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  1. a7S is not a very good photo camera, for quite some reasons. I would never thought of using one for photos. The obvious solution is to wait for the GH5, it must be pretty obvious really, and maybe the best value for money being the new G85/80 (GX85/80 is even a better of a deal, but for video and ergonomics, I would prefere the G). Have you seen the threads here about the X-T2? Great camera, I would say 60% photos - 40% video (completely unscientific numbers of course!) and the lens options are the best in APS-C sensors. Another such camera (more photo than video) would be the new Olympus as well. With the same money of X-T2 (+ battery grip, you would need that for video) you can buy a slightly used NX1+16-50 S 2-2.8F ( I saw one earlier on ebay with an excellent and almost 500$ flash, grip+3 batteries, the aforementioned S, + the excellent portrait 85mm 1.4f for 2400$ or something, there are similar deals almost every week). There is a whole sub-forum here about that camera and the advanced mod/hack bitrate (up to 180Mbps H265, even more for some, but 160-180 seems very stable), but of course it is a discontinued camera which complicate things, but still is a very capable hybrid with 28megapixels BSI APS-C sensor and 4K video (it can be an advantage, even for 1080p projects) and really great ergonomics and touch screen everything.
  2. Kisaha

    GH5 Prototype

    There are some examples of the hacked NX at the NX sub-forum. Even Samsung's early (and rather "weak") H265 implementation, is great for live performances and other byte consuming jobs. There is always the option of 160/180 even more, Mbps which grades better and holds more information. The codec is not that great though, because Samsung probably used a very basic one (do not forget that was back in 2014). In anyway, H265 will be the future for the next multiple K generations (I think it supports up to 8K?) and that's it was created by the same H264 consortium.
  3. I maybe have seen it once, but I can not be sure, so I can not be of any help. I believe NX1 has some little issues (probably like this one, and another thing, when from photo camera, press REC, then it takes a second, or so to adjust to the video settings) that weren't taken care of, because of the retreat. You are not going to find Vasile any time soon!
  4. I could read Greek in your video! Do you use the lens image stabilzation, DIS or nothing at all? I liked the motion very much.
  5. Sorry to hear that, it is definitely software related (Apple related too), as my pc is much older, but with good specs (except the gpu which is jusy mediocre with today standards). I haven't process anything more than 120mbps though, I guess the 180 could make a huge difference in processing power needed, does it make a huge difference in grading and total image quality though?
  6. You should wait and see. If you shoot more photo than video, Canon is still an excellent company with plenty of choices. Video will get better too. How many lenses do you have and which ones? Maybe you can sell the older versions, as I see many of them replaced in the near future, if not for faster AF, for better performamce and enchacments, but surely you can keep your most used ones, and invest on a couple from the native system you are using (for crop Sony and video the 18-135/4f is an excellent lens for the price, you can get a couple zoom amd a prime for m4/3 too, it depends). Sony is not even close, and some of their best lenses are more expensive than Canonikon ones, Canon lenses are still the market stable, so many adapters around, and they are getting cheaper and better. I wouldn't worry If I was you, you can play the waiting game and see where the market goes in a couple of years. Too much going on right now to know for sure.
  7. @Cinegain as usual I am on the move, and on mobile. Can you sum up the prices of the lenses you mentioned above? Geniounly interested to find out. And are equivalent that worth equal or more from the Pana side? I am considering the facts in case I want to move to GH5 later, and I would like to have some certain native lenses (I use the LS300 as well, so moving to m4/3 could be handy).
  8. @NX1user what H265 problems? I have the memory leak issue, but everything else works fine, so I am reluctunt to upgrade to the newer version. If I am not be able to use H265 natively, then I will skip the latest version.
  9. Athenian? or Salonica?! How did you stabilize?
  10. ..and because they don't like Christmas trees; must be a religious decision.
  11. Everything is relative these years; obviously we are living on a era that everything chances, and the world will be unstabilized for the next decade or so. Years ago I had the option to stay in London for work. For me London was the place to be career-wise, but the quality of life it is just terrible. Most of my friends have stayed there and now they have issues with Brexit (especially the ones working in universities are in limbo, and they are not sure if they will have permit to stay for the next year) and also, they have to work just to pay the rent. Also security and safety is relative as well. We all know what is going on with the world right now, and it is scary that not even in the greatest European capitals one can feel safe. The world is in motion, money and careers are not the most important aspects right now. I see it that we have to have a defence stance, to try to save some dignity for the next generations.
