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  1. @fuzzynormal of course! we all express opinions here, and personal views! I try to use - and test- equipment in working conditions, because that is the ultimate (and only) test for me, and my results are definite, as there are no middle solutions. Just weddings here are very demanding, and this camera isn't destined to used like a work-horse, more like a work-bunny! As I said, if you are working long hours on a hot environment then it isn't the camera for you, then, it depends of the use. Weddings in Northern Europe and North America probably are less demanding.
  2. @joema can you propose as any brands?! The Tiffen is near my top, but I wouldn't mind something more expensive!
  3. These cameras are disappointing, I can't believe that the guy Paul Cryer would buy one for weddings! That is a no go in any way. I do not know where you live, but it the Greek summer, there is no way you can use these cameras for anything more, than a 3rd or 4th camera during the night party, and even then (because here you have to record some parts of the party continuously) you certainly need a workhorse camera for the party (C100s or NX/GH4 are our most common tools, depending the budget). We use the a6300/a6500 at night, were the high ISO performance is really something, but the 18-10
  4. @Jimmy The Nikon FXM and the Canon M1dx @Arikhan "Spending 4.500 - 5.500 bucks for a capable (portable) FF with reliable AF (like A6500), 60fps (4K), clean 1080p 4.2.2 10bit up to 100/120fps, very good low light skills and a pleasant colour science OOC isn't too much nowadays." What is this camera? If it goes around 8.000euros, I am buying it this summer!
  5. @Arikhan The Tiffen is in my short list, I would like something better though -if possible - and to know if that Zomei is competitive to the "cheap" expensive ones (100-150euros). The cheap ones were really a disaster!
  6. Is this Zomei that good? I have a Fotga one, which I never use, and an equally bad -more expensive- Hama and I am in the market for a good one (150-250$ price range) but I have to wait until May (for tax reasons) and the 150-250$ cost around 200-300 euros in my country (I have to buy locally for tax reasons again!), but if this one is ok, I can just buy it right now off ebay. Another solution would be a very good ND filter, just not variable one, if anyone has something to propose.
  7. @IronFilm What is a "Sound grip"?! 10$/day is a very low wage for anywhere in the Western world though, if you explain me what a "sound grip" is, and what it does, I can learn and comprehend it better. Are you based in Canada now? I thought you were NZ. The ones you have linked, I have work with most of those, but some were definitely Arri and other well know brands, so I can't really tell how good these knock-offs are, try to understand if the connections (joints) seem ok, the metal parts, will be metal parts, easily to copy and match, but the moving parts and "mechanisms" can be tr
  8. Even for the people not buying this camera (like me), I can't see how NOT to be excited. It is the first time a manufacturer gives so much, for so little money, on a perfect operational and reliable camera body, covering most of the competition, and then add some. It is an exciting release, but people tend to forget, that GH4 was exciting back in the day too, I am a bit old, and my memory works linear, so I clearly remember that - again- Panasonic pushed the limits a little bit further with the GH4, as exactly does with the GH5 now. Well done Pana, but not for me, yet.. we
  9. @IronFilm what do you want those heavy tripods? @HockeyFan12 The union pay per day is 2-10.000$?! First of all, the difference is vast, how do you get paid? 2 or 10? For a documentary shooting of 40 days production, you are getting paid, let's say 5000$ X 40 = 200000$?! that is so hard to believe.. Here is around 70-150euros per day, most of the equipment including.
  10. Good read. Maybe there is not enough room, in this particular room, for all these elephants, but there are other smaller rooms in this house, and Panasonic seems to inhabit quite nice the video room for quite some time now. Just have a couple of mirrorless models, and concentrate more on video. Everything of the GH5 on a C100 body, for 5500$ (give or take 500$!), with more room for heat dissipation and bigger batteries, and you have an instant hit. They used to have the 100, and have the DVX200, and JVC has the LS300, just combine everything and do a good video camera. If t
  11. As I am not interested at all at full frame photography and have 3 X1.5 crop cameras from 20-28megapixels (28mgpxls is enough to do some serious cropping) and various lenses from 1.4f to whatever, the camera that can really benefit my job efficiency and workflow, it could only be a Canon C100markIII (or similar). One of the reasons this camera isn't out yet, and instead the C300markII/C700 and even the XC15 are, is because Canon has to see what GH5 is capable of, because a lot of people won't pay a C line premium for a camera doing 1/5 of the things a 2000$ mirrorless can! Now, I just hop
  12. That is not true, after 73 minutes, the file gets corrupted, and it is kind of tricky (even impossible) to fix it later, so the NX cameras are 73minutes cameras per file.
