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  1. Selling my Iscorama Pre-36 beauty with the original taking lens! I bought this for a feature film back in 2014 and paid way more than my asking price. Used only indoors for 7 solid days. Upon completion the lens went back into the pelican where it was stored in my studio for the past 3 years. I've held onto it for sentimentality and because it's gorgeous but now it's time to say goodbye. No scratches. Very clean glass. No fungus. The usual internal dust inside the elements as one would expect from a lens that's from the late 1960s. Some mild oxidation on the physical barrel that bars no effect on image quality. I really love this lens and I'm sad to see it go but hopefully it will find a better home with more usage. I'm located in Los Angeles, California but will ship worldwide upon payment. ASKING $4,250 Also included in this sale; • SLR Magic 77 MC Achromatic Diopter +0.33 • SLR Magic 77 MC Achromatic Diopter +1.3 • (3) 72mm FUJIMI CLOSE FILTERS - +1, +2, +4 • Pelican 1200 Carrying Case ALL ITEMS CU FILTERS FRONT ELEMENT INSIDE CASE PELICAN CASE SIDE VIEW SIDE VIEW_2
  2. So get a step up or step down ring from XXmm to 55mm, put the redstan on an adjust distance with the thumbscrews? Seems easy enough
  3. On the main page of this website, Andrew has a picture of a pocketcam with a blue spacer ring. Anyone know who makes that? Looks convenient for lenses that aren't deeply recessed.
  4. Very cool. Thanks Rob Any experience going wider than a 35mm? I'm wondering what the widest I can go with this Isco and an s35 sensor
  5. I'm looking for a wide angle option for my S35 camera and Pre/36 Iscorama. Right now all I have is a 50mm. Any suggestions out there for older lenses that won't vignette on an s35 sensor? I heard the AIS Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 wasn't a bad option Thanks
  6. No actually I am still looking. I search everyday but sure if you wanna venture out in the darkness and brave the winds, Ill remain humbly under my warm covers waiting for the day, counting the seconds until you toss a Tokina doublet onto my door step, waking me from my hibernation and completing the holy trinity of glass triumph. Ill loan you a horse. A fine horse.
  7. Has anyone figured out how to put a hard stop back into the ring after the mod is finished?
  8. Let me know if anyone has one or knows someone who is selling one. Thanks rgdfilms@gmail.com
  9. Shooters, Thinking about doing the upgrade but wanted to field some opinions. How do you guys like it? Any negatives? How does it now affect which taking lenses you can use? I imagine the front element of the taking lens can't sit nowhere near as close as pre modification so I'm curious if that's a big impact on choice. Thanks Rick
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