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  1. Yes its 10 bit out which is great but it doesn't do 10 bit in camera. A while back if panny had made the af101 a 10 bit camera they would have cleaned up However they added a pseudo 10 bit out when it was to late things have moved on and now BM do this in camera so Panny need to compete with that The day of the offboard recorder is coming to an end.
  2. Hostility towards the company? Come on I just want the best tool I don't play favourites I cant afford to. Look Im happy for you if you want one but I am entitled to an opinion too. Everything I have said is relevant to the cameras and not out of bias or uninformed.
  3. It is an 8 bit camera with a M4/3 sensor But it does have 96 fps which would interest me. I don't want the GH4 to be a bad camera My only interest is what I can do with it. Certainly 4K is only of use to me as a capture format. So far I haven't liked the images I have seen Maybe that will change but on paper the BM4K still looks the better buy with Global shutter Larger sensor and no need for a speedbooster which even though might add another stop it adds something else to the equation so focus marks are wrong and you get swirly bokeh I would rather have the BM4K than worry about that after al
  4. Why should you dread it? Mine is only an opinion We don't even know how much the camera will cost yet. Demeaning me on the forum as the owner and moderator is very unfair. Why not just ban the opposition? Just because you got a test camera and favoured by Panny doesn't mean you should praise whatever they sent you. Try to be a bit more unbiased after all Im only stating a fact The BM4K does outshine the GH4 and with its add ons the costs will probably soon mount up. However if it is cheap enough then perhaps there is a place for it and Im sure Pannys real intention is to sell the GH4 as a 8 bi
  5. I think the camera is a possible disaster hurriedly rushed through to compete with the BM4K giving them time to make a Panasonic af100 4k or a DSLR along the lines of the 1DC. I didn't like the skin tones in the demo films and I thought the image looked oversaturated with high contrast and crushed blacks.Will be interesting to see what the DR is on this.
  6. Great review Andrew but the BM4K still beats it with global shutter no need for add ons cost and a larger sensor without the need for a speedbooster that adds more to the final cost. Although it should please many who want all the gadgets the BM4K is still going to be king as a one stop solution.
  7. Content will always be king Say Martians landed and someone captured it on a cheap mobile with crap black and white awful image. The whole world would watch and the whole world will be wishing someone had shot it using an 8K camera the very best lens and sound equipment. So in order to get that content and compete with others also presenting similar content it is no longer enough to use a silent 1920's camera In fact you want to make the best image you can to make your content stand out and be more eye candy than the competition unless your content is so good you don't need to. The problem wit
  8. Very nice Andrew an outstanding deal you got there. I'll give you £2000 per lens? Of course you can still be home of the budget conscious DSLR etc I think you proved that with the deal you got. Some gear may be out of reach but its nice to hear about it The same as I look at high end home cinema or cars. Out of reach but yes.. one day....
  9. Do you know what? I don't think I've ever entered a competition where they played fair. They get you at it then change the goalposts change the rules and pick some thing that blows bubbles up Sonys arse and they all congratulate each other. Sorry to be on a downer other peoples experience may vary.
  10. I know with the march of technology this sounds like famous last words but I don't believe 4K will be the format of choice for movies Just like 3D wasn't. Although as a capture format and for sports events/docu's it will be good.
  11. Of course reviewers can have an opinion FINE But if its an ulterior motive IE Reward Revenge Snobbery then trust is lost and fine they can go on and on this way but soon not to many will listen. Being Neutral and fair is the aim of most good reviewers even if it comes at a cost to themselves. But when is a lie a lie? When you heap praise on a cameras strengths and downplay the weaknesses? When you downplay the strengths and overdo the weaknesses? Is that a lie? Often it can be hidden as an opinion But when does it become so obvious people question it then doubts set in about the re
  12. In truth Matt I don't think you are a bully But the pen is mightier than the sword and I suggest you dwell on that before you take the decision to crap on people in defence of what you perceive as your peers. Seriously its not a good look. Nor is it the right thing to do.
  13. Just cheating Lying arrogance rudeness and character assassination. Maybe you don't like it when someone fights back eh? So add wannabe Bully to the list too.
  14. What part don't you understand? I thought you had a PHd? Oh I see where you changed the text and I laughed in the face of your superior intellect? Yes very clever but most of us don't need a PHd to be deceptive. Its called cheating.
  15. As well as insulting me you want to insult the entire cast and crew? Seriously.. Attack me all you want But leave others out of it. If you want to post then at least make sense What holocaust are you talking about? Are you joking? I think you sound dangerous or stupid? Gobsmacking. Anyone can criticise a film and not every film is everyones cup of tea. That's why we have genres to make it easier to find your preference. But then you should know that with a PHd Yes you did and then you went away and changed your text and cant even admit when you're wrong.
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