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  1. @noone come on man, I can count 18 lights with multiple lighting sources inside..how many ISO you need for that stage? THis is exactly my case..
  2. We were recording live events for decades. I do that so many times every year and I have never use a A7s for such a job, usually these venues have some kind of lighting anyway, or else they do not want the crowds to see anything. I am just amazed that people these days believe that with no IBIS, and no A7s, you are doomed to oblivion. I face every day a market that expects from one person to do lights, camera, sound, edit, sound editing, grading, driving, droning, everything. It is not right.
  3. I am no DP, and every time I am working with a proper one I am just stunned; what they can do with a couple of Dedos is just remarkable. These days I am working with a 56 years old DP with a C100markII, the most we went today was 2000ISO for just one shot, even though we had 5 hours inside wine cellars and the such. All the rest was base ISO (850). In most of the shots I would have used at least 1-3 stops higher ISO, and the result would have been worst.
  4. Whoever believes that a camera that shoots in high iso saves them a proper lighting setup and/or a crew, haven't really understand what is going on. Photography, is "writing of light", not the lack of it.
  5. @Arikhan Mattias already replied, and I do agree with him. Some other thoughts, as I am working on some snowy vineyards and I won't have much time the following days to reply 1) I never do AF, except gimbal work (and the NX1 on a Ronin is brilliant) 2) Metabones is just perfect, does it all (I am not sure that there are other active adapters anyway..), always used on tripod, not a big friend of handheld work 3) 99% use with EF and EF-S, everything works like an m4/3 adapted camera by a metabones active adapter (I guess, only m4/3 camera I have used, is GH4) 4) we haven't ac
  6. ..and I was wondering if JVC ever sold more than 200 cameras! You all know that I believe LS300 is in the right direction and best value for money. I just used it a few hours ago, for this documentary series I work, but a mkII can fix (or improve) on some issues, that can make this camera, truly the best value for money video camera on the market. I am expecting an LS300 by Panasonic too. Nikon is going DOWN.. Very good reading of the charts @IronFilm , missed those two!
  7. @lucabutera are we going to have a mkII (discounted) version?!
  8. I had posted somewhere an English version a little while ago (it could be a different forum though!), anyway, the numbers spoke. If you see the detailed analysis, the bulk of the sales are entry level, or discounted older models, cameras that we never discussed, or like here. You can all see that our needs are vastly different than the mainstream, and Canon knows what the people want! Also, Canon must sell in developing countries huge amounts of cheap dSLR, M3 (or whatever number their cheap mirrorless have) and a few 80D. China/India are 1/3 of the population on the planet, I
  9. Live TV is very difficult, because it is live, you can not do it again, nor edit it on post. I used to do shows and stuff, and it was very stressful having to mic everyone, and whatnot (and whatever anyone is doing live, cable people, journalists, cameramen, control room, etc). I didn't in any way tried to de-value your job or any job whatsoever (and not only in this field), I said that you are not paying attention to details on live shows, something really bad has to occur to create problems (and it has from time to time), other form of moving images have different challenges.
  10. @Stanley I was trying not to be offensive (as I wasn't, and I am not), sorry if I sounded(sic) strict, but I am a pro sound man since 1999, have done a few things, and I know that things are not working like this in the industry. I gave you a recent example, and I believe that you gave a very bad advice that won't make anyone a better person (technician, artist, etc). It is pretty obvious you are not aware of sound issues, better leave it to someone that can help, or give us the answer of the sound men you work with. 1) What is your job in these huge arenas? 2) The sound equipm
  11. @Stanley this is a completely false statement! I wouldn't start like this any sound education, It is completely wrong! Who are these "soundies"?This is like a script writer's line, not a "soundies"! Actually, for a slight reverberation issue that I couldn't avoid (they gave me no other option) I had recently a cable channel's producer call me and complain. @mattpitts74 Actually, one of the best "investments" for anyone care about sound are special blankets that can used accordingly to cut reflections, and are quite cheap most of the times, or even better, hire a sound man with the a
  12. You don't need a cardiod, but a different, more directional version, some of them already mentioned by jcs. The Sennheiser MKH-50 is excellent, but as you seem to search for a very low budget solution, I could suggest something like this, http://www.oktava-shop.com/Small-and-medium-diaphragm-condenser-mics/Oktava-MK-012-01-movie.html or this http://www.oktava-shop.com/Small-and-medium-diaphragm-condenser-mics/Oktava-MK-012-02.html if you need the extra capsules (or you know what they do). It is a bit tricky though, and if you want to move this mic, you would need the best protection from
  13. @rooney111 ...or very good friend with the penguins, or be one.
