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  1. ​No wonder I liked it! ;-)
  2. ​My favorite part was the credits—those pool ball shots were pretty neat
  3. ​There are plenty of skin tones in the second video I posted (which I tried my best to keep natural after grading; professional colorist I am not). But yes, it's certainly an improvement over CineD. I think the best praise I can give is that it looks exactly like you'd expect a log profile to look.
  4. I would bet this is true. Panasonic has been great to work with, and if I had to guess, part of the reason for the delay may be to ensure that LOG is a valuable addition to the camera, not just something that feels tacked on (as it did in the firmware I tested). From a technical standpoint, I think everything is probably pretty locked in at this point.
  5. ​Unfortunately, not directly. I had very limited time with the gear, so things were quite rushed. We shoot most of our stuff for the store on the GH4, though, so I had plenty of experience with CineD. I know The Camera Store TV did a direct comparison, and now I'm wishing I had thought to do that, too! D'oh! ;-) One observation I did make, though, was that LOG was not available as a profile in stills mode, which sort of messed me up for shooting time-lapse sequences as I prefer to shoot those in JPEG to save space compared to raw. But oh well. I should also note, we were recording externally
  6. I don't want to come across as being self-serving with this, but I work at one of the retailers that received pre-release firmware to test on the GH4. There are "reasons" V-LOG-L is not part of the v2.2 update, but I can assure you, Panasonic would not have let us release the footage we shot with it if they weren't planning on actually bringing it to the GH4. We tested it in some fairly low-light conditions and, yes, it is noisy, but the footage was still a dream to work with in post compared to CineD. Here is a link to a basic before/after color grade test I did (sorry if the colors are "dodg
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