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  1. It is naive, if not worst, to declare the end of things. Let me remind you, "Fukuyama is known for his book The End of History and the Last Man (1992), which argued that the worldwide spread of liberal democracies and free market capitalism of the West and its lifestyle may signal the end point of humanity's sociocultural evolution and become the final form of human government." The history never ends, anyone that have read 2 or 3 history books knows that. on the topic, I watched Hobbit on 48fps, terrible, also the end of 3D for me. What's next? we will see. This is the best film I have seen so far, Bacalaureat, a Romanian film, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4936450/ nothing really technical about it.
  2. I would like to remind all of you that filmconvert has specific NX pack that one can download for free (if has the app).
  3. No, with "pragmatic dynamics" (pragmatic = relating to matters of fact or practical affairs often to the exclusion of intellectual or artistic matters) I mean, the pragmatic dynamics! First of all, I used to be a "die hard Fuji fun" buying their film stock fanatically, and buying into their ultra small compacts and bridge cameras, when that was a thing, not so far far away ago. I still kept from that era my latest ones, the http://www.trustedreviews.com/Fujifilm-FinePix-S6500fd-review and http://www.trustedreviews.com/Fujifilm-FinePix-Z5fd-review, that's how much I liked them. With "die hard Fuji funs [sic], and upper-middle class purists and hipsters" - I accept the add of "[sic]" by the way, I could have put it there from the beginning(!) - I make an estimation about the bulk of Fuji films sales about the pragmatic (true) situation among my social circle in between a few European and other countries (based of where my extended network of friends live and what cameras do they own in a few continents). I know a few that own a Fuji system (the less among the people I know, together with the NX system, which I own), there is only one professional who is doing most of his photographic work with a Fuji right now and still his bulk of his equipment is Nikon. The hobbyists (2 persons) are upper middle class with salaries much above the average. Noone of the video people I know even consider a Fuji. The examples above (Panasonic, Sony, Samsung) are of photo/hybrid cameras that can be used, or used to be used, for video people for video productions, and photos, and a A-B set is achievable. Sony's ergonomics are terrible and menus, probably the worst in the industry (I do not know anything about Olympus cameras though). Just leave it to than, it's for another thread, BUT there are also a very cheap full frame a7, and two of the most exciting full frame cameras right now, a7Rii and a7Sii that push the APS-C sales by a huge margin. This is not a small thing, as the full frame mirrorless market is a very dynamic one, and Sony plays on its own. Obviously, the jpg machine of Fuji is one of its strongest selling points, I am not going to degrate it, I just expressed the fact that other cameras are producing excellent jpgs as well, with less specific names, but very good as well, even Sony, but mostly Olympus and Samsung, and ofcourse Canon and Nikon cameras. I am not sure about other countries prices, in my country it starts from 1800 and goes to 2000EUROS body only, plus the battery grip is 300EUROS more , and without it I do not consider it as a viable video option. The GH4 3 years ago was the best hybrid camera for video people. Almost a small revolution if I remember correctly. Bottom line, people with some m4/3 bodies and lenses do not have to go to Fuji, even me with a 2 years old camera (NX1/NX500/NX3000, lenses and accessories) do not have even 1 reason to go to Fuji, Sony people..well, they are Sony people(!), only the ones that care only for APS-C will consider going to Fuji, and Canon people are happy (I wouldn't) with the 80D or M5. So the target group is a small percentage of people that are not happy with (mainly) the native APS-C lens collection of Sony (and terrible ergonomics), and Nikon people that have no access to native mirrorless system, and mainly, "die hard Fuji funs [sic], and upper-middle class purists and hipsters", probably someone who would consider a Leica, but can't afford it. That's what I meant.
  4. My comment was about the marketing, but also the pragmatic dynamics of the Fuji system, I do still work with these two Canon's (for some reason, a lot of directors are insisting of using these cameras, they do not know any better I guess). The system is not ready yet for full time video work. m4/3 has a GH4(GH5 in the future) and a few other (cheaper) options as a B cam. NX has NX1 and NX500, Sony has a6500 and a7sII e.t.c
  5. @Don Kotlos Thank you very much for the response. I have a full NX kit and the H265 is really good, a bit too early, but now that tech and services have catch up is perfect. The codec is not that robust thought, I guess it was one of the first H265 (still haven't seen H265 in any other camera) so not perfectly efficient, but still the filesizes of 4K are very manageable. All these things play a big part for my workflow, as I hold at least 2(to 3) backups per project, and hard drives and sd cards (or other media) is not a small concern when you build a system. For a camera that costed on average 1500$, to spend hundrends of dollars per project (a 3 hour live coverage/event) is not a small thing because low budget clients never pay for any of these.
