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  1. I have used A7 cameras, A7Sii is great, but only using it as a sensor (as we use the black magic cameras, no ergonomics whatsoever), the battery life is the worst ever fro pro work (together with black magic pocket!), menus/button placement just terrible, screens (back screen, EVF) not that great, and I am against full frame sensors for video (I do not like the aesthetic and practical problems it creates). Also, maybe A7 cameras are smaller than NX1, the lenses are big and heavy, so I can't really see any advantage there, in the contrary, with such big and heavy lenses you need a sturdy dSLR like style body. If you earn money from the NXes, the investment is just minimal, maybe for a hobbyist ia not very wise to invest (actually, I am resisting too), but as a short term investment, is not that bad (considering that the S lenses are 2 to 3 times cheaper than similar ones in other systems). GH4 ergonomics are really far behind NX1.
  2. I from the other side just consider getting the 16-50S and/or the 50-150. I am reconsidering my options very dynamicaly (almost real time!) and I do not see anything better with similar, or slightly more cost, than a NX1+16-50S combo. The practicallity of this, is just priceless. IBIS is the only thing missing, but the NX1 is perfect size/weight wise, for the most image stabilizers (e.g Ronin), and I do not see any APS-C camera surprass it anytime soon, and when it will, it won't be cheap (including glass), so I huess I am good for at least a couple more years, which is a lifetime for equipment of this sort. Together with the NX500, is just a perfect combo for 4K low budget jobs, and if I want run and gun 1080p, I go C100mkII.
  3. Samsung offered features in their updates that other brands offer in one to three generations of new bodies. The only other company that I respect in that sense is Panasonic, always trying to offer the most to their customers (again not because they are "nice people", but because they want to attract customers), but with paid firmware updates or new bodies nevertheless. Maybe the most like-able people in the industry are the Fuji ones, and I do not see their cameras and firmwares being bold and beautiful. That was probably the last reason that NX failed though. We have discussed many of them before, now it is not the time, as it is actually kind of optimistic that they have a new firmware update. The fact that actually someone took an order to fix the connectivity issues with newer Android versions, (for normal "normal" people of the mainstream, the target group of Samsung anyway, that is far more important than the mods/hacks; we, the others, can still go on with our firmwares) leaves all the opportunities open. Plus the filmconvert situation!
  4. All the rest of the cameras that are not in their profiles, and they are not named "BlackMagic Design Ursa mini 4.6K - Samsung NX1 - Sony a6300 - Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus - Sony FS7 Slog3 - Canon C300II" and have less of 6% of the votes
  5. FHow is it possible for NX1 to be #2!?! That is just incredible. Very good news, plus the new firmware updates, create some interest on the NXes. I can't wait for the NX profiles, that will be a great advantage for our workflow (and our pride). I still can't believe the second place, above Canon/Sony/Apple..
  6. NX1, done! Althought there are a lot of very popular cameras on that list. Someone has to post it on dpr and/or other forums/social media, even if not "win" the poll, our votes matter for future consideration.
  7. We had a shooting with 3 5DmarkIII the other day. We used 3-4 batteries on every Canon and 2 on the NX1, plus just 1 for the NX500 (used only for backstage photograpgy, almost 300 pictures). One 5D started to behave strangely, and we had to change both card and battery a couple of times. I have never experienced any overheating problems with any of the NX, even in event videography.
  8. I am seriously interested in this camera. Does it make sense to use Panasonic lenses with lens image stabilizer, or the Olympus will do fine? Do EF lenses have autofocus? I guess metabones adapters and the such will do the trick a la GH4 style? I am trying to find a reason not to buy it, but with such a reduced price it seems like the only option! Do you have any comment between the JVC and the FS5? Cheers.
  9. Why not a NX1 as a B-cam? And a NX500as a 3rd(!)? I do the occasional event coverage (music/dance plays), and I would strongly considered using all 3 of them (usually have 3 camera operators and 4 cameras, I use a dSLR for a very wide shot and a video camera for closer looks on the scene). This JVC looks like a winner, it is maybe a firmware update away from being the best video/cine camera hybrid. I do not see a niced priced Canon 4K video camera coming any soon!
  10. After the price drop and the latest firmware update, it seems like the best "workhorse" option in the market. I own the NX500/NX1 and usually rent the C100ii or C300 for paid jobs, so I will need to buy a dedicated video camera soon (September) and I would like it to be 4K but modestly priced, and I am not convinced with the Sony options so far.. I will wait, and closely follow the market until then, but this JVC, considering the cost and some innovative implementations, seems more and more appealing by the day.
  11. We will be expecting eagerly your hacking/moding advances, until then just keep it humble, so to keep this thread useful and without any grey noise.
  12. Kisaha


    Guys, please, kids are reading these forums too..
  13. Kisaha

    Sony a6300 4k

    Actually you have the camera you want, with the option to go full frame too, if you feel like it, it is the A7Rii. Plus you get IBIS (it sounds like it is something really bad!). The a7000 will come eventually, because you can't have a camera at this segment of the market with no touchscreen, as we said the masses is the market for this camera, and the masses want touchscreens (and I do, things are so much easier) but Sony will need at least a couple of years to do so (R&D is focused on the full frames for the foreseeable future, and they have to sell out all the new a6300es, and touchscreen do not come with firmware updates), and so we go back to those NX cameras I mentioned earlier.. NX1 1080p -------- 7.9 ms NX1 4K ---------- 30.9 ms a6300 1080p24 --- 15.2 ms a6300 4K 24fps -- 39.0 ms
  14. https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500 you can try, it is 12Mbps though.. Actually this is one of the most important aspects for me. 2.5K seems like the sweet spot for my productions, and post production capabilities.
  15. Kisaha

