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  1. I picked up my Gh5 two days ago and used it along side my other cameras at wedding yesterday. Ive noticed something very annoying. Even while recording if the camera hasn't received a physical input for 30 seconds (touching the screen or clicking a button) the display dims by arround 30%. which at a glance is enough to make me think the exposure is wrong. Are other gh5 users experiencing this? in the settings under monitor lumanance i have it set to option 1* (side note, nowhere in the manual or documentation is there an explation for the difference between A*, 1*, 2* or 3*) both 2* and 3* are dimmer than option 1* is there a sleep/time out setting im missing? for recording interviews wihout an external display its going to be bloody anoying monotring with a dimmed display after 30seconds. No doubt its a power saving measure but i dont want it. Under the economy menu sleep mode is turned off this is my first time posting here, my apologies if i havent gone about it the right way.
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