  6. All I heard is "patriotism", when you hear a lot of patriots, prepare for a war, because too much "patriotism" leads to border change and nationalism (the bad way). USA wasn't even a nation a few hundred years back and its only "natives"(which again, they came through the Berring Sea, so not truly natives in a sense) massacres and confined to a few miles of land and a few casinos, and some roles as extras to some western films. The Great British are an amalgam of Germanic and Northern European peoples that actually (oh, yes!) INVADED the British Isles, killed most of the Celtic populations, Picts and the such and then went on to conquer 1/3-1/4 of the entire world. History is a constant moving of human populations, I was expecting people from the US, that are ALL immigrants, should be more intelligent than that. It is funny that the two latest empires (British and US) in the history of humanity, that rule the world the last 3-4 centurys suddenly feel that they are loosing control of their actions and they abandon Europe (both of them), and will try to baricade against the rest of the world. Also, for someone said something false like "give billions for Greece" I would just like to inform them that Greece pays back with interest rates worst than any other nation in the world, and the Greek debt is something like 0,00000000000000001% of some other great nations of this world.
  7. The above is Just ignore the above, some forum Bug with Android devices. My question is, how much mega bytes per minute the 4K/60p and the 442 10bit needs? Thanks.
  8. It is very simple what you do with the media. Support the ones that worth it. Like Guardian right now; has a whole campaign about donations and the such. Even thought it is becoming a hipsters newslet, there are people there that do real journalism. Like Washington Post and Boston Globe I guess. What else you can do? I have worked for hundreds of episodes in my country, and I have seen on the telly a dozen or two! Rest of them, mostly crap or bull-crap! Me, went to a Moderat concert tonight. And Bataclan is opening tonight. Whatever, the world still spinning and we are still turning along the biggest ride in (the known) universe!
  9. I am against Clinton and Trump, I am only pro-logic, and people declare Trump a surealist poet is too much. I can't really see the metaphor in grabbing a female's privates, and I am really well read. Trump is a populist. That's it, there isn't anything mystical or magic behind him. He is a raw man, the kind of "I grab what I want" man, and " I'll tell you what you want to hear" and that is why he won. People want to be Trump, billionaires, don't pay taxes, bankrupt and saved by the system, being a tv persona, have a trophy Slovenian model wife and a beautiful daughter that "if I wasn't his father I would date her". There is nothing metaphorical, or lyrical, or surrealistic, or anything, he is what ALL the uneducated simpletons want to be. The issue no one is talking about is the voting system. Why there are only two (very similar in reality) political parties? Why can't we vote NONE OF THE ABOVE? How people with less than the 1/4-1/5 of the electoral capacity rule whole nations? Hitler was voted by themasses, that didn't really go that well (ofcourse they are not the same, just saying). And.."democracy is the worst, but is the best one we know so far". Whoever cares about political systems, let's check the Swiss democratic system, the most democratic I know, and ofcourse the Athenian democracy, the most advanced social experiment, 2500 years ago.. Also,Trump's latest words are very moderate. He lied to his own voters?!
  10. @grey we are eagerly waiting for your review!
  11. Very early, but it is here to stay. As of the TV HDR, people have to realize that cheap models of 2015-2016 have NO real HDR. Actually, for 2015 only 3 "normal priced" Samsungs, 2 Sonys e.t.c had real HDR, plus, the consortium has something like "ultimate HDR", which is going to be the HDR to get for the next couple of years. Next Christmas, will probably be right to acquire such a TV, with maybe prepared to accept the next gen 4K HDR consoles and hardware, right now it is either very expensive, or not worth it. The standards are kind of liquid right now. Do yoy do HDR on post? What is the procedure?
  12. Already proposed the Aputure! Check it out, wireless control for relatively cheap
  13. Is the euro price out yet? I believe this and the GH5 are 1999$, but the euro prices are completely different usually. If they stick (a few months after being officialy out) for 1999€, with a kit lens, then they could possible sell some cameras, a bit difficult when the Sony's being 1/3-1/4 of the price less (and I am sure they are working on 10bit already, spring time they will have an a6666 with 10bit recording and better touch screen implementation, overheating at 6,66seconds, but who cares, the spec sheet will seem right) and Fuji a good quite bit lower, but 10 bit recording it is something for sure. I believe, that outside this forum, and for 2017 at least, 10bit video is not going to push sales much, and this forum is just a small glimpse of the real world, and of sales. How many people from here own a top Olympus, and how many a GH4? 10/40? Less? How many of those will buy into those cameras? 5/20, less?
  14. Schwarzenegger is uber cool! Remember his first film the Hercules on New York or something? I am sure he will be sympathize with illegal immigrants, he was a Greek semi-God in New York after all!
  15. @Emanuel do you have a video out? For what I have seen already, I prefere to rent someone with an Inspire to do the job. For less quality, and more fun, Mavic seems brilliant, the next itiriation maybe will be right for me too. For now I am playing with Syma toys!
