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  1. Jvc has a native m4/3-super 35 sensor already, and I believe it is designed and manufactured in house, since they bought out a smaller company. I believe that JVC is owned by Panasonic, so that's that. I do not know the math for stills, but for a video orientated hybrid camera, that could be the selling point that will boost it near the top just immediately.
  2. Thank you guys. I think I'll be waiting a few more months to reconsider my options, as I spend some money in accessories and an EVF! Blackmagic's video assist seems like a no brainer for the money, but cheaper/other monitors are good options, in case I do not go for a recorder.
  3. I still use my Pentaxes, I just put them on a closet, instead of under my bed that stayed for 15 years!
  4. Definitely C100mkII, and spend wisely the rest of the money for sound, and you are good to go out there and make some money! 60D and SL1 are just way inferior, you will be excited using the mkII, you can get a cheap 18-135 STM that is my run and gun choice, and having already the Tokina, the 50mm and the 24-70 you can have better quality from quite wide to tele-ish range, if the 18-135 doesn't cut it, but for corporate, or live, it does the job most of the time. Probably you have some money left to get the new M after a couple of jobs (and when the price comes down a bit) to have it as a second camera, or backup, and/or photographic one.
  5. NX cameras have the only 28mgpxls BSI APS-C sensor, two years ago; plus DIS (Canon makes it really a big deal on the latest M, just saying), the right form factor for serious use, amazing battery life for a mirrorless, the best UI and OS (of course this is subjective), a right collection of lenses for some of us, the right codec(H265) for some of us (and for all, pretty soon), no heat problems, a breath of new life fror the second best mod/hack scene in the industry, 15fps, some cool AF tricks, best connectivity options in industry (used too, I do not know if there is anything better now), best touch screens (others catching up here too), and a few other things. What's not to like? Oh, yes, they have exited the market for good..and no RAW video.
  6. Wow! After 17 years in the bussiness, have worked in 4 countries, 2 Bachelor Degrees, 3 diplomas, is good to learn something new.
  7. +1 Axel! Obviously filmic language is far more than technical specs, absolute numbers and dogmatic apprioaches. Everything is a different tool, that we can choose to use, or not, for specific reasons amd that forms our language. If you choose some form of stabilization, or not, for no good reason, then something is not thoroughly though tin your projects. You choose the words when you write and speak to make meaningful statements and communicate, film is just that, and words and writings is just a tool of the myriad different ones, stabilized shots, or not, is another.
  8. Actually I completely agree. I am waiting for the F4 (do not care for 8ch at the moment), stepping adjustment issues (if Iam understanding it right) is a no go for me, and of course you have to trim "when and why", and digital gain with step implementation is a post nightmare when you do! There is a recent trend here(Greece) with one man sound departments, especially for documentary series, so my evolution is to have the ability to have some kind of control while booming. The market is just a mess at the moment (for financial, political and social reasons), so I have to upgrade wisely, as sound is often overlooked and very badly paid.
  9. Very true. My main profession is sound since 1999 that I finished sound school, but I have a BA in Film as well and I have done most things in the industry so I do everything, but I am not mixing responsibilities in projects and I do not believe in one man's bands . Nagra: huge problems with suddenly peaking with no apparent reason and I had to restart. Because I couldn't explain what was going on to the production (I had asked for it, as I knew the pre amps were amazing, and they really were). thankfully I found a workaround that it was fast and reliable (I immediately going to 0db, switch off the pre amps first, the the recorder, and then I had to wait 2-3 seconds, and the opposite to switch it off, honestly, I am amazed that I coped with all this hassle) that no one ever noticed (actually is the first time I share this "experience"!), but I had to do it a few dozen times per day. Some other software related glitches. That was 8-9 years ago for a horror feature in UK. Sound was impressive, the software related problems were just too much. I had tested the device, upgraded the firmware and it was brand new, so I was the first one to use it. Sound Devices: a promo video for a fashion magazine in Greece, while recording starting to distort the sound and buttons weren't working properly in that state. Corporate video: while playing back started running faster and faster and I had some issues with pressing the buttons (maybe the first and main problem had something to do with the buttons been pressed abnormally) In both cases I had to "restart", I managed to cope, but the whole situation (and not very cooperative clients) were too stressful. The first one was tested by me beforehand, the second brought by the production company. anecdote: In the second case they brought me a half opened 416 very badly deformed, which worked as new! These Sound Devices were rented and the second one seemed like it was overused. I had some issues with the Fostex FR-2LE as well, and I didn't like the sound/the build quality/the operational system, the good ole deck Fostex was brilliant to use though, and the DC-R302 is a very interesting design, I consider it better than the LE but a bit outdated too.. All in all, there isn't a perfect recorder yet (as there isn't a perfect camera), but it is good that the options are broadened. I am pretty sure the F8(F4) will bring better devices and better prices to the segment, something we really need.
