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  1. a tiny version of something like a mbox donut, or just a plastic collar might do it. I'm reluctant to send to VD because they cover the rear element completely which means increased vignette on many lenses. I did inquire to see if they had any potential solutions but did not hear back.
  2. @ch_d I'm considering cut up a rubber lens hood or trying to craft some sort of cover to stop dust getting in the gap of the close focus modded isco. I haven't been able to dream up a viable solution as yet.
  3. I'm curious too, does 4k really have more dynamic range than 1080p? had never heard that. Also not yet seen any footage that makes a convincing argument for 4k over raw 1080p, but i'm certainly interested. It would be interesting to see some side by side 4k downscaled vs 1080p shot from the same camera. I can see 4k downsampling helping to retain detail if you a dealing with the compression of a consumer dslrs, but would raw cinema cameras like BM and Bolex theoretically see much benefit from shooting 4k and downsampling?
  4. yep, this stresses me out as 90% of the time on set I am wanting to focus closer than 6ft and so there is a gap. I always set it back to infinite as quickly as possible to stop dust getting in. I want the van deimen mod, but losing the rear element protrusion is a deal breaker as it causes increased vignetting. There are no other options for re-housing I'm afraid.
  5. I think PB's initial thoughts do a decent job of outlining the pros and cons between the d16 and bmpcc for those who might not be familiar with the d16 feature set and as such the differences. They are being compared because they are both raw 16mm (or close) cameras, with inevitably similar choices for glass. No point comparing to bm4k since it doesn't exist yet. Who cares if bloom favors the D16. He's used both cameras.
  6. For the iscorama i just bought a bunch of $5 uv filters and smashed the glass out. Add as many or few as needed per depth of the taking lens front.
  7. How bout instead updating us when you aren't looking? :P In the meantime just buy a cheap set of hoya diopters until a tokina pops up on ebay, they will do the trick!
  8. 4k at 8bit so you can see the bolloxed compression really clearly! Wish they would just do 1080p properly. Still i'm sure it will make a good all rounder, esp if the PV community hacks it :P
  9. Haha congrats! it's worth about $4.5k in good condition! I hope you hold onto it, I can't turn my camera on without mine up front now :) If it needs servicing, don't trust it to any old chump, Bernie at super16inc.com knows what he is doing. He's located in Endicott, NY and his phone number is 607-205-1001. Enjoy!
  10. Kasper, I hope you are right. This would open up two nice lens options to pair wtih iscorama on 16mm sensor. 16mm switar 1.6 (hopefully light vignette, crop out) voightlander 17mm 0.95 for low light. I guess I'll have to try and see.
  11. Redstan is planning some sweet alternatives to the tokina, otherwise just keep an eye on eBay. Prepare to pay through the ass either way!
  12. Q: What does the crank do? A: The crank performs a number of programmable functions. You can assign the crank settings you want to adjust on the fly, like ISO, shutter angle, or headphone volume. The crank can also record meta data of the handle movements so that film-like effects can be added in post, and will also serve as a way to control frame rate while shooting. pretty cool, I heard there was also some work being put into being able to use the crank for focus. Re: 4:3. I'm curious what 2x anamorphics would people shoot with? Is there anything "reasonably priced" with a single focus mechanism or is it aimed at rental lenses?
  13. The GH2 has been extensively hacked too and produces great images. Gh3 hasn't been hacked as far as I know. Personal-view.com is the place for info on panasonic hacks, expect to be trolled to death if you ask a question though :P with affordable cine/raw cameras coming out, I do wonder if the days of hacking DSLRs and video DSLR in general might be winding down.
  14. Yeah agreed, I don't think the screen on either the d16 or bmppc are useful for much other than basic framing/menus, I guess the expectation is since they are cine cams you setup monitoring yourself. Don't get me wrong, i'd love a good swivel lcd, especially on the pocket since its so portable it makes sense to go rig free. I'm giving the d16 a go because I like the ccd and the spirit of the company, but at a 3rd of the price the pocket is very attractive. Pocket +SB would make a sweet B cam for tightspots and lowlight. Very few excuses not to shoot a film these days.
  15. There is eventually going to be a full sensor mode which will be 4:3. good news for 2x anamorphic shooters :) They are very responsive to community input, I'm hoping for a 1.5x res that will resolve to scope too! heres hoping for a d16 speedbooster, if not the MFT version would be something. I don't know how the speedbooster works, but I imagine 16mm glass won't work with one on?
  16. There are a lot of services that will ship US only products to international addresses for a fee. for instance http://www.comgateway.com/
  17. Cool. Do you have price in mind on them yet?
  18. Yah I heard about those, one of the reasons i considered selling a tokina! I was interested in the redstan .25 myself but it was supposed to come out months ago. Is the slr magic is an achromat? I wonder if they will be selling them separate from their adapter.
  19. Wow, are they actually going for that much now or is that guy smoking crack? I've got two and was thinking of selling one but they actually work great stacked, can't bring myself to let it go.
  20. Rich has done it to another forum member's isco but reckons it's too stressful. I can tell by feel and visually when mine is getting towards the end of the line, but if you have an AC pulling focus thats probably not gonna cut it :P
  21. If you search google for 'eoshd iscorama close focus mod' you'll find the thread. There are photos and instructions. You have to take the front ring off then undo some screws, then file down the stopper on the front plastic housing. It was pretty easy but is not for everyone.
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