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  1. @Emanuel it is ironic that you try to convince anyone that a6300/a6500 are belonging "..in the professional camp." As a professional, that I earn my family's bread with my cameras, I would take the shitty GH5 iso quality anytime, to the "Sony-only-on-the-spec-sheet champ". Actually I choose to stay with NX, a dead system, instead of the latest APS-C Sonys, because it is more reliable, have exactly the lenses I need in my line of work in APS-C, better ergonomics, lower battery consumption, no overheating etc etc, and I have worked a few times with the a6300 at 2016, and never had to go to 6400 by the way. It is good as a 3rd camera, and one of my business partners can give it to me whenever I ask, but he seriously thinking to go full m4/3, as his primary camera STILL is the GH4.
  2. Actually I am surprised of how bad the a6500 looks at your example. Is the Olympus the best of the three? Sharper than the GH5, better NR algorithm than the a6500??
  3. Sorry, not familiar with any of those lenses (unfortunately I own lenses from 5-7 different systems, but no Nikon at all). I am not sure if Nikon are fully closed (the aperture) when adapted, Canon are fully open (so you can do most things, as the 2.8f I use adapted are pretty fine wide open), there is also a trick with EF if you have a EF body, you can make them accept a specific f stop. Anyways, do your lenses have an aperture ring (can you choose the aperture from the lens, not the camera?)? If they do not, then someone has to tell you what is the case with the Nikon adapter lenses, so you are certain of your investment.
  4. @Rodolfo Fernandes you can add whatever mount with a simple adapter (usually go from 5-25$ on ebay, the cheap ones works well so far with my legacy lenses), NX-L is EF adapter, so then you go from EF to whatever you want. I would advise for K&F concept adapters, a bit to the expensive side (while the cheap ones go to 5$, these can found around 15$) but the quality is extremely good. What Nikon do you use? You know that the adapter is not active (can't change aperture if you do not have the physical ring on the lens). @lucabutera You said that NX-L with active control will be 500euros? and the Aputure for NX is 99euros? What the 99euros option do right now (if it is available)? Thanks
  5. Nikon has(had) a whole 1" mirrorless system for crying out loud! Once, before fully committed on Samsung NX (yes, I fully committed on an abandoned system when I realized that it was abandoned, go figure!) I was considering a Nikon 1 camera (probably the water resistant one) and a few lenses for ultra portable/hiking/vacationing camera (I got a small NX and I am fine finally, why to go to 1" when you have almost the same size/weight ration on ASP-C). That system had some serious advantages and some pretty cool little lenses. I do not understand why it took them so long for the DL series. GH5 is going to sell, a lot, especially this year, and depending what Sony is going to do with their ASP-C series, and A7 mark III, the next year too. Panasonic has a whole chain of 4K things to sell and market, not only cameras, but their best bet, would be a C100 killer with 10 bit 4K/60p, it would seriously sell a lot less, but with a much bigger profit margin (how 5000 euros sound?).
  6. To be honest guys, @lucabutera has done (hardware wise) the most any other have since the beggining of the system, even Metabones LIED, telling us that it is not possible, and then had to re-phrase talking about business models and the such. @Marco Tecno, your list is quite big! Even though I agree with most of your list, I am not anxious to see something same size as the Metabones (why? it can be bigger, if it does the job). Have you seen the piezo electric thingy for Canon lenses? Even Canon had to build a whole box under the lens, to accommodate their pz adaptor, why not Luca, just one person on a mission? I mean, everything is general and we have to support Luca, and eventually he is going there, the guy has some serious engineering skills! @ttbek is a great NX user, no question about it, but where money are involved, there is always opportunity for misunderstandings, it would be wise to just declare what he wants to see for his 10.000 (or 5 or 2 or 1 or whatever), so people understand and maybe try to that direction. TechartPro is an interesting concept, but it is something different than an active EF(-S) adapter. You did the speedbooster, that works, and people using it right now, now it is better for an active EF adapter, with AF, OIS and aperture control, and then, why not, a legacy lenses AF adapter, I have more than a couple of dozen lenses I could use.