  13. Try to read the sub forum about settings, the moding scene, and the such, and keep your NX for one more year, until we see a real competitive Canon M, maybe a Nikon mirrorless, and the next generation of Sony cameras, or buy a C100mkII, absolutely brilliant 1080p, not much grading needed, ergonomics/battery great, very usable dual pixel AF, great low light performance. If you do your research, trial and error a bit, you will find out soon that your options for your budget are less than you think. Most are missing things that now with your NX1 you are taking for granted, and you will
  14. Or you just can keep a cheap FD dumb adapter for each (I have a few cheap ones, working perfectly fine), but yes, I agree, that lock mount system is the worst ever, it can drive you mad at times!
  15. NX cameras have AMOLED screens (it is similar tech, isn't it?), I have them +2 (the maximum brightness) for a couple of years now, do not dim, are in perfect condition.
  16. @lucabutera I commented on the enthusiastic review by Ilksim, and I am waiting for your next great NX-related invention/creation. I am sure that you will make something that will make more people (me included) to buy from you.
  17. What is this "exposure drifting"? I have record hours and hours with NX1/NX500 and I do not understand when it happens (if it happens), I have everything auto off, and smart range off.
  18. "Unfortunately a little increase of price could be imposed." That was never a 99$ monitor, or whatever it was advertised in the beginning, and all the forums are full of people complaining about this company! To increase a price, that has been increased before without the customers really knowing, isn't the best way to trust a company, I wouldn't. In anyway, this is going to be one of the well know OEM monitor makers (Neway and Setec are making most of the cheap monitors, and medium priced, in the market anyway) that can be found on a different name from someone else, or bought
  19. From everything I read, I just can't find a reason NOT to build an AMD system for Adobe Premiere, and I am sure software support will increase performance over time. The more cores for the same amount of money of the AMD are a Godsend. Intel has to respond accordingly, and the new series of advanced CPUs are due to September. Right about the time that I would be planning my new 4K editing PC. Now, let's see their response to the 10x0 Pascal graphic cards!
  20. Excellent own-view! Ι can't wait for Lucas's next NX - shenanigans!! Take our money Lucas!
  21. I read the thread and I am more confused that I was before. Which ones work sufficiently with AF? Metabones is still at the top? What about the Sigma one?
  22. In my machines I have 3 very important factors that I value almost equally to raw power; ergonomics, heat output, and noise (that's why Sony cameras weren't my forte!), so AMD processors were a no go for me for so many years. My old Xeon is 3.7(turbo)Mhz but only 69w, that allowed me to have silent fans, and a sound proof (or the opposite, sound sealed?!) case. If AMD is competitive in power consumption (=less heat = less noise), then I am 100% in, do not care bout brands at all, and the recent research I did I found that I am not missing a lot in processing power from my 5 years old CPU,
  23. Whatever the angle, NX still offers great value for the money. Some of my favorite lenses are: 10mm fisheye (most APS-C systems do not even offer one, amazing tiny and very near focusing lens) - 30mm pancake (incredible sharp, great for video, very very small, very slow focusing though) - 45mm (advertised as) pancake (my favorite NX lens, rendered all my 50-55-58mm legacy lenses useless, and that is the reason I was resisting this lens for a few years! very fast focusing also) and of course the unicorn 16-50S (2f in the first few mm that cover 3 common prime focal lengths, best AF for NX,
  24. They DO make weapons! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_SGR-A1 ..and other stuff that kill people, for ever, they kill them forever. No replies, no up votes or down votes, just dead.
  25. You have to consider lenses as well, if you want 1 great zoom lens, and a couple of primes, then NX is a viable solution as there are packets with the 16-50S lens (2-2.8f, quite remarkable) for as much as a new a6500 body only. Adding a couple more NX lenses and you are set, there is also a speedbooster, if you are into this game, and dumb adaptors (no electronics) for other lenses. No metabones though, and that is a deal breaker for some. The next best value for money, are the middle-ing Panasonic cameras, with as little as 1000$ you can have an ok set of camera and lens (a bit more thou
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