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  1. Thanks man, I will try that!
  2. Hello, I recently picked up a very rare fujinon 20mm f.085 lens and am trying to find out more about it. It is large like a 35mm format lens. I own a cmount 25mm f0.85 fujinon that I love and I am hoping this has similar optical quality. I'm Also trying to work out how to mount it to the digital bolex cmount (the lens has a rear thread of 49mm), I've had success mounting m42 lenses with an adapter, my current plan is to use the c-mount to m42 (42mm) adapter and step up to 49mm but the step ring will take a long time to arrive, putting me outside the return window, thus why i'm trying to suss out the quality and mountability of the lens in the mean time. Any info appreciated, thanks! Measurements as follows: Image Diameter: approx. 20mm Rear flange distance: 13mm (from the rear flat barrel surface to the image plane). The rear thread extends out 6mm, so the distance from the rear of the thread to the image plane is 7mm. Filter Thread: 52mm Mounting thread: 49mm x 0.75mm pitch Weight: 1 lb. 15 oz. (0.9kg)
  3. So I gave them a quick a test, tried rigging two 0.4 doublets and a 72mm helios variable ND to the end of iscorama, each with their own magnet. It works pretty well, however when I sat my shoulder rig down a bit to roughly, the jolt dislodged one of the filters, luckily only a short drop onto carpet. And as you would expect, increased vignette a bit. I'm not sure how I feel about them, seems like one clumsy bump and your filters could break. Wish they were a bit stronger.
  4. I wouldn't use the 36 without lens support, esp on a tiny c-mount lens like switar. I can't think of anything that ticks all your boxes, but a bolex moller or baby hypongear would be compact but I think both are dual focus.
  5. RE the be-steady. My friends bought one and it has been a lot of trouble for them.
  6. A lot folks buy Andrew's guides, including myself. Much better than ads! * I agree, some moderators and just ban folks if they are causing excessive issues. I know I'd probably lose interest if it were a closed forum.
  7. Sean, I don't think the msg is getting through.
  8. Amen. 40,000 iso? put some light on it! :)
  9. Half the power would be a 0.5 yes?
  10. Ouch for the buyer. Street price is around $450 last I checked but there were new solutions on the horizon allegedly. How are the SLR magic diopters? Redstan apparently has something in the works too...
  11. I can't tell from the picture, is that an actual 0.4 achromat or just a close up filter? I'm not lookin to buy as I have some already but at a $100 someone should snap it up!
  12. I need something like this to lock the rear of the isco so it doesn't wobble during follow focus. Mine is un-modded though, and 170 euros is too much! I've searched but can't find anything. Any thoughts?
  13. @ch_d checkout seb's picture, he's got a tokina on there !
  14. I pulled the trigger and bought some. I spent a lot of time getting diopters, nd's, polarizers off the iscorama on my last short, these could be a real time saver if they work well. Thanks for the tip!
  15. Don't suppose you have ever paired it with an anamorphic? I'm thinking the large front element might be a problem.
  16. Interesting, thanks for info! I may just sell off some 25mms and give the flektagon a try :)
  17. From the sample pics, the zeiss looks pretty rough at 2.8, do you find it usable wide open? Panasonic lenses are very sharp but are too clinical and bland for my tastes. I think the helios and Mir 35mm have spoiled me :P
  18. I was planning on using it with the d16, but sounds like it is small like cmount 16mm glass. I love using that stuff but it becomes a pain when paired with an iscorama. Still trying to rig someway of locking focus on them so it doesnt slip when turning the anamorphic. The search for a fast 20mm with character continues.
  19. the Vega 20mm f2. Has anyone tried this lens or have any info on it? never heard of it till now! wondering if it's big enough to work with anamorphics and holds up comparably to helios wide open.
  20. It's a "Tokina" achromat. It does sharpen the image but more so is to help you get closer minimum focus.
  21. Digital Bolex are planning a 4:3 mode on the d16 in a future firmware update.
  22. iscorama 36, 54 and some others are single focus. Look on wikapedia or in Andrew's anamorphic guide for specifics.
  23. It does change a bit across the range I think, I usually unstretch to 1.5 regardless and tweak the odd shot. If you are keen for specifics you could do the ball test across different focus points.
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