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  1. Stonecold bargain. I'd buy it if I didn't already have one I can't afford
  2. Little short shot with iscorama and GH2.
  3. ​Price is actually pretty reasonable. 4k US is about right, only one of your links is for a 36 and there is mention of "leaked" putty in the description. The only listings on ebay.com for decent looking 36s currently are 4k (starting bid) to 7k USD. As andrew said, let us know when you see a 36 for £1300, i'll buy it! I'll buy ten at that price, especially if they come with the tokina achromat as Ben's does.
  4. Just because there are people with unsophisticated or bad taste, doesn't mean we should just aspire to that level. Sure, work with what you have but i'd encourage everyone to aim high!
  5. JGL does some good acting work but this is awful in all aspects IMO. It seems like a meta parody of the vimeo films that attempt to attribute intense meaning to a bunch of random slow motion travel shots. It's even worse when the footage jittery mobile phone footage. Maybe I just don't get it.
  6. I was really hoping to watch a film called cloud inside my baby
  7. Sometimes there's a reason something hasn't been done before. Even gasper noe's 'Touching the void" is unwatchable due it's gimicky fpp cinematography IMO . The need for a gimmick in every music video and tv show is starting to rub me the wrong way quite frankly.
  8. If not an iscorama, Kowa B&H or Bolex Moller.
  9. just buy an iscorama. theres one going on ebay for the low low price of $9000 right now http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Iscorama-Anamorphot-1-5X-36-Isco-Gottingen-Anamorphic-MC-lens-Kowa-1-5X-2X-/251669389767?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item3a98aa21c7
  10. All these new anamorphic options are exciting in theory but where is the exciting footage? I think if this and the other newer options want to really move units they should have a DP do something impressive showing the results they can achieve when used well. The bent jello cam tests aren't enough when asking people to part with $800-4000. That never seemed to come with the letus or the slr 1.3x and I don't hear much about those since they have been released except FS posts.
  11. I will try to dig some out soon. I shot a bunch of test footage of typical close ups with oval city lights in bg a few months ago, just to see if I could on s16. 2 tokinas to really push it haha :) I actually love the plastic iscorama because it's so light I can actually do geurilla & handheld on the d16. I even made a camera bag with a hole in the bottom for the pistol grip and foam cushion for to support he isco so I can just rip it out and go and then drop it back in and run!
  12. Rich, I use the iscorama with my fujinon 25mm f0.85 wide open without problems :) (this on s16 sensor) I agree regarding focal lengths limits at the wide end. Shooting narrative indoors with a vignette limit worse than the iscorama would be pretty cramped, I struggled to get the shots I wanted at times due to the vignette limits. I often use a century optics wide angle adapter now as suggested by Andy and it works a treat when you need a bit extra. And at 0.85 with diopters there is no problem extreme oval bokeh even on s16.
  13. Yes that is why i got in the habit of doing noise reduction early and rendering it out, working with compressed footage it holds up a lot better during grading if it is cleaned first.
  14. It is very resource intensive. I tend to clean the noise in after fx and then render out a new video file for use in NLE. It's not something you really want to have on while you are editing. my experience is on PC.
  15. Argh would love to but too much $$$ for me, I already spent too much on the isco :P Looks worth it though, congrats on working this out!
  16. Wonderful job all round and superb casting. So hard to find actors like these with character in Los Angeles! Bravo Marc :)
  17. Great Job Maxime & weclome to forum! hope you are inspired by you're success with this one to make more :)
  18. $150 for the clamp? that guy is dreaming. They can bought brand new from Alan for less than that.
  19. Thanks! yes I agree the quality is great, I had one when I had a Kowa. $150 is a lot for a metal ring though. I'm trying to remember if it will make the join between the lens and adapter more secure than just using step rings. The iscorama can spin independently so it does not need a clamp for alignment, likewise adding/removing step rings gives you the closest possible mating between lens and adapter. To that end the only benefit of using a clamp with an iscorama would be security if it adds more...
  20. This is a full production with lights, crew, make up, dolly, focus puller. Nice job but I'm not seeing anything I wouldn't expect to see from this type of setup. If you put these lenses on and start filming your cats in your lounge room in whatever light you will get a much different look :P
  21. Hi, I'm thinking of getting one of these and wanted to hear from any owners. I use my iscorama 36 handheld with small cmount lenses, at times I am concerned that the front thread of the cmount lens could give way and kill my isco. Does having one of these on more robustly connect the the two? any other pros/cons? have one you want to sell? Thank you!
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