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  1. Thank you. For the J-log, you follow the JVC's instructions? (put on Premiere, adjust image as to be inside 0-100, and then apply the log?) and when you say "expose very little to the right" you mean over expose? because we tend to under expose a bit. Sorry for the questions, but there aren't many JVC owners on the forums to talk about it!
  2. @Philip Lipetz In my country (where everything is more expensive than the average European or N. American country) the LS300 is 2958euros, and B+H with the rebate is(was?) almost 2460$, while GH5 isn't here yet, and with the XLR thing, ND filters, and the such, will be more expensive than the LS300, and the LS is a true camcorder, while other similar solutions go north of 5000euros. Also, they add 4:2:2 4K/30p on the card, which is enough for most I guess. I believe it to be the best value for camera video camera. Is it perfect? of course not, but if a Canon C100mkIII had the same sp
  3. Hoorey! even though still I haven't found a productive way to use J-log (there is huge amount of noise in the "shadow" parts), this little cam is amazing for the price! We strongly consider buying a second one for our production company.
  4. @Snowfun As I said, I agree, and I mentioned that tripod systems has to be very very expensive, I also propose the Sachtler Ace series that starts from 550euros, much more manageable than tripod systems 5 times the price. Budgets though, can be really tough, we do not know the people here, and when someone sets a "hard budget", then he must have his reasons. For most people in the world (I know, our world isn't a fair place!), 1000$ can be a whole family budget for half a year. And, to be pragmatic and precise, he has a GH4, if he is not planning to buy a FS7 or C300mkII soon, a Benr
  5. @funkyou86 I meant the lights tripods (at the right there is one quite visible), not the camera's! and I was wondering about the LED panels, as they seem to be quite efficient (I see that there are relatively far and away from your subject). It must be really a challenge to match so different cameras on post. 50GB for 75minutes isn't bad at all.. Thanks for the info.
  6. @funkyou86 What were the other cameras+lenses? How many GB were each interview (for how much recorded time approximately). You have some quite big tripods there, what lights did you use? Thanks
  7. @Fritz Pierre I agree with you and please take no offense, but the guy said he has a 200-250euros budget for the whole system (tripod+head), and even though it is a very nice Miller head, it is 1400$, and in Europe, we do not have bargains like you in North America or Asia, the euro is very hard, and can't bend well (or at all), especially with imported equipment (Miller is Australian). I already stretched his budget with the S6 (it can be found for around 150-170euros new, with a little luck,+100-150euros for Benro legs) but 1400$ (even 700$+shipping, which is highly unlikely) is no
  8. For such a low budget I can only think of the S6 Benro, and only on ebay (there are some new from time to time with very competitive prices). Unfortunately (or not), tripod systems are something that you have to pay, and pay a lot. I did a little research on the market, and I can't find a good one with less than 1000euros. Only Sachtler Ace L, but even the C100markII and 70-200 EF lens are already too much, and when I look for something better, they exceed 2000euros, easily. Such a Benro is a good backup/reserve/B cam tripod to have, and if you grow substantially, you can get s
  9. After the GH5 and Ursa Mini Pro releases, NAB will be really interesting this year! I just hope one of the cameras announced there will be my next one.
  10. So, there is a problem with firmware 1.41 that is very useful to know. Thanks for bringing attention to this issue, maybe Samsung have to do something about it. Does anyone have an email to complain about it?! as we are a few Android versions behind now...
  11. https://www.wired.com/2017/03/crazy-new-camera-tech-made-planet-earth-2-possible/ The first Planet Earth was more impressive at the time, both technically and artistically (in my opinion). Of, course #2 is a must see also. There are "Planet Earth 2 playlists", pretty cool music from Radio 1 with -mostly- aerial shots from the production. They have a new one out, with Robot animals with eye-cameras! https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/dec/31/bbc-robot-creatures-spy-secret-lives-animals-wildlife-series (there are some pictures of the robots on the internet, spooky!) and t
  12. @Rinad Amir obviously I was joking about the 72 frames
  13. It is definitely there, sorry but I am not familiar with the issue. I hope you will find out something. Another thing is that you can press "STOP REC" and start again when you have moved to your next shot, as the situation is very bad for filming anyway, there is no way to have a manual useful scene with such huge dynamic differences.
