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  1. Hi! Sorry for posting here if it's wrong section. Travelling with my NX1 and the S lenses. After a medium rain (probably) the first real rain for this NX1 + 16-50 S lens I noticed that the EVF is white when I was switched Bluetooth on to transfer the jpegs. First it looked like a old tv set with grain amd then went white (low white whem in lcd mode and high when switch to EVF mode). In the rain I used the built in flash but first noticed that the flash didn't fire. Though it had to do with electronic shutter. Chronology: 1. Going out in the rain. No lens change during being outside. 2. Getting message on screen (Electronic shutter available). ???!!!! (Have had El. Shutter on since I've had the camera but never seen the message). 3. Tried to use integrated flash. First nothing happened. Switched "Electronic shutter" off. The the flash worked. Took some images and did some video while out. 4. Got home with camera after 50 minutes. Left it a bit to dry on a plastic "sheep skin". 5. Turned it on to use Bluetooth to transfer images and a video. Noticed after turning on bluetooth via the lcd that the EVF is shining white. Taking picture with the lcd works however. Have detached the battery grip, lens and hve put the camera upside down with the integrated flash open to dry just in case. Anyone experience something similar? Would be hard if the EVF is broken. Never had anything similar happen before. The NX1 is supposed to be weatherproof right? (There is a commercial with it and the 16-50 S lens in a faucet under the tap. And I don't remember anywhere saying to not to open/use the flash in rain.) And this wasn't any special rain. Far from a monsoon. Kind Regards. Teheimar.
  2. Well, for me Samsung works quite fine. However a zoom or a S-lens might be nice as well. I have Nikon and Sony but can't see me buying more of that stuff (except for Nikon V3 perhaps). Btw, this might sound a bit controversial, but wouldn't buying a new screen with 10-bit quantum dots or better be actually a better investment than new camera gear in some sense? Especially if one uses RAW format for photography since the RAW-image is 14-bits? I have no idea how it would be for video thought.
  3. Hi! For various reasons I'd like to try more video with my NX1 (usually I'm photo only) and would like to ask for some advice regarding two things 1) prefereably cheap cine or non-cine lens that is - Manual focus, - adaptable to the NX1 mount, - with good separation (bokeh is a bonus) - somewhere between 30-40 mm FF equivalent. - fast and still precise focusing - and not overly long (as in protroding ) to keep the whole setup fairly compact. It's OK if it's big, short and wide as long as the MF is smooth and easy to use and doesn't require alot of fiddling. For comparison I really like how the NX 30 mm 1:2 works in MF mode. It feels a bit rangefinder style. Compared with the NX 20 mm which one has to turn around several times just to get somewhere. Somehow I've focused on vintage russian lenses (learned photography on a old Zenith, those where the days), as well as old "zebra style lenses" because of both looks and colours, but I'm open to suggestions. I do realize that in some sense it would be easy just to get a usual NX 20-50 mm ED II but then you get the samsung colour look and I'd like to control the focus myself. I've looked at Russian KMZ quartz lenses, (google images) but they are Super8 so they have a far too small image circle, and I'm not sure about the adapters. 2) really compact stereo microphone (mostly forward focused) that doesn't take up too much place mounted on the flash-shoe and works good with the NX1. (There are tons of recommendations in general for DSRL etc, but I'm looking specifically for the NX1). Cheers /Teheimar.
  4. Speculation: Hm..could it be too much information perhaps compared to the processing power and how the autofocus is programmed? DSLR maybe are not as good at really really exact sensorplane autofocus, but quick enough, while mirrorless are good at slower but more exact autofocus.
