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  1. Hi John. I had exactly the same 'problem'. I convert the original H265 file in EditReady with the EOSHD LUT. After this, I tried in FCPX to convert the video to Rec 709 with the standard tool FCPX is given. Exposure is a problem with this approach. I have now download the free LUT loader of pixelfilmstudios --> http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/fcpx-lut-loader With the standard LUT provided in this plugin, the exposure is excellent! Peter
  2. Last summer I was on holiday in Norway. We started in Oslo and drove all the way to the Lofoten. I did no colour grading. Shots are stabilized in FCP. Most shots are done with the Samsung 16-50 f2.0-2.8. For more zoom, I used the 50-200 mm zoom lens of Samsung. For future project I will dig into colour grading! Have fun with viewing :-)
  3. I am impressed! Are you using the Samsung 50-200mm III lens? When I use this lens for video on the NX1, it seems the stabilisation of the lens is not working properly. Do you encounter the same?
  4. Thanks for the replies. No grading. You can see my settings at the beginning of the movie. Another thing. When I use resolution 3840, should I use 25p or 30p. More framerates seems to be the logical choice. Is this correct? I don't have a 4k television yet. Since I live in Europe, I am not sure if my future television will support 30p.
  5. Hi, I recently bought the Samsung NX1. Mainly due to this website, so many thanks for that! This camera is a major upgrade for me. I had a bridgecamera of Sony which I really liked (DSC-HX100v). Having the NX1 now, I am really happy about my choice. I can make beautiful photos, but also beautiful movies during my holidays. I have made a short movie with standard settings, just with the purpose of getting to know the NX1. It's made in The Netherlands, Hoek van holland: Now I should play more with different settings. I think I should adjust the contrast. Please let me know your first opinion of the movie :-) Peter
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