  14. I am reading your Sony and Fuji experiences and I am so very glad I haven't abandoned my NX1 yet.
  15. ...and change the shutter mechanism! I think I saw a code on Samsung Parts for 180$, that is perfectly logic, if it is true, and if one can make it on his own, then almost 200$ for a new shutter is just fine.
  16. JVC does brilliant things out of this sensor, it is not the best sensor around (800ISO the most), but it can do Prime Zoom function (it really works! ) and put most lenses ever built, plus there is a metabones there for anyone going larger. The most interesting part is that the sensor is made by JVC (they bought out a small sensor company a few years ago), and JVC, if I am not mistaken, is partially owned by Panasonic, I would expect them to make their own sensors, at least for their flagship, instead of buying them by their main competitors (Sony).
  17. The most convenient camera I am using the last few years, for run n gun TV documentaries (they are calling them just documentaries here, but in reality, they are run and gun) is the C100(I and II), most of our budget short films, we are using C300 with Canon cine lenses. My mirrorless system is Samsung NX which I found terrific ergonomically, unlike Sony cameras that I am using from time to time, but I wouldn't buy them, and ergonomics are playing a part for NOT buying them. I am in the industry since the film-film years (i was a boom op and lightning technician those days, so not having
  18. ..I wanted to add the ND filter there, too, and leaf shutter! I love NX ergonomics, it is amazing what they did with such a small camera. Of course, Fuji cameras are great on their own, it is just the NX500 is a very capable, extremely small and light, 28megapixels, 4K capable (it is great as a 2nd or 3rd cam) that costs new, right now (it was cheaper before Samsung pulled out!) for the same money that https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1275467-REG/fujifilm_16531635_x_a3_digital_camera_w_xc16_50mm.html costs, with much better ergonomics in my opinion (and no view finder for the a3, t
  19. It is definitely not competing with the best microphones out there, I see it more as a Rode killer, than anything. Do not feel like a lot of top pro sound men replace their 416es or 60s for this, but instead of one of the cheap Rodes, I can see getting this as a second or third mic. It is also a lot wider than 416, which is a no no for me and most top professionals, but the weather sealing, the wide patter and the cheap price of the kit it makes it an excellent back up plan, or crash-mic, or first mic for one man band professionals that sound is their second or third, or forth, (or fifth!
  20. Everything is going to be 4K soon, even entry level cameras offer 4K these days. Fuji is up-ing its game in video, video sells, I was listening to Wlater Murch the other day, saying that video is going to be next to mathematics and reading and spelling in schools, and it is almost true already. Cheap and good video will be mandatory, and accessible (when we had the next technological boom in camera phones. There will be smartphones, and pro equipment, middle ground is going to be lost). The other thing is, that the Fuji X100T in my country starts from 1190 euros(!!), 2 brand new NX500 kit
  21. Interesting, the kit with the Rycote shockmount seems like the best option of the 2. From the reviews, even the ME-66 sounded more pleasing to my ears.
  22. @Parker if you had any backstage photo with NX500+12mmm+crane, and maybe a photo or two with this combo! I feel I don't do much things with my NX500, I have to find new ways to use it!
  23. It is already a viable wedding camera, and these days, AF is very important.
  24. Yeah, the camera is terrible, but the review incredible! I thought it was some kind of action cam, but then, it had a bigger sensor. If it does what he wants, and getting money on top of that, then well done!
  25. I second that, K&F have been very nice to me, and not very cheap, but not expensive at all either.
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