  10. DR100 is the King of hand held recorders, I have the Petrol bag as well and I have accomplished a few hundred nationaly televised episodes from music to science documentaries to whatever. I do not own the 701 but it seems to me such a much biger improvement to the 70, which is more similar to the 60, than the 70 to the 701 and I am not sure about the XLR out, I mean, usually I do not need one. The F4 ticks all the boxes, and 701 seems a bit overpriced, to be honest, the old 4ch Edirol was the best device I used to use and the old table Fostexes were just amazing, but seem to stayed behind in evolution. Even with digital Nagra and Sound Devices I had huge problems (mainly software with Nagra, hardware with Sound Devices) in between feature film's productions. I just say that F4 is not a clear winner, until it is, and I buy one next year! It is very welcomed that they do produce specific video production devices. Thanks for all the info and experience.
  11. I too getting so much interference with various Sennheisser kits, recently I am only monitoring my 416, as I am certain that I am getting interferences(hair/touching/clothes noises) with them. I do too wonder how the Rode fares with intereferences, I do not mind the size. Can one use the Aputure lav with phantom power on the DR100? This is my main issue with this recorder, I can't use mic/line and phantom power signals. Only one at the time. Does anyone have more comments about the Oscar and the Apeture lavs. Thank you.
  12. Why F4 is "the clear leading option" instead of the DR100mkIII or the DR-701D? Even though I love the F4 features, I wouldn't be 100% certain until I test one. It seems like the best Zoom video orientated product, but I will wait. I used to use DR680 and I do not consider it as one of the best Tascam devices, mayne the II is better, but still 8ch are too much for carrying it around while you can have better pre amps in DR100 and/or others. Soundmen do not constantly trim, or it would be a nightmare in post. They know when to trim and why, and that is why they are get paid. Do anyone of you adjust 58 times your exposure in a 5 minutes interview or a 20seconds scene?
  13. My opinion is CanonC100mkII and 80D/the new M. I do not know about absolute DR numbers and the such, but this seems like a very convinient combo for someone with the OP's experience and line of work. As of the sound, "ancient" Fostex/Marantz/Sound Devices are waaaay better than anything Zoom had in the near past. The Zoom' ssuccess, was a similar to 5Dii's "accident", doesn't mean that a Black n Decker is the only drill available, or a Hoover, the only..well..hoover! I haven't tested F8(4) yet, but I wouldn't buy anything from them without. For me, Zoom is like the cheaper Sony solutions, everything looks good on paper, but real life ergonomics/usability/performance leaves a lot to desire. Having a dedicated video camera such as the C100 offers ergonomics, battery life, no overheating, ND filters, good audio (I am not sure if it is the best, definitely not, but a good start, or else you need a sound man) and you take it out of your bag and shoot. Having a 80D/latest M, is a good way for a B-Cam/photo machine with same lenses (saving money there too). ..and I do not own any Canon cameras at the moment, but I am sure that they will be there soon! Soundman since 1999 Tip: just take your microphone further of your camera and closer to your sound source, a better sound placement can make a 500$ sound kit sound better than a 5000$ one, and I am pretty dogmatic about it!
  14. I remember the Tascam 60 has a stepping gain adjustment, I would think that F4(8), been priced much higher won't. The thing is, that digital gain can have little "steps", unlike analog ones that you have access to the whole spectrum. The older Zooms were working like this, and the cheaper Tascams, better devices (such the Sound ones!) not.
  15. BlackMagic is 600€ in my home country and I was considering cheaper 5-5.5 inches monitoring options, such as the Ikan or Lilliput, the Ikan accepts 4K signal too and it has a touchscreen and can be found for 350€, while the Lilliput a bit higher but I guess it is considered a better monitor than the Ikan? I would expect more, better and cheaper video recorders soo .
  16. It is just a farce, but I can see some production value there. They did deliver a film, and if it is really a feature, then the money are not even enough for that. It deosn't seem like a documentary, a crowd funding Blair Witch Project of the 2016. Really intrigued!
  17. I was considering an external recorder (probably a BlackMagic video assist), mainly because some video partners want ProRes, but I wouldn't mind something between http://ikancorp.com/productdetail.php?id=1710 or http://www.lilliputuk.com/monitors/sdi/lilliput-q5/ just for monitoring purposes. Are these monitors better than BlackMagic? Do I have any true advantages using an external recorder (besides the FC friendly coded)? Do you have any other recommendations? Are all those working for both NX1 and NX500?