  14. Do you have a video to see the phenomenon? Won't AWB change as well in these circumstances?
  15. I am sure Jason Lanier has made a shitpot full of money JUST using Sony cameras!
  16. Seriously, I do not understand where this aggression is coming from, maybe you have some complexes with Greece, or Stalinists (you know nothing about Greek politics, this government passed extreme neo-liberal laws that the socialists/conservatives/multi party governments couldn't before). 1) I was asked about the Greek weddings, and replied, the story was ending there, until you came to save the integrity of the forum (or Sony, didn't understand) 2) didn't attack anyone, and I asked from Paul to excuse me, if the first sentence I ever wrote was offensive to him 3) just suggested
  17. @josdr nice words, doesn't change my reality though. I do not expect someone with no clue about the world, have anything interesting to say about cameras, while I expressed vastly my experiences to the community you chose to just personally attack someone you don't know. Learn some facts before you open your gutter. Unemployment rate in Greece is 23.10% 15th worst in the world (Lesotho, Palestine, Angola are just under Greece, to get the point) and second in youth unemployment just under South Africa with 45.20% http://www.tradingeconomics.com/greece/unemployment-rate
  18. Every job is different, movies are the top (again, not a market here, mostly doing shorts), but it definitely is busy, and very stressful! I am sure in other countries will be even worse, rich weddings in India probably??!! In general it is not my forte, for various reasons. Hmm...We want to go there (we are doing 2-4 persons per good wedding, so the money have to be split in a lot of different directions), eventually, I will do more this summer, already booked a few and a famous athlete, but the market is very small, and everyone that can afford "a" camera (literally, a -whatever- device
  19. Yes, of course! First of all I want to state that I have no big experience with weddings -I married in my local town hall!- I have done just a few and I am a pro sight/audio technician since 1999 but honestly I am not at all very fond, and experienced, on such events, but I have been to a few weddings in England and Ireland, again there were a bit different (Catholics), definitely more booze in the Emerald Isle, and I have shot some here, just last year. The whole thing lasts probably a few days; there is a party a day before the wedding, and the wedding lasts from early in the
  20. C100mkII to a6500 is a leap of faith! The best workhorse camera around the world vs a spec-King, a realistically amazing video camera vs an on paper amazing camera! GH5 is a more reliable and well thought camera. To be fair, the a6xx series was never marketed as a professional camera series (the whole Sony APS-C line wasn't). The trend here is Sony as well, but most of the professionals (especially the older ones) are still Canon/Nikon fanatics. I used to live in UK and the weddings there were nothing at all like Southern Europe, or other parts of the world, maybe you will be alrig
  21. @Paul Cryer Exactly what I said, "mainly as a b/c or Gimbal cam to A7sii or A7rii" and in northern Europe (UK is so much northern than Mediterranean!) for a B or C it can be manageable. I do not know exactly the 4K workflow, but here we mainly deliver in 1080p, if you do the same, better check some of your friends footage first. Here, these cameras are used mainly by young people not know any different (or better), as the Sony cameras you are mentioned are the only ones have used in their life, or they used to have a Canon 600 something, or whatever cheap Canon could afford a few yea
  22. Do you have the SmartRange (or whatever is called) on or off? Usually I do not do this kind of shooting, but a couple of weeks ago I had my NX500 doing some crazy stuff (as a B cam, I just brought it for backstage stills, but the DP told me to use it) and never seen anything weird (except the huge differences that had to adjust instantly most of my settings!)
  23. @64mulford Honestly, I am not a purist at all, but shutter speed can be an artistic decision, but not a technical one, because it changes the output considerably that can "change/manipulate" the artistic impression of the viewer. I have choose to use different shutter speeds in action, and even in performance, I like to have one camera handheld very close to the stage, for a completely different "in your face" approach.
  24. @Rinad Amir We all read quite well in this forum, no need for bold and bigger letters to be heard. Canon "will" have 72-75 frames!
  25. True, the ones I meant are the Avengers brand.
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