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  1. Hopefully once the move to streaming has shaken out, some alternative models for marketing lower budget films will come about.
  2. Actually it can cost a lot more than $30M to market a film. With animated films the budget for marketing is usually similar to budget to make the film, 100-150M.   Hats off to this guy for doing it his own way, esp with a GH2
  3. I have only used LA7200 and a Kowa B&H, but the Kowa certainly is sharp, the dual focus does slow you down a lot though and increase the rate of error (for me at least). I'd love to switch from the Kowa to isco 36 if it weren't for the $$$ as I'm not really a fan of flares in general and the 2x is a bit too wide for my tastes. Obviously you can crop but then you are losing quality. There is actually a cool article somewhere on eoshd comparing the Kowa to Isco for close focus.
  4. Amazing. I really hope this gets gets refined and made available. How would the Kowa measure against an iscorama once the dual focus issue is negated?
  5. True I forgot about century optics,  but the LA7200 is pretty natty around the edges and good luck finding a lomo diopter to even make it usable.
  6. Too bad it can only hold tiny cameras
  7. If you must have rack focus your only option is an  iscorama (or higher). Better up your price range! Not sure what the single focus models are going for now but definitely in excess of 3k.   If you can live with out rack focus the Kowa is on par with iscorama in most other aspects, sometimes even better. They are the last bargain of the anamorphic world at about 1k. Not sure what you are planning to use it for, i use mine for narrative film and haven't really missed rack focus.     Good luck!
  8. Video wont play for me but the G6 images look better to my eye. less noise in the mids in the top pic. You should try against the intravenous II hack, that is the highest quality of the hack settings I've tried so far.
  9. Casper  looks like you need another clamp with a thread on the front. Redstan and vidatlantic both make them.
  10. Thanks rich, on your advice I went and bought a 0.9 hex key and tightened the teeny screws and voila.   Cheers
  11. Hi, my helios 44-2 lens suddenly started spinning inside the foto diox m42 to m4/3 adapter I use to mount it to my gh2, it currently wont tighten snug, or spin off. Driving me nuts. anyone know what causes this or what I can do to get it off?   Thanks.
  12. Good job then, my footage looks like ass if go hand held :)
  13. very cool. Did you stabilize in post? looks not too shaky for handheld!
  14. Yes after some more research it seems that it is indeed beneficial to make sure you are working in 32bit color space even if the footage was originally 8bit. In addition it seems some folks are uprezing to 4k to apply sharpening and grain.   Cheers
  15. Wow I need one of these but $475 for a diopter seems too steep. Is that the going rate for a tokina? I'm currently using an old tamron 0.5 with a generic set of +1 +2 +4. In practice the focus range is so shallow, a 0.4 or 0.3 would give a bit more breathing room.    
  16. I see, well that answers my question, thanks :)
  17. Hey Andrew, I believe the uncompressing is not aimed at reclaiming lost data, rather opening up a higher color bit depth to give the highest possible color space for grading. This may be a redundant step with hacked gh2s, I don't know.. thats why I was curious if people were using this as part of their grading workflow.   Cheers
  18. Does anyone do this as part of their grading workflow?  Someone mentioned to me they do it with their dslr footage so as to work in the best possible color space for manipulation. I'm totally unfamiliar with this concept, if anyone can elaborate I'd appreciate it.   Thanks in advance.  
  19. Tony, I'm after decent achromat for use with my kowa, thought you were sold out, i'll PM you.
  20. Awesome setup. Is that support customized?
  21. Hi,   I have a kowa B&H in use with my helios and gh2. It's pretty heavy, do you  think i need to buy a support setup or put it on rails? will it damage the lenses or body without?   Thanks!
  22. Thanks Tony, but I believe chuck would approve of blood red. Tis the colour of justice.  
  23. Lol, I will once I test the lens is working okay. I assume you are the seller ? I bought from someone in Aus. I am actually from Australia myself, I just live in LA for work!
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