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  1. Guest

    50P/60P Shutter Angle Question

    I have a couple of questions regarding shutter angle when using 50p (I live in PAL land but questions relevant to 60p too). 1. If you're going to conform 50fps to 25fps for slow motion, isn't it best to shoot at 1/50th shutter speed (360 degree) in order to retain a 180 shutter angle once the footage is conformed? I think most stuff I've read seems to suggest shooting at 100th sec in 50p even for slow mo. Why? Just to be clear I'm not talking about using twixtor etc. I'm sure this has been discussed before elsewhere, but I can't find anything clear from a quick search. 2. My D5300 shoots 50P at a bit rate of about 37mbps, whereas in 24P it shoots at about 23mbps. So I'm wondering - why don't I shoot 50P at a 360-degree shutter angle (50th sec) and benefit from both the high-bitrate (more detail, less macroblocking, etc) and the look of 25fps motion blur. I might be missing something about the significance/function of shutter angle here, but right now I can't think why this wouldn't work. Just to be clear, I'm not talking about conforming 50p here - this question is about real-time footage.
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