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  1. I'm surprised I haven't seen any forum chatter about the Digital Bolex D16 cameras. It's more pricey than what I want at the moment, but I did hold a prototype at SXSW2013 and was VERY intrigued. Felt good in the hand, good weight, and I personally think 2k is plenty res. Also liked what appeared to be a more modular approach to the camera. Anyway, I just noticed that they're shipping to the original Kickstarter backers now and they're taking pre-orders for the next 500 after Dec 16th. http://www.digitalbolex.com What do folks here think about them?
  2. Digital Bolex is now holding pre-sales on their website. www.DigitalBolex.com. It's a big moment in camera history! Congratulations D16 backers as well as the production team behind the D16. Digital Bolex is fulfilling pre-sale orders within 8 - 12 weeks. One surprising factoid is that the camera has an internal hard drive option. It's the buyer's option to purchase a 250GB or 500GB internal SSD. Additionally, they are offering a number of different products including accessories and apparel. As stated in the D16 advertising, the camera costs about the same as a Canon 5D III. However, if you are a hot-rod camera enthusiast like myself, you're going to find a great deal more camera accessories for the D16 than the 5D III. For example, the BMPCC Metabones Speedbooster. Don't let the name fool you. This lens option will push the D16's low-light ability beyond the BMPCC's big brother the BMPC. Just a reminder here, the BMPC and the D16 are the only two budget-minded professional Cinema DNG cameras with a single-plane sensor offering global shutter. On somewhat of a side note, why is the camera called the Digial Bolex D16 and not the Digital Bolex S16? Could it be that by offering shooters the entire 4x3 sensor plane that this camera will be better suited for anamorphic shooters and/or cinema photographers interested in shooting unique aspect ratios? Either way, this sounds like a huge step up from BMPCC software developers. It might even come across as a parallel to 5D III shooters backed by the incredible team behind Magic Lantern.
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