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  1. Great, thanks tferradans, I did indeed buy the russian lenses. Brucker, The lens cap on the back end has no labeling unfortunately :)     Thanks again guys!
  2. Hey Folks,   My Kowa lens came in the mail today, it came pre-fitted with some redstan clamps and since this is my first time round, I am trying to work out what I need to get this attached to my m42 mount lenses. I'm assuming I will need a step ring of some sort but i don't know what thread size. Sorry if this is an overly simple question.   Here is a pic of what I have. Thanks for any advice in advance!     http://picturepush.com/public/12703481" />[img=http://www3.picturepush.com/photo/a/12703481/640/12703481.jpg
  3. Hi Envision,   Sounds good. If you are ready to sell, send me a msg and let me know how much you want for it.   Thanks!
  4. 49mm for my helios 42, mir24 and jupiter 9
  5. unfortunately the only guy left selling the jacobs nd filters that will fit m42n lenses, does not ship to the US. I will have to find something else. Variable LCW looks good, but sounds like it affects the image sharpness and contrast which is not good. For narrative filmmaking it's probably best to get a static set and just swap them out.   Any other affordable, well performing brands aside from the Jacobs?
  6. I ended up going for a GH2, with a kowa B&H anamorphic and helios 42, jupiter 9 and MIR24 lenses.   Should be a decent looking filmmaking kit and didn't cost an arm and a leg. Thanks for all the advice, it really helped.
  7. Andy, Jacobs are out of buisness. There are some floating round ebay but mostly uk. shame  
  8. Ben, are you using lcw nd with m42 lenses? the lowest they make is 52mm. Are you using that and stepping down to 42mm?
  9. Can anyone reccomend a reasonable priced ND fixed or variable for use on m42 lenses, the ones i have looked at seemed super pricey....
  10. Great advice.   Julian, yes I have checked out your footage, that is why I was thinking of getting the minolta. Although i may go with the MIR 24 just to keep some consistency by using all russian glass.   Your footage looks great, it has a very 70s feel.  I'm going to mull it over on which wide lens to get but its either the minolta 35 or the MIR 24 :)
  11. Hi All,   I'm after some wisdom on putting together a good set of lenses for narrative filmmaking using on the GH2 they must play nice with the KOWA B&H which I beleive can only go down to 50mm. So far I have:   a Helios 44-2   thinking about a minolta MD 35mm 2.8   what else you suggest to give me a good range to shoot an entire short?     Thank you!
  12. Thanks for all the info guys, you have convinced me to give the GH2 a try based on this. I'll use the saved cash to get some extra gear!
  13. Interesting that so many people prefer the GH2.. this person has done a pretty good comparison article with videos, he seems to think the GH3 is better... He mentions the GH2 has a lot more micro jitter, can anyone confirm? to me the side by side comparisons in this articl, the GH3 does look atleast as good, with the ability to handle more low light conditions. There is also alot of talk that the GH3 leaves a lot more room to grade in post. I have not seen non compressed footage from either though...
  14. Anyone have an opinion on how these two stack up? my current understanding is that the advantages of the GH3 are a higher bit rate, more dynamic range and the ability to do 1080p at 60fps.
  15. I see, I might try a GH2 out in person. Some people have mentioned limitations lens wise and with assecories such stabilizers, is that true?
  16. Andy. Good points, I have seen the impressive image sharpness of the GH2. But I also have to also agree it can look a bit videoish from the stuff I have watched. I am open to correction though :)  but I am pushing for an older cinematic look.
  17. Thanks for the detailed reply. Mosiac filter looks amazing, suprised I haven't heard of it, do you think it woudl interefere when shooting anamorphic?  I'd love to see some footage of what you have acheived with your rig.   I'm ruling the GH2 out as it does indeed look a bit video, esp with moving objects. But I thought some of the more $$ canon bodies have a higher dynamic range and or better sensor?    Cheers
  18. Is there any where to buy these?   Would anyone want to sell one?     Thanks!
  19. Thanks, yes I am on the waiting list for a flare factory lens :)   only issue is they only make a 58mm, so shooting a whole short on one lens would not be ideal. You make a good point regarding camera bodies, full frame is a concern as I from what i have seen a lot of anamorphics play better with cropped sensors for the most part. As for the "look" of the GH2 vs Canon its hard for me to discern even after looking at a ton of footage, I do quite like the look of canon once cinestyle is enabled, but everyone raves about the GH2 and it's sharpness. I will keep researching.
  20. Looking for opinions on the best affordable camera for narrative filmmaking (not doccumentary) with a  anamoprhic lens. currently I have a Kowa 8z B&H and a T2i. I would like to get an older/70's cinematic look. Current plan is to use older glass like Helios.  Current front runners are:       GH2   60D   5D markII     Any suggestions appreciated!      
  21. Lucian

    m42 adapter

    Sounds like these need to be decent qaulity. I might try the fotodiox.   Thanks
  22. Lucian

    m42 adapter

    What sort of product do i need to mount m42 lenses on canon dslrs or GH2's?   does qaulity matter?   Thanks!
  23. Beautiful, I've been searching for something to take the clinical edge off dslr, these look amazing paired with an anamorphic lens! some of the best footage I have seen.   Have you shot any footage with these on a kowa 16h? what config would you reccomend ordering to suit a kowa? and are you doing some other range lenses?!   Thanks!
  24. Honestly the more sample footage I see, the more I am leaning towards Kowa 16h. Rack focus isn't that critical for narrative filmamking... the la7200 footage seems to barely hold up on a crop sensor. I've seen a lot of rants about the image qaulity, even with diopters, and it seems the diopters for la7200 will be harder to find than the lens.   Anymore opinions out there?   Anyone think a whole short film could be shot on Kowa 16h?   What is the going rate for Kowas?   LA7200 seems to be about 1k,
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