  7. @iGamer4tv "I just want to understand why, is it my camera, the lens, just the format itself? So, the only way to get the most of 4k is to just get a wider lens to get more of the picture?" The crop factor doesn't change, you will always will have the crop factors mentioned above, whatever lens you will choose. Well, better read here https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/video/tips-and-solutions/how-emulate-super-35mm-4k-video-panasonic-gh4 I believe the only camera with no crop factor at all in every mode (including slow motion) is Samsung NX1. It is something to do with the processing power cameras has, and if they are able to do a full read out of the sensor or not. The x2.2 and x2.4 form factor mentioned above are relative to the number your native m4/3 lenses are, look at the examples above and put your lenses mm to understand what focal lengths you get if you shoot 4K and what not. Par example, for Sony a6300/a6500 4K 24P/25P crop factor 1.5x (24MP full sensor readout, this has only the APS-C normal sensor crop factor, like m4/3 is x2, so it has a full sensor readout) 4K 30P crop factor 1.9x (13MP crop area full readout) that means a lens 50mm X 1.9 = 95mm HD 120P crop factor 1.9x (13MP crop area pixel binning readout)
  8. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/937192-REG/rode_videomic_booming_kit_windbuster.html get something like this, and a lavalier (I never use one outside, only inside) I do not know the cheap ones. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/820760-REG/Rode_NTG_2_Microphone_with_Windshield.html or a Sennheiser MKE600/ME66 This is my kit for outside, costed a bit shy of 2000 euros a few years ago https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1038391-REG/sennheiser_usmkh416propack_mkh_416_shotgun_pro_pack.html I am always confident that I am doing my best with this kit.
  9. If there are no capitalists, then who is going to produce mass marketed cheap phones? And who is going to evolve the tech? And are professionals going to work with their mobile phones? And in less than a decade? I should go and sell all my NASDAQ portfolio soon..
  10. What exactly are your needs? Are you going to earn any money? Shooting indoors/outdoors? Are you going to have help? Ask yourself the questions, and you will find the right answers (Kung Fu Panda style!)!! Cheapest kit is the cheap Rode (200$+80$ for the micro boom+50$ for a cheap set of headphones) and records on camera. Second choice is the Tascam a ntg3 Rode (or a similar Sennheisser, Audio Technica has some interesting options too), a softie and a Rycote mount (or the new Rode mount with Rycote technologie, is 10$ cheaper, softie strongly advised to be Rycote), maybe a better set of headphones, and a wired lavalier microphone (it's always good to have one, even if you buy a wireless set later on). You will probably be OK with the standard Rode boom here.
  11. Because Tascam specializes in audio for video productions and they have good cheap recorders, while Zoom F4 and F8 seem excellent and specialized for video, I do not see them being close to your budget, or need. The one you mention I believe is a very good performer for its money. The lens comparison works with money as well, in sound you can't cheat on cheap things, the best stuff are absolutely the most expensive, ofcourse at some point you have to consider if getting 1% better performance worths 1000$ more, or somwthing. In sound also, good "investments" last a long time. Sennheisser 416 is almost the same design since 70s, the 25 headphones from the 80s, the wireless mics for a decade or so, my hifi system comes from the late 90s etc A 100-200 mic is like a very good 4-5.6f lens! I have a 50-200 and a 12-24 that are great performer for the money. You need a shotgun, for sure, especially as a first microphone. Also you need accessories for those, if you go outside you certainly need wind jammers, Zeppelins and always a shock mount. Rycote is my main brand here.
  12. As I said "the rest are subjective", and in his subjective kind of choice is the a6300, but when numbers talk it is maths, physics, facts, objective truth, and on a table: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?303559-Measuring-rolling-shutter-put-a-number-on-this-issue! It is like all science is pointless because most of humanity believe in religions anyway.. (I am watching the Arrival right now by the way!) P.S Today I was talking with my business partner about his ISO experience with his a6300 -and because of this thread- and he was even more strict than me at the ISO department, but this is subjective too ofcourse...
