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  1. Yeah the old c-mount switar's look superb, fast, lovely character. Only concern is Tony described their pairing with iscorama as like" doing it with a fat chick" "could be better". I'd like to try for myself..... a switar that is. Difficult to try to before you buy with vintage stuff unfortunately. Anyone own both an isco and some old switar glass?! I'm wondering how wide the iscorama can go on the d16 sensor, it may go down to 17mm with no or very light vignette which would also make the voigt 17mm 0.95 a pretty attractive option. They are planning 800 ISO on the d16 eventually and the m43 speedbooster would prolly work, but yeah a purpose built one like they did for BMPCC would be a dream come true!
  2. Whoops, sorrry. I'm moving to Digital Bolex so planning for that, sensor size is similar to bmmpc, slightly smaller. The nikorr would be too long I think unless they make a wider version.
  3. I did Rich's close focus mod to my 36 and can focus to about 3.5ft (maybe its 3.7?). I'm guessing it's the same technique as vandiemen, pretty much you remove the stopper so you can spin past the current min focus. It makes the isco into a total beast, with a couple of tokina's it can handle anything. Mine never comes off my camera, but at the moment the cons outweigh the pros with the van demein mod for me. If Rich ever makes the more lightweight self installed version without the vignette issues I'd be on it in a heart beat though.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for a very fast lens with vintage character that plays nice with the iscorama and wont break the bank entirely. Has anyone paired any of the following with a 36? any advice appreciated. Voightlander 25 0.95 (I've seen the payphone isco+ voight test posted here, very nice) switar 26mm 1.1 Thanks!
  5. The weight ends up similar to an isco 54 according to Tony, and probably increases the risk of damage from falling due to the extra weight. I was interested in having it done for protection and easier follow focus, but $1400 USD is pretty steep (not doubting the value of their work, I just mean for me). The other cons for me are sending it half way round the world and the problems with earlier vignette and long throw. Rich mentioned he was thinking of making a lighter version, that would not have the same problems, and could be shipped out to the user as a kit for self install! If there were enough of us to make it worth his while, maybe we could twist his arm! :PI
  6. Cool, keep us posted. I'll buy one for sure if he can!
  7. I agree, for my last shoot I ended up only using the gh3 for very specific shaded foliage/wide dynamic range shots and 60fps shots. That said the gh3 has a much sturdier body and balances on a glidecam much better, but I always end up reaching for the GH2 as I trust it to give a better image.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I think I follow you, but it might be a little technical for me. Going to have to read it about 10 times :P I'm curious because Digital Bolex have been asking what resoloutions/aspect ratios people want included for anamorphic shooting. They are doing a 4:3 mode for 2x anamorphic shooters, and have been very responsive to community requests. It would be amazing to shoot with the iscorama (1.5x) and not have to dick around with crop in post, potentially fudging up your framing.
  9. Hey guys, can anyone tell me what the ideal shooting aspect ratio and resolutions would be for getting proper scope (2.39:1 and 2.35:1) from a 1.5x adapter? Thanks in advance.
  10. Rob, I've asked this before and not had much luck. One person mentioned they did get the Edelkrone ff working on it. Both that and the lanpart are probably more than I'd want to spend though as the need to rack is pretty rare for me. Keep us posted though if you get a working solution going!
  11. what are the other options for global shutter and raw in this price range? bmpcc is lovely but the rolling shutter is pretty bad. Bmpc4k will come out who knows when and will be a pain in the arse to use like all their cameras. For my uses, I would take 2k raw, global shutter, xlr, ssd etc over the compressed 4k we are going to see being released next from the usual suspects. I'm hopeful about the d16!
  12. The crank can be programmed to do diff functions. I believe follow focus, cheap fixed ap cine lenses, anamorphic adapter and other accessories are coming later.
  13. Probably won't get mine until end of JAN, the first 100 are for the kickstarter backers. Bloom was a backer so we might see a review from him sometime after Christmas.
  14. Yep the new speed booster for the bmpcc looks like a match made in heaven. Any geniuses out there who can tell me what 25mm on the GH2 would be equivalent to on the Digital Bolex based on the above chart?
  15. I'm buying one. 2k, global shutter, raw, cine ergonomics. xlr, 512gb ssd, progressive leadership, ticks a lot of boxes for me. Only hassle is the sensor size means I'd need super wide lenses. People think the bmpc speedbooster may work on it, they are shipping the first batch this week so hopefully we will find out soon. Can't wait :)
  16. considering the difference in sensor size, I would have thought you could go substantially lower?
  17. Hey guys, trying to work out how wide I can go taking lens wise on the digital bolex with the iscorama. Mine vignettes at around 26mm on the gh2, digital bolex sensor is much smaller (16, s16 and eventually full sensor 4:3 mode). Anyone have any idea how wide I could go go? Thanks!
  18. Yeah right, well sounds like I might give that one a miss :P or is the film actually good?
  19. Christopher Doyle :) Happy Together is one of my favourites, his cinematography is beautiful.
  20. When buying mine, I dealt with multiple attempted scammers before securing the real deal. Pretty simple, only use a secure form of payment with buyer protection (paypal). For god sake do not wire transfer money to anyone.
  21. Considering the comments section at no film school is generally pretty awful and malicious, I was very surprised when they removed the comments from the shane hurlbut article as soon as people started saying the footage looked cheap. Honestly I agreed. It looked much worse than many films shot 40 years ago.
  22. 1.4x??? Tony is that true? I always stretch to 1.5x on mine and it looks right.
  23. FYI the second one didn't reach asking price of 6.5k It was best offer accepted. I've never heard of one going for 7k or even close.
  24. I hope it does work on the Digital Bolex. Bmpc without rolling shutter !
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