  5. As Mars said it depends on intended use. I am testing the NX1 at the moment with the 30 mm f/2.0 pancake. @Andrew Reid: Are the S zooms faster in focusing? Otherwise I'd say that I so far like the performance in the ISO 1600-3200 range for stills photography. The range for post processing of the raw files is quite huge, but so far I've only tested them with in Camera Raw without the Samsung to DNG converter, which I understand is recommended. However over 1600-3200 I'm finding the noise (comings from Nikon "noise" character) seems to behave a bit differently depending on light. Generally speaking I'd say so far (since I have NOT tested teh NX1 with the S or the faster lenses and teh 30 mm was a cheap solution) that for tracking and really quick situations I've found the results from Nikon 1 V1 and kit-zooms systems very good. Not talking here about image quality, bokeh, DR but focus, geometry and getting the shot. All those more artistic values and image quality tend to disappear over ISO 400 sort of. It being totally silent and having 10 FPS (V3 has 20 FPS) JPEG + RAW and a really deep buffer helps of course. The problem there is of course that you need some practice to get used to not seing a "live" image but a stack of images. Don't know about tracking on the NX1 yet. With the 30mm it seems kind of so so. I miss not having a centre "lock & track" function. Otherwise being a long term (for me ) Nikon user the 1/2/3/4Ds cameras and the 1 system cameras seem to be on par in the field, but the big top-of-the line cameras are faster with the OVF so far in use if you are not used to a EVF. The NX1 seems to have a quicker EVF then the Nikon V1 which is nice. @sandro I'm not sure about it, but I'd say that for telework of stills I'd use today a V3 + Nikon 1 70-300 (effective 35 mm equivalent 2.7x that) and tracking. IF the light is good and you don't care about top-notch image quality*. That is is you are really on a budget. I myself will be testing the NX1 with a Sony 70-300 SSM via adapter to see how it works out, but I'm into stills photography mainly. * Coming more from the "press-photo" branch sort of sometimes image quality isn't the top priority but to get a pictures in a tricky situation at all is. Sorry it that's kind of like swearing in the church.
  6. Count me in. Since I'm not a videographer I'd like to see some improvement on the stills side (but like the video suggestions too). Have a couple of suggestions for stills, but will list them later. have to test at least the 45 mm, 20 and 16-50 S lens first.
  7. Btw. I have bought a NX1 now. I have other expenses so I didn't buy the 16-50 S lens and got just a 30 mm. Quite a camera. Has it's quirks and so, and a very different high-ISO noise behavior compared to what I'm used to. Mostly I really like it. The 30 mm is however not the best low-light lens I assume, and it's quite slow in focusing. Is the 16-50 S faster overall? Have not got any adapters for glass, but so long it would be Konica Minolta MD - NX for my MD 58 PF 1.4 (portraits, would be equal to a 85 f/1.4 *1.5 roughly) Sony A - NX just to test a 70-300 G SSM I (I will maybe buy a 50-150 later, but that's later since it's still fairly quite a expense). But this lens has circular blades to I'd like to test at least. Nikon AF-D/G - NX for all my Nikon glass. Somehow I hope that my Sigma 14 mm f/2.8 paired with NX1 can produce really nice wide angle 1:1 images. There are a couple of things I miss or would like to add. So if Samsung isn't really doing anything more, it would be nice if they could outsource (by some agreement) the firmware updates to some firm or collective that could do those things. I'd gladly pay some to have FW updates. What I'd like to add: 1. Direct Zone selector (really fast) 2. Some suggestions about better focusing, but that depends on how the camera is with the S-lenses. 3. Better email via WIF/Bluetooth capacity (have not tested it yet with a android phone). Set-up a senders adress/server/and so on and having a option to not compress images for JPEG-transfers.
  8. Just to clarify (Even thought I posted the text above, I'm still going to buy a NX1 probably.) It is sad that more ordinary camera companies are so conservative - but on the other hand photography might be a quiet conservative thing still? Anyone had any deliveries from Samsungparts yet?
  9. Found this on Whirlpool while looking for NX1 related info. Note the date.
  10. OK. That's really OK. 1000 photos is really enough. I think I'd usually as it is today transfer between 1-50 and sometimes maybe up to 400 to the phone/tablet. And out of all that perhaps 1-20 would be the final ones.
  11. That sounds great actually. How long did one picture take to transfer (ca)?
  12. Pls tell us how it goes. I have a couple of days to decide wether to buy a NX1 package herr locally, but the price is quite steep considering it's most probably a orphaned system. (€1800). Btw, I know it might sound a bit amateurish, but anyone who has tested sending a batch of JPEGS from the NX1 directly or through a smartphone to Facebook/Dropbox/whatever. Are the images full rez? Kind of important for how I thought setting up a "work-pipeline". Sonys Play memories app process seems fiddly.
  13. Oh. wow. Was today testing the NX1 at the store, but those prices will probably really drop the system pricing.
  14. I think I agree on that. If there would be a tech deal with someone else (Nikon) there might have at least been a press release (continuining strengthen cooperation, brand, tradtions bla bla...) to try to persuade Samsung customers using their tech in another brands products. So it looks more like they are quitting or hibernating.
