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  1. You may want to state in the listing if it's a 256gb or 512gb version.
  2. After the very last shot on the very last day of my last short, I picked up the camera plus 15mm rods and the whole 15mm rig snapped in half sending my gh2+iscorama hurtling toward the ground. Luckily i caught it. Never again any plastic parts...
  3. That's a good idea, I've had lenses swing off the support before on long shoots when I am not thinking sharp.
  4. Yes for sure, I always use 15mm rig with the iscorama. Lol might need a second lens support with this thing.
  5. Thanks Andy, you are a champ! This will go a long a long way to solving my woes when shooting anamorphic, not to mention give my favorite character lenses more versatility! I'm going to go with 77mm as that is the front thread size of the iscorama.
  6. I'm going to give this a go! how exactly did you add a thread if you don't mind me asking, I can't seem to dig it up from any of your past discussions on here about WA adapters.
  7. Ha! amazing! this would be incredible, surely it can't be that easy! was it hard to mod to a 77mm thread or just a matter of removing the bayonet?
  8. Great post Sean. Thanks for link, i'm going to pour over it, I guess the m42 Jenas will mix okay with the p6. Yeah I think for no/low budget personal projects I inevitable do, aperture is always a little more fluid than I would like as controlling light is expensive :) I get quite overwhelmed with crop factor and focal length calculations, esp with the addition of the iscorama. Easiest way for me is to just find the maximum width I can go before vignette of the iscorama for whatever sensor i'm using. Because I know just from experience that is where I will end up spending most of my time, then go up a bit for the closeups. 2 lenses doing most of the work with the occasional long lens coming in for artistic or functional effect. leaving a few mm for diopters/filters the max for GH2 it's about 30mm , d16 + the bmpcc 0.74x speedbooster will be about about 35mm. Which should be great as a 35mm normal, 50mm-ish for portrait/closeup are easy focal lengths to find quality lenses in. I thought 1.5x stretch of the anamorphic makes a 35mm more equiv to a 25mm?
  9. My problem in a nutshell. I use a d16 which is s16 sized sensor, so even with SB it's only aps-c ish size so the p6 Ziess lenses are still long. I'd need a good matching 35mm to cover me at the wider end and max out the iscorama to vignette point. On my last short shot on gh2 with iscorama, I ended up using mir 35mm about 70% of the film as wideness was always a struggle indoors, and then for any sort of stabilized moving shots the 58mm helios was too shaky.
  10. Nice, that is the best version allegedly. My current 80mm solution is the jupiter 9 and I don't like it much at all. Bloomy and cheesy wide open, maybe okay for wedding glamour stuff though I guess, not great for me though :P
  11. hmm well it sounds like i'm definitely going to have to try for myself. Agreed the entire film looked spectacular, as did his "there will be blood", which I believe was shot on panavision anamorphics for the most part. No harm in trying to rig up a combined poor mans version with an isco and biometar... :)
  12. Brilliant, thank you for the detailed explanation Rich! with x.0.74 speedbooster a s16 sensor would effectively be about aps-c, but it sounds like the magic is lost on anything smaller than full frame. I may have to give a 80mm biometar a go at some point anyway out of curiosity :)
  13. Julian, try this link, if you scroll down most of the pics are broken, but the light comparison is working for me now! http://frankglencairn.wordpress.com/vintage-zeiss-glass-on-modern-cameras/
  14. You are likely right about the technical aspect, but seeing the pictures comparing the amount of light was very similar on the 50m f1.4 vs the 50mm medium format lens at f/4 to my eye. So unless the images are fake, there is something to his statement...
  15. Re the amount of light, i'm sure you are right that the fstop doesn't magically change, but here is a great write up on theses lenses by a dp, he shows a side by side comparison of a 50mm nikon f41.4 wide open and a Jenna f4 wide open and the amount of light is similar. So there must be something to his statement "When you look at the numbers, they don´t seem to be real fast, but don´t be fooled. Because of the huge diameter of those beasts they are almost twice as fast as the numbers suggest. Yes, it was the 35mm portions of the master these lenses were used for.
  16. Hi all, I've taken an interest in these lenses after numerous mentions from the knowledgeable Andy lee and and Sean, and the fact that p.t anderson used them to shoot part of the insanely gorgeous "the master". I've done a lot of research but still can't quite answer all my questions. So far I have gathered: the massive, zebra striped, 'medium format' p6 mount lenses are the ones to go for. Confusingly medium format lenses are larger than 35mm lenses. Due to their size they let in a lot more light, so an f4 is more like an f2. So my remaining questions are: 1) would these work well with speed boosters on smaller s16 sensor cameras? 2) additionally would they be usable with the iscorama 36? my thinking is not really as they have enormous front threads(80mm +), and the isco rear thread is 49m. Catastrophic increase in vignette seems probable. 3) Even if they were usable with the isco, wouldn't the additional light let in from the large front element be negated because you are stepping down massively to attach to the anamorphic? Thank you in advance for any wisdoms!
  17. Beautiful as always Rob. The close ups are particularly gorgeous. How does the dso work, is the 1.5x dso paired with the isco only it only 2x at f4? I thought the trump was designed as a single lens shooter and dso has specific modded helios for pairing with the isco. This footage is convincing me that I need to bite the bullet on one of these soon :)
  18. @John Barlow Hey John, I want to rig something exactly as in your picture to my iscorama 36. I use it with small c-mount lenses and rotating focus on the anamorphic tends to spin the taking lens due to the weight difference. Something like this attached to either the rear of the isco or the front of the taking lens would alleviate the issue and allow for follow focus. Do you have any suggestions on how to put one together? Thanks!
  19. yeah it's a "private listing" whatever that means. Let us know what you think of it, i'm gonna buy one as soon as a m43 mount is released for the digital bolex.
  20. on further inspection 82mm i'm not sure ithe 0.25 would be a good match for the iscroama 36, you'd need to add step rings which would increase vignette even further (doublets are quite chunky and increase vignette threshold quite a bit already)
  21. Ha, I think you and I are the only ones sweating speedboosted m42. You ordered the m42 to Nex? are you planning to adapt from nex to m43? I don't see a m42 to m43 on RJ's site.
  22. Interesting, I didn't know redstan's doublet had arrived! I think I may have to sell a tokina and buy one. Who's tried one? at .25 you could almost put one on and rarely take it off your anamorphic.
  23. Interesting, the other new anamorphics have not floated my boat due to the mild stretch ratio but this could be cool! By breathing do you guys mean the effect that happens when pulling focus sharply? I notice it on Wes Anderson's early films like rushmore & royal tennenbaums. $2700 is getting up there, though still cheaper than a iscorama.
  24. Will do, hopefully it's usable. The cmount 25mm 0.85 is a really great lens, reasonable wide open, sharp at 1.4 and makes a great pair to the iscorama with only a couple of shortcomings: 1) physically too small so the rear of iscorama sometimes spins when focusing. 2) a little to long focal length for 16mm sensor, around 20mm would be the sweet spot. If this one is similar in quality it would be perfect :)
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