  18. All these sell and wtb posts should be moved to the SALE topic, to keep this topic clean and clear, and keep us focused on the important stuff.
  19. As Mattias already said, great pre amps for such a cheap device, the emergency battery is the best thing ever happened to an audio recorder. Also, more video orientated than other recorders and brands.
  20. Great camera selection, a nightmare to match in the post. I guess you use one at a time. If you recording straight to your dSLRs, you are doing something really wrong, check the "Field recorder" post just under your post, and try to read and ask about sound, which is a very important aspect of your videos (in my film school we used to say "50% sight/50% sound"). Also, investing in 3 systems should be a very expensive hobby, probably concentrating on 1 good video camera with inter/able lenses with ND filters/xlr sound interface/amazing battery times/better form factor/etc would be a better option and maybe cheaper too.
  21. That would be a deal breaker for any sound man around. If that is not the case, then for multiple chans Tascam DR-701D vs Zoom F4, and if you want smaller form factor and less ch them DR100mkIII or even the II are excellent options (now that III is out, the II is becoming a real good value for money option, with no such big differences). The DR100 preamps are the best among Tascams (and far better than any Zoom I have used, except F4/F8 which I haven't use, so I took the positive approach and trust them with better ones). I consider the 60 and 70 as lower tier options, good for cheap/very light/small dSLR rigs (where are the only true options around), but for something more, definitely the DR100ii/iii, and up. Does anyone know if DR100markIII accepts line/mic in one ch and +48 in the other(for wireless+condenser mic), the II certainly doesn't (or does it?!)? This is a huge problem, for when want to use a kit like this.
  22. +1 Emanuel! Plus, just to conclude my thinking, when I started working, late 90's, everyone was concentraded on his trade, be it sound, be it camera, whatever, and we were investing accordingly. Today, things are getting cheaper, but the market requires, for even a very low budget production, a 800$ wedding let's say, or a 700$ small shop FB video, an interchangable lens camera, couple of lens, few OK led lights, whatever can do for sound, an action cam, a drone, a slider, a few more things (tripod/monopod/bags/batteries/cables/hard drives/computational power/editing amd pp software/memory cards/monitor/etch) and the budget is not adequate for another person to come help. Sorry for ranting, just some thoughts while preparing my bags for such a project!
  23. All these action cameras are really bad comparing with even all these cheap mirrorless we are getting these days. They have to step up their game somehow (bigger sensor perhaps?). For amateurs, Mavic seems just fine (or amazing, depending one's perspective), for low budget semi-pro work, I guess GoPro offers better, and well tested image+a whole system to play with (gymbal, camera). It seems that everyone has a drone for whatever production (weddings, to corporates, documentaries, hobbies, everything). I am surely tempted to get one for the low budget jobs, but honestly, I would always prefer a specialist to come to do the job with an Inspire and a better than those cameras. Less money for me, but I am against the "do-it-all" approach of the 21st century (and the still going on financial crisis). I truly respect these kind of people, and I do the same to some degree, but sales-production-script-direction-camera-lighting-sound-editing-post production, is too much for one person to add to everything else. For not extremely low budget jobs I would prefer a 3 persons team, and probably drone/musician/After Effects small jobs.. and I am not a communist! Does anyone know how the Sony X3000 compares to those in image quality? And is any other competitive drone around 1300$?
  24. One of the early adaptors (quite literally!) should check video/sharpness settings. Even 0.35 and 1.1 is much better than -0.35 and 1.54! Probably Luca should borrow a working prototype to Marco, to do some tests with different lenses, or someone that Luca trusts, with EF lenses and some knowledge. Some Ultra Wide Zoom, or wide/extreme tele primes, or 24-70/70-200 L and the such. It is an early try from just one person, trying to achieve what even established companies and engineers didn't. This is very impressive in my opinion, but everything can evolve and mature (or it is dead, but that's another story!), so I will be waiting to see some independent tests and videos, hopefully soon.
  25. Kisaha

    GH5 Prototype

    Jvc's LS300 is a super 35, native m4/3 camera. It is not rocket science, and JVC is very close to Panasonic, anyway. There are speedboosters already for that cam, also. A sensor like this, could have made the GH5 the ring to rule them all. Panasonic have to realize that this is a video camera, with the form factor, and a little bit of a photo camera. Just the right count of megapixels for better low light capabilities would be a check mate. It is too early for anything meaningful though, I don't see myself discussing X-Files theories for a camera that I am going to see, probably in a year.I just hope for Panasonic to take the right choices, until then.
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