  13. Not "syncing" per se, but synch shootings, are the ones that sight and sound are synchronized and tight. If it is not a synch shooting then you do not care too much about these stuff. Just having a mic on your camera isn't doing anything really for your sound, the trick is to take your mic off camera (like most people trying to do with lights or flash units). The advantages are that you have a better quality mic from your 5$(or 10) internal one, and gather less camera and hand sounds, but usually, it is too far away from your sound source, and has no right angle and position to do its job. Also, you have to overcome the crappy amps you camera has, that is why the juicelink is a very good advice, but I would buy a Tascam over that (and I did) and for that price. Like you have more than one lenses, usually need more than one microphones, like you usually start with a relatively good 2.8f 24-70 (or 16-50 crop) lens that is what you need to start with sound. My work horse 24-70 2.8f is my Sennheiser 416, from there, you can go up or down (usually down!), Rode offer very good quality for the price, especially for amateurs, cameramen one man bands and new to sound. There is a Rode micro boom that you can add one of the cheap Rode for dSLRs, if you buy the pro versions (that have their own amps), this is the most basic and cheapest set available. I would advice you to start from there, and try buying a good set of headphones, my main ones are Sony 7056 and the Sennheisser 25, both classic for a reason! 400$ can't take you far away in the world of semi pro sound but can make a starting set that can introduce you, and offer some insight of the subject matter. Sound is physics by the way, you have to read a book or two.
  14. I heard about it, didn't know was so remote! I live in the exact opossite of Europe, Greece. On the NX1 sub forum there is @ricardo_sousa11, I believe he is from Portugal, maybe he can help with local shops and prices, here the a6500 is very expensive, and I have used a6300 as a B or C cam a few times and I ain't a big fun, but for your limited use it can be alright. NX1+S lens = 650 + 650 = 1300€, if the combo is in a great condition, and if you can lower the price a bit more (or offers more than one battery, extrnal charger, any extras, etc), then I believe it is a super opportunity to have a top combo for almost the lowest price available. People are looking for "body only" prices, but an APS-C standard zoom with 2f - 2.8f of such a quality is a unique advantage through all systems. Problem is that after that, you are going nowhere, this is the top body NX has to offer, and it lacks IBIS (can overcome and have better stabilization with a Crane gimbal) and the 10bit the GH5 will offer in a few months.
  15. Where in Europe aren't any camera stores?! I just noticed that in my little European country the a6500 is actually 1800€, for that money I would go GH5, and for a super bargain I would try to find the cheapest NX1 possible (probably with the 16-50S 2-2.8f lens). There is a speedbooster for that now, look at the NX1 hack sub forum for info. Middling Panasonics are great too, whatever you buy is good enough for nost things.
  16. Just buy a tascam, and a couple of mics. I am affraid you need to read more, and ask for someone to help you (someone with some sound knowledge). Just sticking a mic at the top of your camera is just a bit better than your cameras in-built mics, and that is the worst possiblr solution for synch sound.
  17. Nikon is very tough because of their legacy and dSLR sales, which -even though a lot of us consider them relics of the past- still sell more than mirrorless cameras, and I take a D750 everyday for pro photo work instead of any mirrorless Sony, and most of my pro photo friends did actually. If they don't make a bold mirrorless move soon though, then they will be left behind and Sony will eat up their sales quite soon and quite a bit,especially with the A7 mark III series of camera that supposed to be imminent. If Sony screw up once more (pro ergonomics, power capacity, heat management) then Nikon gets a few more years, but they do not seem to have the Fuji reflexes, to adapt to the new hybrid age. Best Nikon solution? Give everything they got for a NX1 Nikon. Take the best of the Samsung and the best of D500 and make a 2500€ camera with IBIS, I would buy that in an instance. Samsung has 15fps with a 28mgpxl sensor, and Nikon had to go to 20mpxls to compete with that, and still.. As of video, with a better H265 codec NX1 Nikon can be the best video camera together with the GH5. Add to all these no overheating, best touch screen implementation and wifi/bluetooth on the industry (while Nikon advertised it much but noy that good real world results), ergonomics, battery consumption, oled screens and brilliant EVF (I am sure after 3 years+ they can have a better one), Nikon lenses, colour science and a huge NIKON logo in front and you have an instant success. The DL series didn't seem very competitive as it was, they need a better (more retro-modern design as well) compact line, better make it full frame, and they have to up their video game. Newer generations need exceptional video on a compact camera, and when I say newer gen, I mean everyone under 50! m4/3 is everywhere, even in DJI, with a variable sensor a la LS300 (my opinion is that the GH5 with such a sensor would have been the best hybrid ever made) they can go to 2020 easily, but the small sensor right now has reached its limits (no big DR and ISO improvement from GH4 to GH5, if any) and having only 20mgpxls on this tiny sensor isn't the best cropping solution around. Fuji listens, we like them, I expect them to produce the best APS-C camera soon, and they are going medium format, who needs full frame then?!! The quiting of Samsung save them a big chunck of their pie and a relief, as 3 years ago they were clearly far behind Samsung (and this was very well documentated in various interviews from back then) and they didn't have the tech and resources to compete. Pentax and the rest, I do not know, unfortunately they aren't in my radar. Canon is Canon, eventually they will produce a pro mirrorless that will sell 80% of the mirrorless sales of that year, and a C100markII that we all have to buy! If they make mistakes though, Sony can overcome them as well, but it will take a few camera generations, and Canon to fail completely to see the near future. Everything is possible, I just would love to see this advanced Nikon FNX1!!
