  14. @gt3rs thanks for the encouraging comments! I do realize that the P4p specs are the only "useful" ones for less than 2000 euros, I am not consider using it as a highly pro drone pilot, so I am not sure the amount of money I have to spend are justified, maybe what the wise @OliKMIA said is the best option, find a cheap used one, try it for a couple of months, and then if I see I can do "great" things with it, to go for the P4p one. Your video was only a test? I was expecting a few static (tripod) shots of the place and the villa, it could have been brilliant! That place, I can die there. Is it Austrian Alps?
  15. @Elvis Peckeliunas great video dude! I have noticed that if you expose right (protect both highlights and shadows) then the results are pretty normal (I mean, very good, and you can do things in post). What Sigma is this? with what adapter? I have used the NX 30mm, and in a specific project I had 16-50pz NX, 12-140(? something big!)mm GH4 and a6300 18-105mm and the 30mm was looking like a the sum of all these lenses in price!
  16. I would like to test with the JVC LS300, if I found some time next week I will make it happen, why not for Adobe Premiere though? I don't use Resolve at all these days.
  17. @fuzzynormal I agree completely, I haven't even started because of this attitude, but I just lost a big documentary series because of that, spring time there is another big project that I may loose, or do some secondary work for it (and because the family grows, and needs feeding!), I am reconsidering my options, as for Greek TV just OK aerial shots are good enough for 75% of the productions. I have even seen some terrible stuff on air! @OliKMIA excellent summary (as @ade towell said!) and great work. Congrats! I would like to go for a NEW product, a fly a bit some SYMA drones (if you know them) with not so good results(!), that is why I am reluctant with a bigger, more expensive, pro tool. As I see it 3 options are available, P3Pro is a very good starting option but it is around 900-1000euros here with one battery, so not that cheap, Mavic extremely small (I like all my equipment manageable, small/light), the simple edition is 1200euros and the fly more combo is 1500-1600 euros, but with 2 extra batteries plus some extras and the brilliant bag. P4Pro is the best for low budgeted ones (1 inch/4K60p for that price is amazing!) but is 1600 euros the simple, and 2000euros the one with the 5.5" screen. I (if) will make my buy near spring time, I have read some complaints about Mavic stability, video quality (some say that P3pro has better quality) and even though the size is just amazing and brilliant, the price isn't, with that said, I love having a small bag with a perfectly fine drone in it!
  18. Natively using H265 with Premiere and an old Xeon 3.4 and GTX660 PC, for bigger projects proxies work like a charm in the latest Adobe versions.
  19. @MonGe El GenioMusical I was just joking, definitely a very (impressively) beautiful lady, and the amount of work you put is amazing, +the views are the undeniable judge. I am not familiar with that kind of music (what country?) but there was a slight of overuse of the Cher-effect (that's what we used to call it back in sound school, almost 2 decades ago) on the vocals, I do not know if it a stylistic choice of the music (I believe not), but having both voices heavily effected is slightly too much (the Slim Shady guy could have not have any effects at all in his voice). Overall great production in both music and video.
  20. @BenEricson I was referring to the fact that there are other mic brands too! C100mkII is my preferred workhorse too. Did a 70 days travel TV series for a small TV station last year with the C100 on a small soft camera bag, but I am usually using Sennheiser microphones. Just need a few more things for my next purchase, and C300ii is out of my budget, and C100 is not enough for a camera bought in the summer of 2017. FS5 says hello..
  21. Maybe a Phantom 3 is a very good choice, but I have to buy a GoPro too, right? As I like to have everything light and handy, the Mavic is very tempting too. There are no rules right now, I am sure everything is more strict in Australia! Does anyone know difficult is to achieve basic flight knowledge?
  22. Recently I am getting a lot of pressure from clients to do my own drone shots (because they expect me to offer the service, just because..). I am avoiding it for some time now because I do not believe in jack of all trades attitudes (master of none, of course), I wouldn't like to make an investment (mostly on time) and I do not know anything about drones (except some Syma toy ones, that I am not very good at!). Which drone would you suggest just to achieve some basic stuff with no much risk (health and safety first!), Is Mavic the only way? What about Phantom 3 or 4? Is Karma really that bad? (the added GoPro and the gimbal makes it a very attractive option, as I do not have either) Is anything else interesting on the market? Are we expecting anything soon-ish (the buy will happen around spring time, if..)? Thank you very much, any opinion will be much appreciated as I do not know much about flying drones.
  23. Why a Rode mic? Is a Canon markIII imminent, I do wonder..
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