  15. If Nikon have bougth the mount as well, wouldn't that mean they will have to abandon the 1 mount? Having 3 mounts to maintain is kind of huge. Canon has 2 EF and M, Sony has 2 F(E) and A, and the A-mount isn't getting alot of attention. Olympus and Panasonic have 1 mount only, right? I have a Nikon v1 camera and the kit lenses as well as a flash. I usually disagree about the Nikon 1 mount being bad. It's good for what it is, small, quiet, really fast and especially for getting long reach. BUT, having said that I think Nikon marketed it mostly to the "point & shoot crowd", partly to women and amateurs, and didn't expect it to cannibalize - my guess - telephoto sales (like V1/2/3 body + FT-1 adapter + TC-20E 2x + insert long telelens/zoom here = take pictures of flies 2 km away and save $$$$ with cheaper lens.) Having said that: The V1 is a bit of a prototype and the 1 inch sensor doesn't have what one would get with bigger sensor. And Nikon has a way of crippling the cameras, which is apparent with V2 and V3. I checked with the local Samsung support about the NX1 here in Sweden. Basically it seems like this (my interpretation): 1. It seems Samsung more or less relied on the resellers doing the big marketing work with actually talking and demonstrating to buyers the NX1. I'm not sure how it's in other countries, but I have gotten the impression that in Sweden it might not have worked at all. I have not met any staff in a photo/video store that has really known the NX system. Usually you are always referred to in a more serious physical store to someone who actually has tested or used the camera and can say something about it. So for Canon, Nikon and Sony it's really not a problem. Olympus/Panasonic a little harder. Pentax - hard. Samsung - nonexistent during last 2 years (have helped friends buy cameras so usually Pentax and Samsung have got struck because store reps have not had anything to say). I'd say that if so - then it was a mistake on Samsungs part. It might explain why I have not seen anyone in the field here with a NX1. Selling smartphones vs selling cameras is quiet different. The camera market here seems more traditional, and while Sony A7xx series is really being pushed and hyped here as well, it probably would not have been like that if not focus peaking and the lens adapting trend (Metabones). So Samsung should have marketed it more aggressively and perhaps even let out a couple of NX1/NX500 to people just to use and market it, held seminaries to store personnel and so on so people would actually see the NX in the street, as with their phones. It has taken a while for Fuji to build up it's fan base. 2. It seems that as long as there are parts, repairs will probably be doable for the next year or so. Quite unclear answer. 3. It seems the apps (Samsung Camera manager) is so far staying. And I was told that it's quite popular is well. 4. Firmware updates.. no idea.. I told the support person it was VERY appreciated in any case that they have made all these FW-updates and that it set them apart from the rest of the market. Since this thread is about the NX1 and considering the situation I'll write this here are well. If it's the wrong place then I apologize. I'm waiting for a store to get it's hands on a NX1 demo-kit that I can try in the store. I'm thinking of buying one. Have tested it very briefly once. I have come up with a couple of decision criterias. On paper the NX1 seems like a really good camera and today a good enough camera for me. I'm more a still image photographer, but want to try video (so that's learning). (My priority is 1. NX1 2.Sony A77ii or Nikon V3). Generally I'm upgrading from a Nikon D2Xs - which is by todays standards a dinosaur. I was recommended by my usual computer hardware forum to EOSHD and a big part of this has to do both me trying to find real world use info about the NX1 and a forum post I wrote a couple of years ago about future camera features (photo.net). The NX1 feels like a step in that direction. I'll be comparing the NX1 + 16-50 S lens in parallell to the Sony A77ii + 16-50SSM. Comparison details: Main thing of course: Get along with the camera. 1. acquisition time/speed in high/low-light 2. Tracking in different light (also for video) 3. Is tracking better in continuous if you lower the fps to 8-10? 4. How is the EVF for low light and how is the lag? (difference between still image/video) 5. How is the blackout in AF-S and AF-C? 6. Ergonomics, balance and Menu system - is it fast and easy to navigate. 7. Color settings and databanks. Possible to save your own tweaks. 8. Switch on/off noise reduction 9. Use with gloves (buttons. grip etc). 10. Flash???? Alternatives. 11. Possible to record video with a "color filter" or tweaks on it"? 12. Interconnect possibilities and their design in the menu (to smartphone etc). As you see, I am more geared towards speed then highest possible tech quality and prioritize to get stuff done in the camera instead of spending to much time in front of the computer (unless it's a RAW image I like). Therefore the A7xx series seems really unsuited. And the A7ii starts too slowly with a Zeiss 35 lens. So if anyone has some comments, recommendations or experiences to share I'd be very thankful. And then we have the prices. I don't really see how the stores here will be able to sell the NX1 and lenses for usual prices now that the batteries have stopped being produced. Ca €1900 for the small package and ca €3000 for the big package (one or two S lenses) seems WAY overprice. Sorry for the long post. Edit: ironed out some spelling and grammar mistakes.
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