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  1. @jonpais this is a silly notion and first time I heard something so crazy like this. Their products just lacked in very essential links of the whole chain that is a video production. Most people were enthusiastic about them, exactly because they were "cheap", but most realized than it wasn't so, when you were adding everything to shoot in a good and efficient manner. Add delays, QC problems, promises couldn't keep etc We have mention half a dozen of each, above in various posts. This camera is their most complete, it will sell more, it still lacks some serious stuff though
  2. Nice one! Great atmosphere, sound is very important and you master it alright. The Resolve version is the paid one, or the free? At some points the image is too stressed, you would need a couple of better led lights or something, but it was a great exercise nevertheless!
  3. Exactly @Andrew Reid , everything was exciting about Bm those days, but remember all the hassle, delays, quality control problems and unlimited complaints on the forums and real life. The company is maturing, we will see great things from them, it is one of the best feel good video stories ever, how they evolved and eventually you can have a full Black Magic workflow in every video product possible from a corporate to a feature film. That is not a small feat. but again, you see that we are looking at the big picture (literally, motion pictures!), in this industry the ability to shoo
  4. @mercer Look at #3 that was mentioned in the first post anyway. All these limitations ("why you shoot a 4 hours performance?", "why you used bigger batteries", "why you needed a rig" etc) make my point, and here I have to quote myself for people have problem reading ALL the words in posts "Most of the amateurs will be happy with whatever Panasonic offers for 600euros while those Panasonic's are plug and play and the footage appears without much hassle on their brand new shiny 65" 4K TVs. Video companies are becoming more specialized because not a lot of people will be buying exotic v
  5. I am expecting a C100markIII announcement, or else I see myself going for the FS5, the variable ND filter is a good reason as it is already. In the end, as I see it, even a JVC LS300 for 3000euros (we already have one) is great to bring some bread on the table and the budget can be spend on lights and/or some sound equipment (Zoom F4 anyone?!) to complete my set. This announcement is quite exciting, but I do not see taking too many customers from Canon and Sony, even though they will definitely take some. This camera seems like a work-sheep, not a work-horse. I am waiting for t
  6. @andrgl 1) I brought 3 NX cameras and 2 go pro cameras to that production, and didn't have any problem at all about what they did, 2) the guy I paid to bring his C100ii with the 18-135 (to have it as a central cam), showed up with the pocket (so he had to go to a corner) 3) the camera as it is, is completely useless, have you ever tried to use one, out of your pocket? 4) The performance took almost 4 hours, how did you expect to run the cameras with? 39 original batteries? 5) As I said, it was "unnecessary", the camera operator didn't give me any other chance. 6)
  7. Talk with this guy, and then report back http://slydiman.me/eng/mmedia/recover_mp4.htm During the summer he updated his H264 tool to finalize a 74minute file (I forgot the 73minutes time limit!) I sent him and he was super friendly and super capable. Ask him, and report back for details, as back then he didn't support H265 at all, he was just experimenting with some files I sent him!
  8. "Since the BMCC and Pocket Cinema Camera however they have only focussed on pros." Most of the amateurs will be happy with whatever Panasonic offers for 600euros while those Panasonic's are plug and play and the footage appears without much hassle on their brand new shiny 65" 4K TVs. Video companies are becoming more specialized because not a lot of people will be buying exotic video cameras with additional equipment to run, and not amateur friendly codecs; and the worst part is that they are NOT taking photos. How many are these specialized amateurs that will create a buying buzz (a
  9. Does anyone knows what is included in the basic buying kit? The point of this camera is that you have a run and gun tool that can easily transform to a capable feature film one. It is seriously tempting and definitely in the right direction.
  10. I am sure listening! At last, a real low segment/work horse/real camera. For run and gun and low budget pro work we need real cameras, no photo hybrids or good ideas, very bad executed (Pocket). I am waiting for the first reviews, and a new Canon C100markIII announcement, what it lacks is the best of both words (dual pixel AF + variable ND), but overall a great proposal. Panasonic is out of this equation right now, I hope that will change really soon. BM seems to listen, and are serious. Maybe at one point a completely BMD workflow will be possible!
  11. @zerocool22 You must be joking, right?! Apples to donkeys comparison.. @Tim Sewell Is the 55-250 that good for C100? I have used the 18-135 and I am using a series of L zooms, but they are heavy (even for or especially with, Sachtler L) , they crop a lot, and did I mentioned how big and heavy they are? I would seriously prefer having 3 APS-C ones. What APS-C ultra wide zoom could anyone suggest? The main problem is the f stop of these cheap lenses though, it is good to use 2.8 or stepped down to 4f with L lenses, but DPAF speed is very important too (but f stops are more important!).
  12. @joema maybe Adobe pushed by the VR and 360 movement, to support H265 than any other reason. What is the question though? Why FCPX do not support H265 yet? or if people are using H265? Seriously, there is no reason for FC not to support it, as we have proved, there is a plethora of devices and uses for it, Pinnacle Studio edits H265 for 49.95$, Power Director 53.99$, Aiseesoft Ultimate 9 for 31.50$, and I am sure there will be others too. So a 31.5$ editor from a tiny software company can do, and one of the most profitable multi nationals can't. Interesting view of things.