  12. @Arikhan Where do you live? I am checking the forum mostly on mobile, so I do not know everyone's country, it would be nice to mention your country, city, so to get an impression of your market. Obviously is different to work in Greece, where there is 30-60% unemployment (depending the age group), and almost 10% of the higher educated work force is an economic immigrant, different to work in Finland, different in Mumbay e.t.c In the end, everything is a life choice, I choose to do what I like and what I have invest on (I have 2 diplomas on this field, a bachelor degree from a UK university, and 17 years of experience), and I was a mechanical and electronics engineer in the energy department but I couldn't pretend to be something I wasn't feel like. My choices were only 2, immigration, or staying put (unlike 90% of my friends) and try to do my best in a ruined economy. I would like to earn 100.000euros per year. Well.. this is unachievable! I try to be smart, not over invest, and try to cooperate with the "right" people and rent the "right" equipment, my wife does something completely different, and we both help one each other.
  13. the money you are mentioning are just insane. A usual working day here is 12 hours, if you can charge 12 X 125 euros (I do not even mention the other crazy number just above) is 1250euros per day! while this is usually the pay for 2-4 WHOLE episodes of a TV production (for location sound) and with no pension/medical insurance/gear money. They just pay for your physical presence, expected to have most of the equipment, and you pay your own taxes. Of course we are talking about the poorest western world country, but still, 1250 euros per day for a technician that is not the chief producer, director, or dp, is unheard of.
  14. S2, S4, S6, S7, S8 are all different and offer different things for different users and cameras. Official prices in my European south-east country. S2 is the cheapest/smallest for a simple video tripod with a tension control system (very basic but it is very cheap as a kit, with leveling head and legs). 0.4kg and max load 2.5Kg 70-80euros S4 a little bigger, slightly more expensive, usually ok for a cheap monopod configuration. Looks more serious than the S2 a little better pan motion. 0.7Kg weight and max load 4Kg 120euros S6, here is starting get serious, actually I own this one. first of all illuminated leveling bubble (something I really miss on the cheap Sachtler Ace!)! Then, it has posi-step counterbalance (same as the more expensive ones), fluid drag control (like the more expensive ones) and some drag in the pan movement but NO other pan options, just the one it is. 1.2Kg weight and max load 6Kg 180-190euros S7 It also has fluid drag control for the pan movement 1.43Kg and 7 max load. 240-250euros S8 2.4Kg and 8 max load. 290euros The BV4 has 1.9Kg weight and 4Kg max load and it is bigger than the S series, and much more heavier! It seems (from reviews) there are some issues with the drag which I have notice in most Chinese tripods (E-Image included). My impression is that this kind of tripods are targeting more traditional video tripods (with old school video legs). All in all, S6 and S7 seem like the best options for me, for monopod and photographich style tripod legs. For heavier loads, I would look to something more expensive.
  15. I have a DP that I have similar issues! He is 55 years old, a bit ild schiol(Old school)and before any job I am like "don't do this, be careful with that, don't talk like this" etc! The equipment is another thing though, I could never depend on unpredictable equioment. It is too much of a stress.
  16. @DPC wrong camera choice/wrong people selection!
  17. If a camera brakes, whatever camera that is, it just brakes. I do not get your point. Olus, I got 3 NX cameras that I have with me all the time, so I am ready for most challenges. Being discontinued, doesn't mean that we have to burn them, especially since all manufacturers are strangling to achieve such a balanced performance to features ratio. I do not get the crying babies "oh it is discontinued, die". a6300 is good for little things for amateurs like you, but I can not change 5-8 batteries per shooting, worry about overheating, do not have a proper handling and ergonomics, my life(money) depends on my money making ability, alas on my camera, that's why Canon sell so much, are reliable, and that is I see Fuji beeing better than Sony, their camera is predictable, people are buying Fuji while has no touch screen, no IBIS, huge crop, much less features than NX, but is a reliable camera, with good ergonomics, and great baked colors. I frequent the Sony forums and I am amazed about how narrow-minded people there are, they are really surprised that people buy anything else than Sony, well, I am surprised that anyone buys something so ill-thought with poor real life performance that beta test their cameras on us. NX had the best touch implementation and wireless apps and connectivity since for ever, and when I had the NX300 there was nothing even coming close to that. nX1 is one of the last cameras, the system didn't started with the NX1, rather ended! By the way, the sensor is still considered the best APS-C right now (together with D7200). I stop here because it is boring and noone cares. We are here to make advancements to our system (behind magic lantern, we are going strong here too!). I said it before, friends had a600/a6300 and now have to buy the a6500, and I am still going NX strong, and I will, until the next generation. The money I saved gave me better sound, editing equipment, better quality of life (not agonizing about upgrading every 7 months for lackluster cameras).