  18. @Micah Mahaffey Rolling shutter: NX1 1080p 7.9ms a6300. 15.2ms NX1 4K 30.9ms a6300 39ms Especially the 1080p modes of all the Samsungs (and 2.5K for NX500) are best in class (and in general), while 4K performance is not equally stellar, a6300 has absolutely the worst rolling shutter performance tested. I have worked with a6300 but through 6400iso, 8000, why? The rest are subjective, not even close to ergonomics and the such, where NX1 is a Canonikon child (dSLR with pro mirrorless body) of the feature, while a6300 a Sony bastard (of a compact and a bridge camera) of the past.
  19. @Andrew Reid as of the NX1 situation, the speedbooster has been sold to quite a few people already, actually right now Luca is preparing a better version and he is preparing a modification of the Apeture wireless focus device to work actively with EF lenses to the NX. This camera just can't die.
  20. ..aNd another one, which is in thw front oage By the way (sorry for spelling mistakes, on android, not letting me -backspqce). The recorders are very specific, black magic and older atomos
  21. There are so many things that can go wrong with these flying machines! I am wondering if the newer ones -Mavic/P4 - are easier and safer to fly.
  22. They will go IBIS eventually, everybody does. Fuji is the only camera not offering any kind of stabilization, even NX1 and M5 offer some kind of e-stabilizer(DIS). ..and touch screen, it offers so much in terms of usability, speedy changes, menu and play back easyness, advanced AF selection, and why not, 1 touch photos. I was never a fun of fully articulating screens either!
  23. @Alt Shoo are you involved with the production? Do you have any production comments and/or settings to share with us? Great work, skin colors a bit off (because of the stylitization I guess), excellent job overall.
  24. @tokhee it can't be 4 years, but I know what you are talking about. NX1 above 3200 falls apart and I believe it is some stupid threshold on the coded because shooting raw the image is much more capable of coping with extremities. On the other hand, and the 16-50S where I can go to 2f from 16-24mm (24-35equiv) and 2.8f to the rest of the range, I do not need to go above 2000ISO which I am very comfortable using the camera. I am using NX1 with Ronin all the time, and the AF has never failed me (we do use some lighting for indoor shooting of course). I see Fuji doing big leaps forward, I can predict that the X-T2 will be surpassed pretty soon by another Fuji camera, sooner than previous generations, the competition is growing bigger and bigger; too bad Samsung isn't around any more to push everything a step forward.
  25. @Mattias Burling my mistake, I thought that C100/fs5 etc were off limits. Of course I wasn't expecting a Red or Arri on that, and I wouldn't care about the cost either! The big one is too noisy for synch videos, and the small one doesn't do the parallax thing (which is very important for product placement and story telling), and the whole set is almost 1000 euros with 5 weeks waiting time. So it is not the no brainer that it seems like. Does anyone knows Edelkrone chinese simple sliders that work well? We have the original one and works great, but we have to split the production team in times, but we can't pay much right now. I can see them go from 80-280euros on ebay.
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