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  1.   You are looking for a 105mm-86mm step down? isn't this one ?   regarding russian glass. I know the helios 44 is supposed to be great, i was thinking of buying one of the dog shidt optics ones, though I am worried I wont be able to create a continuous look across a whole film with so much character in just one lens size.
  2. "I'm not quite sure where you got the info that the LA7200 isn't great on full frame. I use mine with a 5D3 and it works wonders. The biggest problem about it is the need for diopters."   The guide on this site mentions the LA7200 is not the best for full frame because of soft edges. I also talked to this guy who has done some nice stuff with the LA7200, he mentioned it was much easier to get a good image on the crop censored cams.   Yes, do you have any advice on diopters? brands, sizes, places to buy, how to mount would be most helpful.   Cheers
  3. Looks Great!   I bought a LA7200 for filmmaking for the range. Do you think you could shoot a short on a 8z? I understand you cant go super wide with them?
  4. Hey Guys,   I am getting started with filmmaking in anamorphic. Isco is too much for my first lens so after reading the guide and researching I have narrowed it down to these two as affordable options. Can anyone way in on which they think would suit my needs better and why?   here are some factors.   *Currently shooting on a t2i, but may upgrade to a full frame or better cropped sensor body.   *Want a reasonably amount of versatility in terms of shot ranges.  need to be able to shoot an entire narrative short that will hold up reasonable on a theater screen.   *Characterized quality, vintage/cinematic feel.     I've ordered a LA7200 to at least to take a look at, but my current opinion is as follows   LA7200= pros: more versatility to do a range of shots, including wider shots without vignetting.                cons: relies heavily on diopters for closer stuff,  less of the vintage/70's feel i'm after.                          doesn't work great on full frame cameras.     Kowa=    pros: more character, better flares (i don't care a lot about flares), crisper lens.                cons: needs dual focus, less versatility as it can't handle wide angles that well.                         harder to setup shots.   I think the LA7200 is probably the right choice, but I would love to hear from you guys. Thanks in advance!    
  5. Hi,   I am looking for some advice on putting together a few lenses to use with my LA7200 anamorphic. I plan to use it primarily for narrative short film projects, so versatility/range is ideal. to complicate things I'm shooting on a t2i at the moment  but planning to upgrade to a full frame 6D at the end of the year, so anything I buy would be with that in mind.   I'm looking for glass with character, specifically a vintage or cinematic feel. Not looking to spend a fortune, i've heard Russian glass is great but have never used it.   I'd also be keen to hear of diopter possibilities, This guy has had success using cheapos.   Any suggestions appreciated!   Thank you :)    
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