  18. #mercer Sorry, but you can't compare the NX1 with the Sony abominations. To even mention the NX1 with the a6300 in the same sentence shows that you haven't use, at least one of those (or both). The IBIS (supposed to be 5 stops, people at Sony forums talk about 2) and touch screen (which as you know, is the worst in industry right now, worst than any other touch screen offering) of a6500 is giving points in the Sony (that a6300 lacks completely, so..), but again the Sony IBIS is not that further away from NX1+S lens DIS-dual IS (ofcourse it is better than DIS, but it is not Olympus IBIS let's say, that is million miles away from DIS+OIS) and the touch capabilities of NX are (were) best in industry (m4/3 and Canon catched up here, but still..). So, I give it a tie here. Better low light performance for the a6500, gets a point, and a big one, but in everything else the Sony is failing miserably or completely, or almost. The next logical step is Panasonic, if you don't mind the smaller sensor (or if a variable sensor is used), Fuji in the next Xt-2, or Canon M in 3 generations time. Sony actually is the furthest on the horizon. Except they really nail it on the a7000 (new body, menu, operating system, perfect touch screen implementation, a few more native lenses, bigger battery, better heat management, much much better ergonomics etc). You choose to ignore all the negatives. I am avoiding using mirrorless Sony cameras for the reasons already expressed, my ways differ than other people's, just expressing personal experiences as I have worked with most systems and cameras. I haven't with a7Rii, because I can not see the point. In what case I need 42 megapixels, which is the selling point of this camera. When we need anything like it (it have never happened), in general for big prints we use Nikon. I have used the Sii a couple of times, a bit impressive freak camera, doesn't do much, except incredible ISO (which I do not need. People doing the parties in weddings love this cam though), again for the price, I rather use the excellent C100mkII (have you seen the low light capabilities of this camera?). A6300, 3rd camera for weddings, drains battery like crazy, couldn't find anything on the menu (again, everytime I use one of those), good package with the 18-105/4f (that lens is the best value for money Sony), we used NX1/GH4 for the religious ceremony, a6300 in the scorching hot Greek summer, is like you are searching for troubles. Used the A7ii a couple of times this year, because of the IBIS (the battery was dissapearing fast with IBIS on) second camera on a wedding and as a photo camera. Nothing impressive. So yeah, greatsensors, not great "cameras" per se. We passed the a7Sii for the very first time for Canon C100markII, second time for what (eventually) became 3 NX cameras, lenses and other accessories. Third time this summer considering a a7Sii, we choose with my business partner the JVC LS300, and this camera was 2600$ in B&H until recently (we bought in Europe for a lot more!).
  19. It must be a spelling mistake from Marco as the A7ii has only price as its advantage, but still his opinion stands; and if you add terrible ergonomics (don't forget that you put full frame lenses on that thing, ornl adapted L) menu system, battery drainage, heat issues etc, then you realize that Rii has the best sensor for photos, Sii the best sensor for videos, but overal they are to mediocre to considered as the "best". They are not that versatile, for a lot (if not most) people though, all that matters is sensors. I disagree completely, especially when I am working, all these little things matter and I am not confident to use any of those cameras as my primary one, except maybe short films, or such projects, and then again, I choose a better dp and better lighting equipment, and the S is not neccesary.