  16. Left and right, communism, capitalism, socialism, -isms, are words of the past. We try to answer to new problems with old news. People demanding Trump dead, and violently protesting against the elected President, is just stupid, and same as the worst of the Trump words. We have to.completely change our ways of thinking, it takes a lot of knowledge and spherical education to be a complete human being. 2 centuries ago and for almost 1500years, you just needed to read the Bible, and that was it, nowdays, my proposal is to read Sagan, Richard Dawkins, political science, tech books, all the human knowledge and history points to one think, altruism, without that, we are doomed, and nothing is forever, do not forget, dinosaurs were the dominant species almost an eon(!) more than us, to achieve something, and go somewhere, we need all the human race to work for something, now, closing the borders, and our minds, just waiting for the inevitable to happen. Talking about Trump, and.Clinton, and socialism, amd racism, we are missing the point, and that isbthe saddest part. We do not have a clue, and the time is clicking against us.
  17. Exactly, Sanders, and a couple more, for sure. I believe the problem was that people had to vote for Trump, we all know (we that didn't vote for him, because he was ELECTED, do not forget that) how bad he is, but the Clinton family is not the most democratic of the Democrats, so people vote against the "establishment", and Trump and Sanders were the anti-establishment vote, Hilary wasn't. Right now the world goes left or (far) right, Clinton was center-right, and that was it. Already Trump - Putin - Erdogan are.forming an unholy alliance, who is going to stop them? And who are going to devour? I see that US people do not have the whole idea of how the president of the United States affect the whole planet, maybe you worry about your salaries right now, but aggression and negativity goes around and comes around. This person supports the idea of teachers teaching with guns and punish women that want to have birth control. Seriously..
  18. The main issue is not money, is war, there is something very 1936 everywhere in the world. Right now we needed the best leaders we could have and unfortunately we have the worst, everywhere. It seems like Russia, Turkey and China are the most determined to change the status quo, and there is no force right now to counterbalance them. uS are in decline, with the worst (a)political leader in the whole world (I know North Korea, still believe Trump is clueless of anything politic and geostrategical), EU is dying and they wait only for the Italian referendum to give a shot in the heart, and the final one in the French elections in Spring, the rest of the world is concerned more with financial affairs (Germany including which is 4th or 5th in military power in Europe alone). Who is going to fight Russia when they will invade Ukrain, and whoever they want(remember Crimea, you should, it was last year?) Who is going to stop Turkey invading Greece, Northern Syria and Northern Iraq, and completely annihilate Kurds (which are one of the biggest nations in the world, without a state, 30-40.000.000). China is building islands to control the south east seas. There are more things to loose than money. War happens.
  19. It's kind of easy and straight forward but it is 4 oclock in the morning, on a hospital, so it is best to download the manual and have it on your phone! Check this out as well. https://vimeo.com/118390610 I have the digital manual on me, on every camera I have to use. For run n gun AF is incredible, but for a movie I wouldn't even dare to use anything auto at all, maybe I am too old school, I do not know. There is a certain discipline when you do shorts or features, AF sounds too easy to be right, and as a 1rst assistant, is your job to focus pull as well! 75% zebras are alright, beter to be safe than sorry anyway. The codec is incredible robust for its bitrate, but again, C100 is more of a run n gun camera, live events, low/medium budget corporates e.t.c I am sure you will be fine and pleased with the result, but there are other solutions for films. It seems like you should have done your research beforehand thought!
  20. Ofcourse it could, everything is possible. Generaly speaking, it is not very convinient to mix and match so different sensors. Even with same sensors and cameras the image is quite different, imagine completely different sized sensors. Just my 2 cents.
  21. @arourke and others: I suggest creating a "LUT" thread, inside the NX1/NX500 sub forum, and if anyone has any LUT and settings to provide, we can keep all that knowledge clean and tidy, over there. Great work Arourke, thank you.
  22. We live in a simulation. Our universe (of one of the infinite ones) is the game of someone (some people call him God, I call him "A very bad life simulation game-player", or "he just don't care that much"). Cameras are not relevant, they can go extinct in the next turn, they can go 20K, for whatever reason (VR cooking videos from inside the oven?). Right now, the player has gone out with his teenage friends and left the game on. Previous time this happened - a month ago (his "month") - World War II happened. Maybe the official camera of the World War III will be a 6K a7000 Sony, with the new 12-80 2f, this May. In case of nuclear explosion, it overheats.
  23. So, what is the point exactly? E-ND?
  24. I do want full control and shooting M most of the times, and I do not found the Fuji controls to my liking. It was good some time ago, simulating analog ergonomics, in my opinion is not sufficient for 2016. I love the NX1 ergonomics, if anyone has any experience with it (you can do most things without change your holding) and the Canon C ones for video.
  25. @Trek of Joy Exciting times and great tools we have. I mostly agree with what you said (almost what I already said), one point thought that most people seem to misunderstood, is the fact that if you need only 3-6 lenses that you can find in a specific system, then the hundrends of lens options in other systems are not that important. How many people can afford, or need so many lenses? Also, the NX1 is 2 years old, but still better in most things than any Fuji. Sony is kind of a joke in my opinion (especially for APS-C users), but their aggressive stance gains them a big market share and they eventually (A7sXVI) will produce the perfect hybrid.
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