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Trump FF58 1.5X Oval Aperture + Iscorama 1.5X = 2X the ovals, 2X the fun?

Rob Bannister

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Hello everyone,


These are just some random snaps cut together using the DSO Trump FF58 with a 1.5X oval aperture inside, combined with the iscorama 1.5X anamorhic.  Simulating the bokeh of a 2X anamorphic..



Anyways I thought some of the shots looked pretty good an wanted to share. Pretty cool being able to shoot this on a D800 and not go to wide like 3.25:1


Password is buds


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Thanks Julian, for just hanging out enjoying the lovely weather we had here for a short period they came out pretty good.


That combo sounds crazy, Might be better with the stopped down oval aperture. The second shot is like an F4 aperture disc. I have tried the 2X oval aperture and the isco and wide open its just a bit too much. 


Its so cool we can have these creative freedoms to play around.

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Beautiful as always Rob. The close ups are particularly gorgeous.


How does the dso work, is the 1.5x dso paired with the isco only it only 2x  at f4? I thought the trump was designed as a single lens shooter and dso has specific modded helios for pairing with the isco.


This footage is convincing me that I need to bite the bullet on one of these soon :)

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lovely man.  You need to make another nice family vid with this setup:)



@Lucian..  The TRUMP58 has enough room to fit a iscorama 36 or iscorama into the front cavity - this was part of the design criteria.   Rob has a extension tube to allow the rama to be mounted into the trump in the same way it would mount to a ff58 iscorama optimised.


biggest aperture on trump or ff58 on oval 1.5x is f2.8

biggest aperture on trump of ff58 on oval 2x is f3.5


However, since the ovals are still as tall as an f2 round aperture the depth of field is almost as shallow, even though the aperture is a smaller area.  Vertical dof is shallower than horizontal dof in simpler terms.



The rama inside a trump makes it a little awkward to align the iscorama, and it looks strange too - since the two buttons are harder to access, but its not a real problem.  I do intend on machining a iscorama rehousing specifically for the trump58 - giving focus gears but havn't had time.  

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Thanks for filling in the technical info Rich. 


I do find the anamorphic difficult to adjust once it is inside. I may mark a triangle on the adapter ring so I could align it first then mount it in the Trump. It is a little odd but the image is awesome. Im trying to get enough time to shoot some better tests across the range of options in a controlled environment because there are just too many options available right now that the sun goes away..batteries die etc.


More importantly I'm really wanting to shoot something with a little subject matter and get into this short film. Need to stop procrastinating!


Thanks everyone glad you like it. I'll take a photo of the setup for you guys too when I get home later.


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Really nice flare fest. In the good way. Reminded me a bit of the constant flare of the new star trek movies hehe.


I really like my ff58 but i broke the glass and now it flares even more, now in the wrong way...


Have to buy a new one and this time i thing i'm goind the oval way.


thank you for you video.

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I'll take one with the trump or you can see pics on their site. Rich takes great product photos.  The trump is bigger then the trump but you get a lot more flexibility with it and it feels great for the size that it is. That setup is in no way a light weight, with the kineraw and the 2 lenses and support its a heavy beast.


Oh and yes that acts as a very reflective sunshade and the Trump comes with an anodized black shade that screws in, and the flaresex module goes in there too...again way too many options you really have to decide what you want to shoot with or you will be indecisive all day.

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