    Sony a6300 4k

    It is going to be a7000, and you can't have everything for the 1/3 of the A7r/s II price, at least not before the A7 series offers a lot more (they are never going to cost less than 3000$, new I mean). It is obviously an a6000 with better "insides". Whoever wants this for a B cam, will buy it eventually (almost all the A7/FS oweners) but the real money are in to the people that will buy a6300 instead of a6000, and they want/prefer this form factor (to compete with other APS-C/m4/3 cameras), and why not? There never will be "a camera to rule them all", especially for 500$ that we all hope, NX1 and NX500 were close when they were out 18/12 months ago and noone bought them.
  16. Kisaha

    Sony a6300 4k

    Sorry, I misread the Fuji comment, but still you get my point; I do not see a lot (if any) Fuji users to go Sony because of the a6300, while they had barely video with the previous Fuji's.
  17. Kisaha

    Sony a6300 4k

    In my country the a6300 is 1400euros body only, and 1600 kit, similar money with a slightly used A7s. m4/3 people have their Olympuses for stills and Panasonics for 4K video. Fuji said that they are about to give 4K in a firmware update, so they must be about to do it. I do not see a lot of NX users to HAVE TO switch (NX500 is doing crop 4K for 499euros kit, NX1 is probably a better PRO camera than a6300, but I am not going to debate now), except the ones that abandoning ship (but it doesn't mean they go Sony, a lot have gone m4/3 already, for small and light lenses, or Fuji for APS-C). Nikon they will have their own 4K camera soon, and it will be interesting to see if they have built to their excellent HD files as well. Canon users they do not know about 4K, and the ones they do buy C300mkII or 1D ( I am being sarcastic, but the Canon policy actually works for them!).. Pentax they have their own new Full Frame camera to play with, so I am not sure how many people will buy to this camera, simpler users with a6000 and a5000 cameras will be reluctant to upgrade, as the price is not that good (yet) and maybe the lowering of a6000 will be a more attractive option to them. The not many APS-C native lens options is something to consider too. I can see every A7 owner to get one though, as a B-cam, or every day "compact", but the camera is not that groundbreaking, maybe the a7000 will be (touchscreen in the year 2020 for Sony, while car and white appliances have already!), but we haven't seen the a6300 yet..
  18. I would like to use NX1 and NX500 for interviews, or other small videos. Does anyone has any ideas how to match? What I usually do (I haven't done any NX500 video, is my everyday photo camera with the 30mm pancake) is STANDARD or VIVID / Smart Range: OFF / OLED:NO / Constrast: -4 Sharpness: -10, everything else default. 16-235 (NX1 only). Does anyone have any ideas? Also, for us that we haven't Andrew's LUT, is there any workaround?
  19. Amazing offer Mattias, just unbelievable. Down here in Greece we have liberal immigrant policy as well, but extremely expensive NX equipment! NX500 is amazing for what it is, and I can have both NX1/NX500 plus 4 lenses and accessories on a small Lowe Pro Nova bag. Smallest 4K interview set ever.
  20. Kisaha


    Hello people. What do you think about the Takumars? There are a few people selling whole sets of them,are they any good for use with the NX1? Thanks.
  21. I got dirty cheap M42 and FD, working perfectly fine. I got a telescopic Kiwi to NX, perfect. Got other cheap Chinese ones for other mounts, never had any issues. I would like to get an EF, Nikon and maybe an EF-S too. Maybe go to the Chinese solution again, except maybe the Nikon one.
  22. Maybe I am simple minded, but the NX1-NX500 is the cheapest, lightest, smaller 4K A-B camera set right now, for "simple" things like interviews and live events (such theatre plays, or music/dance shows) and low budget jobs are just fine. For the whole 2016 I think I am set (have a good year, by the way!) and with a minimal "investment". Samsung is so big, that they really do not care at all, if next year (or the year after) believe that a full frame camera can make them some profit, they will, and if it suits my needs and my budget, it will be in my shopping list. They are mass producers, they do not really care about selling a "few" cameras, they want to sell thousands and thousands.
  23. Neither. The NX500 has a 1080p HDMI output, I just don't know if there are any advantages using it with an external recorder (mostly for the time restrictions, and the ProRes files). 90% it is not capable to do anything with that output (except view the pictures on TV) but I just thought to ask, just in case.
  24. Does it make any sense to connect the NX500 with an Atomos Ninja 2/Star?
  25. With the 12-24 it is 28.8mm, not very wide, but still workable, and quite wider than the 38mm. I believe works good as a B-cam, the crop factor cleverly used, can be an advantage, as the dissent (for the price) 45mm becomes 108mm, perfect for an interview close up. The only major disadvantage I can see is the lack of DIS, I would really like to see that, and I think that it can be done internally. I am that person looking to spend 500 (euros in my case) on a 4K camera and lens ( so I can't really complain about the DIS, but still..) !
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