  20. Hate to bring it back, but NX1 has a perfect touch screen implementation since a long time ago, just found in Philip Bloom's AF megathon as the third technology, just after Canon's Dual Pixel and a6300 and I have one year more warranty in my camera, and 20 months for my 16-50 2-28f lens, and the whole kit costed me 1500€. It is not like it is a mythic/cryptic creature of the old times to just ignore it in every sentence. I expect the next Fuji to have touch screen, and work better than Sony (which barely works anyway, also battery consumption, heat management were handled better by Fuji, even if you have to add 300-400€ for the grip and batteries), but let's face it, there is a camera that does most things right, RIGHT NOW (and for 2 years now) and some of us earn our bread from that! Just for your information, I go now!
  21. I just watched the video very quickly! It wasn't much, but still is mentioning by people (Max Yurev does that as well lately). The NX1 in Europe is not the 2nd most expensive, is the same as M5 and 80D (or less, depending where you shop, it was much less for me one year ago) and much less than 6500, and the Canon's are not even close, the Sony has its - major - disadvantages (which I banned in dpr Sony forum just mentioning them!). I just noticed a few months old NX1+16-50pz ended on ebay without even a hit, for 899€, a 18months official European waranty camera plus one of the best piezo electric kit lenses around and a few extra. Doesn't this combo worth 500€ less money than body only a6300??!! Then you adapt some manual lenses, and you are ready to create big time. Or even buy a 10 fish eye/30/45 for cheap and for great performance. If you put all the Canon dual pixel AF cameras (C100mkII etc) then NX is just under Sony, but Sony is just under half a dozen Canon cameras. Tell a Sony fanatic that his brand new Sony camera that HAsN'T received yet, has 7th or 8th best AF system, he will suicide-bomb you! Plus, in the video, 1) some times the system was behaving randomly, and the adapted lenses worked terribly in the Sonys, another myth exposed?
  22. What else it says? I'm in a ship going to a small island for a documentary, and I won't be able to watch the video any time soon, and I can't wait to know what it says!!
  23. Jvc LS300 is an excellent little(and cheap) camera. I woupd give it a look. Also, hiring someone cheap to help you is the most value you can get, he(or she) can come with their own equipment, and you help someone (and the evolution of the industry). Even with the state of the industry I described in another post, I try to have us much people involved as possible (second camera and post usually).
  24. Here in Greece there are no contracts, except working for television, which again, there is no health insurance. People believe that a guy with a dSLR is a video professional, and that attitude has passed to the professional level. The contract I have now is for a documentary series. In the begining, they were considering not using a sound man (=me!), nor a field producer. Then, they talked to me about sound, the budget for sound was atrocious, but I cut a deal working for less hours and I didn't want to be excluded from TV for the first time after coming back from my Bachelor of Arts in Film amd Video. Then I learn from a producer inside the production company (it is a media group with TV stations in the while Balkans, press, music production companies, exclusive contract with Vice, e.t.c a huge organisation for East-Southern Europe terms) the company that took the first contract with the cable TV station (different media groups, by the way) willing to earn as much as possible, tried to do it without a field producer ("we will makenthe calls from the office"), a sound man ("you can do it with one wireless mic"), no lights ("with a couple leds you will be fine), and 2 Canon 5DmarkIII !!! When first conducted me were like "can you do a bit of field production too? You will get a few hundrends of euros per episode and we will be ok", I refused, because there was no possible in anyway, we found a very good and experiences producer (that earns more money than me eventually!), and we go with a full van, dedos, kino flos, a JVC LS300+the 5Diiis, a full sound kit and most of these for free. I also help with lighting, do a little sound post and the DP does color corection for free. You know what they asked us yesterday? "Can we do it 5.1 sound, and why we don't have 10 bit image?"! Right now, in the whole Greek market there are 2 good productions with 5-7 times our budget, and they are really doing a great job. The last 4 years were none such productions. Imagine what is going on with the small and uneducated clients. It is a massacre! I am starting to sell extra virgin oil of the Koroneiki varity in Europe, to bring some money to the family budget! I learned today that a guy(that I know) does BOTH video and photos in weddings, and he charges 300-600 euros for photo/video, ALONE! One friend does photography lessons, and there are 3 middle aged women, never hold a camera in their life "learning the basics to do video in weddings", and in his class, from the 15-20 people, almost all are going to work in weddings! Today I talked with a band for an event coverage and a small clip in the end, and they told me they paid the last 3 years, from 80-200€! It has become a hobby, and I am working since 1999, my first jobs were in film, have 1 bachelor and 2 diplomas, I feel I am overqualified!
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