  13. @tugela Ofcourse not, even cheap security CCTV cameras from Aliexpress (40$), DJI in consumer products and 360 cameras use H265. Apple 6 for Facetime, Google Andoid 5 and above, Qualcomm, Media Tek, Intel, Samsung, nVidia, AMD. *313 million HEVC mobile handshets in 2015, 1.5 billions estimated by 2020. Add to all this UHD streaming content in the near future and you get the point.
  14. Good try and lovely lady and dog. If I may, you should have done a few more shooting for cutting the interview (e.g film something from a shelter, a bit more play with the dog), and the interview it could be happen somewhere else, than a car (it didn't help the sound either, and didn't play any significant role in the story, you should ask yourself "why this" and "why that" when you do a documentary, decisions mean something usually). Usually try to be in the same level of what you shot (e.g kids, animals) I know it is a small dog, but maybe you should have gone down to the ground for it!
  15. I am editing more than color correcting, and Premiere is still much better than Resolve and their lumetri and other tricks are enough for my workflow. For more serious tasks I outsource the coloring procedures to more experienced colorists or DPs that do that. I recently tried to work a bit with the Resolve, but after a couple of decades with Premiere and Final Cut, I am a bit slow with other editing suits. I am sure it will evolve more and maybe soon it could be equal or better to Premiere, after so many years Premiere hasn't even peaked yet, and that is a shame, Resolve can re
  16. This isn't exactly "recently" in our world, it is old news actually, imagine people are already preparing to declare 10bit video recording the absolute minimum even for cheap cameras, because GH5 will be out in a few months, Premiere support of H265 is a reality for a long time now. I personally transcode only when I give footage to FC editors. As I already said, all the hardware that is coming for the past year and onwards supports H265. Ofcourse Apple doesn't care, they are perfectly fine to sell to normal people, not a few specialized freaks that demand more and more, for less and less
  17. @mercer I am Nikon friendly as possible, don't take me wrong! My best photo experiences lately are with Nikon dSLRs, I am just criticizing the lack of innovation so late in the game. They should produce a high end mirrorless, last year, when there were the NX to Nikon rumors, the marvelous tech of Samsung and the color science and photo experience (and lenses) of Nikon sounded like one of the most exciting things in the industry since the actual dSLRs. That never happened, even though I believe it was a win win situation for both of them. I do not know what article you are referring
  18. H265 is heavily supported from whatever hardware component is been produced since at least last year, be it mobile phone SOC, graphic card, cpu etc Even my cheap Samsung TVs decode it natively. It isn't anything questionable about it, it is just the present for most, and the future for all (together with the competitive codec). It is made by the SAME consortium that did the H264 codec, to replace it, not compete against it, even the primitive H265 codec of NX cameras (2014) are producing some very nice (and small) files, especially with the up-ed hacked bitrate. It is just
  19. It seems we are going to see some announcements this first semester, GH5 is pushing the envelope I believe, especially for video optimized cameras. Good! On a somehow unrelated fact, I just realized that a local e-shop offers the JVC LS300 for 3000euros (including VAT), I like to see competitive tools been around 3000, I thing a new (much more improved) pocket could be even cheaper and set new costing lows for maximum quality.
  20. Seriously?! So the only new thing someone has to hope is for SnapBridge to work? and then you are telling me about NX cameras, when their wireless capabilities can't even be touched by Nikon almost a decade later... "20MP sensor (same sensor from the D500) 4K video 51 points AF SnapBridge" "Aldo Lukasz • a day ago but for 200 more get a d500? (used,gray,refurbished)" Reply "manattan Aldo • a day ago Exactly. Plus you get pro controls, a flip screen, QC mode, etc. Hence why the D500 makes more sense unless you need the built in flash" and on a
  21. @Miklos Nemeth Isn't a little bit too much to imply that everyone HAS to use A7rII or A7Sii, or "A6500 has excellent quite usable no hunting video AF"? Some people could call that "camera fascism" and definitely it doesn't match this poly(multi)-selective forum. I prefer APS-C/super 35, I believe MOST people are perfectly fine with it for both, photos and videos. Only if you own a lot of Sony stocks I can understand this behavior, but people do not care about your stocks portfolio and they are mature and independent to make their own decisions (and it seems that are buying more
  22. What 4K monitor is 43.5"??!! Doesn't it have some scaling options? Usually the big ones (above 30") have PIP and screen dividers, etc.
  23. I didn't mean that ALL the photos would be pulled from video files, I still have my analog equipment, nothing stops me from shoot film or super 8 cartridges (well, for the second, cost is a reason!). When I generalize (in general..) I mean the "masses", which is a more vague term than the people frequent this forum. Already people do that from their 4K footage, and our cameras have in built applications that do that. I read that Japanese TV wants to broadcast 20K image in the Tokyo Olympics (they broadcasted 8K in specialized booths in the previous ones), I can imagine all the iPhone crow
  24. 12-24 is incredible light and small (for a UWZ, it is), but I mentioned the 10mm fish eye NX, which is one of the best kept secrets of NX land, easily one of my favorite lenses, ever. You would expect something like this. Have you seen this NX fisheye? https://www.camerastuffreview.com/samsung-lensreview/test-samsung-10mm-fisheye it is extremely small and 72 grams. There are some links and videos online as well. It is also has a fantastic minimum focus distance, check this http://erphotoreview.com/wordpress/?p=4930
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