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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. Will give it a shot when I get all the footage. not sure I can leave it as is, Rich, the director didn't really mind how skewed it is, but to me, it's pretty off. almost like 15-20 deg skewed. griplimited - yeah I see the elongated face on that ariana video. attached a screenshot. it's pretty slight, to me it looks like it wasn't desqueezed all the way...unless that was an aesthetic choice to make her look svelte? ariana.tiff
  2. So I'm about to edit my friend's thesis he directed a while ago and still hasn't finished. He shot on RED with 2x anamorphic PL glass. Anyway, I saw the footage, and it's a shame the DP didn't align the anamorphic correctly in any of the shots. It's consistently skewed throughout all reels. I think they were monitoring a squeezed image with no desqueezed monitor and couldn't tell. I looked in the forums, but couldn't find anything about how to correct this. My intuition is that it's a lost cause to correctly align the image back in post. Is this true? Or is there some crude plug-in or work abo
  3. it looks like glue. i have glue on some of my kowas too.
  4. just wait. ive had plenty of communication problems with him too but hes come through. i think i even gotten a drunk email from him once that worried me to be honest. he never sent me tracking info either. bad customer service but got my lenses nice and remodded and happy with the quality. i think itll be rare to lose it so just wait.
  5. sorry but correct me if im wrong. no country was not shot with anamorphic lenses. its just cropped to 2.35. deakins never shoots anamorphic any more as i know. its not true anamorphic, instead it's just spherical cropped to cinemascope
  6. Whoa John, that's sweet. Yes ken but specifically looking for BH. Thanks.
  7. Need Bell Howell 2x. The small one. I made the mistake of selling mine and would consider buying one again. Looking for private seller, not eBay. Looking for a specific type. Any offers please PM me. Thanks!
  8. Shot this for fun while on vacation in the Florida Keys. This is the scene right before this woman goes to kill her violent husband. BMPC RAW/SLRmagic anamorphot GoPro in the water Would've liked to use my Iscorama but was a little worried about leaving it unattended and in a hot car for days and/or dropping it in the water by accident...
  9. Oh got it. Cool. I think it's worthwhile. Aside from the solid metal housing, VD regreased and I think they also recalibrated mine. I remember before rehousing, I couldn't get super sharp focus. The focus throw after VD is pretty long. I don't have any complaints about it and think it increases the resale value especially if your focus ring is stiff. The only problem is they take ridiculously long to rehouse, at least for mine. It took like 5 months. Every month I'd check in with Christopher Smith and he said it'd be done next week and (never was really). I read for some other use
  10. loved that cinematography Ben. would def want to see the other iscorama shots. i had mine rehoused...it was stiff but now is very useable. were those kowa's 2x? were you a little concerned about mixing the 1.5x with the 2x if they were? did you have to use diopters for any of those shots? anyway nice work!! nice bokeh!!! -e
  11. i have the slr magic anamorphot. even tho its single focus, anamorphic in general is possible but not friendly for run n gun. unless focus is deep, focus is critical. diopters for closeup work takes time to change sometimes your alignment goes off. if your operating w the squeezed image, you always need to check alignment every once in a while. theres a near/normal adjustment on the slrmagic which is something else u have to worry abt. add screw on nd filters in front which could screw up your alignment or mattebox filters which take time to change. all can be done. just very
  12. Oh yeah Andrew is right. Sorry i forgot it was alignment rotation for me that was stuck.
  13. def tell Andrew. My first one was exactly like that. It was unuseable, the near/normal ring was so stiff. I sent it back. Make sure you get a functional copy. The copy I have now grinds. But should be easy enough to move without screwing up alignment.
  14. i used a shoulder mount with two grips - it's really the best. i was also using the kinotehnik, so at least four points of contact. gunstock-style are okay, but on long shoots, you're really spending time continually contracting your back muscle, and you're going to introduce shake with them. so i think two-handed shoulder mounts are best. Lee - had a variable ND on there. even though i like the variable, putting the ND on and taking it off with the diopters was a hassle because it kept screwing up my alignment. going to use a mattebox next time. shot at 2.8 the entire time just adj
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