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  1. The M(kit) is 650-700euros, and L(kit) is 1000+ here! Quite a difference in price, and 650 is not exactly cheap, for not putting that bubble light! The L kit has also carbon fiber legs.
  2. I would expect the 3200ISO to be somewhere around 1600 true NX ISO. They probably have better file manipulation (better in camera settings and handle of noise and codec). Also, I saw a dynamic range review that in reality the latest 20mgpxl Pana sensors are 1 stop less than GH4, so newer m4/3 are not that better than before. I am expecting the GH5 to be the best among all, even the Panasonic Uematsu said that DR is the same though. 6400ISO Samsung NX1 5281 ISO Sony a6000 5185 ISO Canon 7DmarkII 5105 ISO Nikon D500 4705 ISO Olympus E-M1 3870 ISO Panasonic GH4 3835 ISO
  3. @Parker Just a few video examples with different lenses would be useful if possible. @Marco Tecno NX is the closest to the truth! but I was talking about "real" ISO, how the camera acts in real low light conditions, I am sure we will see in the near future (which is not so near anyway) 6400ISO Samsung NX1 5281 ISO Sony a6000 5185 ISO Canon 7DmarkII 5105 ISO Nikon D500 4705 ISO Olympus E-M1 3870 ISO Panasonic GH4 3835 ISO
  4. I am not sure I could be able to edit the best of the GH5 files right now, and I wouldn't like to change all my hardware this year (2500euros for the GH5 kit is nothing versus the investment in editing hardware). My most serious issue with NX right now is the low light performance in video, obviously the sensor is better than that. From early footage it seems that 3200 GH5 is more usable than NX 3200. The codec doesn't seem too efficient either. When the GH4 was out it was the must buy for video orientated people, now it is GH5, like then I waited for something different, and NX delivered. Until I decide move on to GH5 I can see someone else offer a more suitable and more mature camera (Fuji?Canon?Nikon?even a7000 Sony?). Also, I do not see a similar all around lens in any system like the 16-50S, this keeps me firmly attached to the system for now. p.s Is anyone going to review the NX-L ??!!
  5. I was expecting a newer LX yesterday with the announcements. They did announce a super GX850 though, with 5 minutes 4K video, ultra low price, most things right, and interesting design. Sony's design is notoriously un-lady like, or attractive at all. Even the discontinued NX500 in brown is super cool!
  6. The S6 is my monopod, and mirrorless/dSLR head. We use the Sachtler Ace for the C100markII, for the C300 we use a Miller one with multiple price of the Sachtler. Every job needs its tools. If I go run and gunning with the C100 the S6 is not enough, the Miller is too much. When we shot a short with the C300 and matte box and Canon Cine lenses, then the Miller is a must. If I need ultra mobility with my mirrorless kit I take my Benro S6 and Benro monopod. I sometimes put a small-small mirrorless as a C camera (for a wide shot or something) I even have a tiny Manfrotto https://www.manfrotto.us/manfrotto-mkcompactacn-rd-compact-action-red which I call my "hipster's" mini tripod, to match fine with my brown small mirrorless! These age, that most of the small cameras can achieve incredible results, big and heavy equipment is overkill for me. When I am a one man's band, I can have a whole 3 camera setup with only one camera bag, http://www.vanguardworld.us/photo_video_us/products/camera-bags/quovio-41.html and the little tripod ON the bag (there is a bigger version, I should have gone for that one, still this one is enough). this bag https://www.cullmann.de/en/detail/id/protector-podbag-450.html for the Benro+head (which is suitable for the C100 too, by the way..), and I am ready to go.
  7. Have you check the prices of a Benro S6 and a top of the range Sachtler? The one can buy you a meal for two in a good (or ok) restaurant and the other buy you a small car.
  8. Benro S6 is a relatively cheap head, so far it performs on par with similar or slightly more expensive Manfrottos. I am very happy using in mainly on a monopod, and some tripod work. Sachtler is a completely different thing, the legs are not top notch, the head is the best "cheap" one I have ever used, but it is twice the price of Benro (at least here), and the cheapest Sachtler doesn't have a light on its leveling bubble! That drives me nuts, as I have to carry led lights with me all the time! The next Sachtler, with the light, is even more expensive. Sachtler and a C100markII is a kit that can't fail you on the field though, a kit that can pay the bills.
  9. Honestly, it is the first time I am watching gun videos, and the funny thing is that I find them interesting! Keep posting them! Takumar makes a great job there and you are using it completely different than what I used to do (I was going softer and dreamier). A lens with IS would have eliminate those little shakes, and a reason I haven't used my Takumars for more than a year now, is that I can get by with NX lenses and have some sort of stabilization. Did you try DIS+Takumars?
  10. I am wondering what the "unknnown" is...EF?! @kinoseed @Otto Actually, we were talking for getting a crop in NX1, NOT get rid of the crop in NX500. If you have a crop option in NX1 is like having 2 primes with one. Also, there is a variable scanning option in LS300 sensor, so from the 4K full sensor read out, you can zoom in (for full HD only ofcourse) and it is quite impressive, I have tested with Zeiss and Leica and the results are impressive, is like having a few small Leica zooms! Now with the GH5 out we have to up our game! Some times like these I regret quitting programming for work!
  11. At 12:25 of the videos down-under, there is the pull focus option of the GH5, what is your comment about it?
  12. It is the talk of the town, and I thought to bring the question to our circle. It seems like the GH5 is the camera to get for video these days (well, 4-6 months later actually!). It seems like most (video) people will start moving to GH5 (m4/3 owners, a6500 probable buyers, NX users, Canon -I am not waiting anymore, Nikon - I CAN'T really wait anymore). What are your thoughts about where the industry is going right now? Is the weak NX codec, and the lack of IBIS (and the not evolving system of course) panicking us? Is the HDR here and we have to produce HDR content? Is 10 bit a necessity, and can we afford the hardware upgrade for edit and deliver? Just some thoughts between a boring editing session!
  13. Kisaha

    GH5 Prototype

    There is also the GX850 noone is talking about! Perfect entry lever little cam, with G85(or GX) and GH5 you have a complete set for everything. My set right now, is NX1/NX500/NX3000, Panasonic is the only company that offers choices for similar uses.
  14. Kisaha

    GH5 Prototype

    @Neumann Films Is there a Ronin in the video about Oregon forests and whatnot?!
  15. I have a Xeon 1230/3400MHz, 16GB RAM, a SSD and a series of Western Black, and I GTX 660 (2GB). Does anyone think that with a 1060/3GB can edit 4K sufficiently (with 1/2 preview), or do I have to build a new one?
  16. is this a Takumar worth buying? I have a series of Takumars since a Pentax Spotmatic I had in the 90's, one is a 28mm/3.5f and I was wondering if I could find a wider one. I have an Ensinor 24mm/2.8f, but it has a different rendition than the rest of my Takumars.
  17. Kisaha

    GH5 Prototype

    True, most pro people do not (especially the old ones, they don't like to share the "secrets" of the trade!), I am sure there are "amateurs" that have a much more "professional" attitude, skills and quality than self-proclaimed professionals.
  18. Kisaha

    GH5 Prototype

    A piece of gear is a piece of gear, an experienced man willing to teach (and have the ability to do so) can make a revolution, and build more and better gear. There is no other way around it, humans build tools/machines. I was reading an estimate, that because 450-500.000 highly educated Greeks left the country for better job opportunities, the Greek state looses almost 30 billions per year, plus the money the state spend for the education of these people. And we are not talking about research NOT happen in this country, socio-political change that WON'T happen, evolution that will NEVER happen in this country, because the top people in their respected fields have abandoned the ship. I wouldn't care for any materialistic thing that this nation misses right now, only the people. Humans evolved through "teaching", I thought that would be common sense too. I was lucky, doing everything assistanc-y in the industry when very young (and learn from, at least experienced people), and educated my self in my country and abroad, having one or the other, wouldn't make me a balanced human being first, a better professional second.
  19. Kisaha

    GH5 Prototype

    There is no way for a perfect camera, humans are not perfect so they can not create perfect objects. At the time that the Sony, or Panasonic, or whoever, have the perfect 4K camera, 8K will be the next big thing. more bits, different codecs, new technologies, new mounts, more megapixles, bigger sensors (medium format will be a greater thing soonish), whatever, there will be always something better to crave. I thought that this is common sense since the Assyrian empire or even before that.
  20. The 502 is a safe bet for sure, you won't be dissapointed for the price! Happy new year too!
  21. @DBounce i second that, even with Ronin and PZ lens is not for much..
  22. @jonpais i do agree that it seems like the best value for money right now. By far actually. I have a completely irrelevant question, and sorry for that, I am just wondering. I noticed in your tests that you shoot freely people in public, are Eastern Asia people so camera friendly? In Europe people seem to be very sensitive about their image, and "too self-aware"(on a bad way) most of the times.
  23. @noone the "noone" part was from Homer's the Odyssey. Second book of European history (after the Iliad) What is wrong with what I said? It is plain english. I do use a7sII occasionaly for video, never for photos as there are much better photo options out there. Don't be so brand defensive, I am completely brand agnostic, I just care for myself, not them corporates. Most of the people here are using multiple brands/systems or have used many. It is just a tool, and you are "noone" (same book! The story with the Cyclop!).
  24. Kisaha

    GH5 Prototype

    For different jobs you need different tools. For you a GH4 with a mini jack input is just right, 95% of the times it is not for me. GH4 isn't a C100 with a rotating handle, at all. XLR package is a part of a whole system, with different ergonomics, handles, ND filters, various inputs/outputs, usually much better and much bigger batteries, etc. Usually all these adds to a much more productive tool for SOME video professionals. If you are not one of them, obviously you don't need any of these, usually producers are pushing fornthese setups, as they believe it is easier and much cheaper. In the series I am working now the producers were pushing for dSLR video, but we added the LS300 to that, and speeded up our production speed a lot. Most of the times, I just want to take the camera out of the bag and start recording. Even with my biggest bag, I still have to add some things before I use my mirrorless setup. Obviously, the forum here is called EOSHD, started as a dSLR forum or something, so it has a certain direction, Inunderstand that. I have 3 mirrorless cameras at the moment. I just need a better video camera now.
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