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  1. Thanks guys for the replies, As I take a deeper look at the lens there seems to be microscratches... Oh well just have to live with it for no. Cheers!
  2. I can't remember if my kowa had this when i first bought it and then after i started to (massivley) hack it they turned up but now i have got back into shooting on a gh5 these, "twinkle" flares are there and welll not so good. I didn't do any hacking to the glass elemet. Also next problem is bottom corners where light is hitting the element, is this becuase i have taken off the front metal part( to reduce weight for gimbal use)? Everytime there's bright light they're there and it's distracting and I will probably have to buy a new anamoprhic attachment if i can't solve this. anyone know what this is? Many thanks James
  3. So I'm just wondering if a scratched spherical lens and even anamorphic lens is of any use? I heard before that front scratches are not as bad as ones on the back. If so, is there anyway to clean the elements of these scratches? Cheers
  4. http://www.slrmagic.co.uk/slr-magic-...e-adapter.html £475 Payment via paypal, based near London. Mint condition except the cover which seems to peel on everyone Rangefinder. Setup won't fit on the new gimbal so it's got to go. Will trade for a sigma 18-35 Nikon mount.
  5. the best hope we've got is the usra 4.6k for super high quality anamorphic, going by BMD previous image offerings.
  6. How are you supposed to fix the Rangefinder onto the anamorphic lens exactly with no screw threads? cheers
  7. Any idea when this could be available and the weight of the rangefinder?
  8. yes, Andrew having all those anamorphic adapters you were once showing off to us once upon a time could you please find time to shoot some 2x anamorphic with the new 4:3 update. I do believe you'd be the first to do it and demonstrate the Kinimini if you did. Looking forward to your review many thanks!
  9. Looked great very convincing,
  10. Thanks , I had no clue Bolex was planning this and wrote them off in comparison to the BMC. I have a question though, Will shooting in the 4:3 aspect ratio produce the same FOV as if it was on any camera with this option with the only differing factor being the resolution? Or does the 16mm sensor size factor into this look making it 16mm anamorphic vs 35mm anamorphic if there is such a thing. Simply put ,if shot on this bolex in 4:3 with 35mm 2x anamorphic lenses would it look the same compared to the Alexa or epic except the higher resolution output on those cameras vs the DB 2k image? Thanks
  11. Taking any image you put in front of it and squeezing it into a 4:3 ratio. Guys, I'm in a dilemma, if I had all the resources in the world I would just shoot film properly, the next best thing is the Alexa 4:3 but even that's had a premium put on it on top of the Alexa price. From my limited knowledge the camera makers are just not enabling the sensor for 4:3 when it's not hard to do depending on the hardware in side. Having to shoot and crop I just don't want to have to do. Problem is the look from anamorphic is what, on my next projects I strive for. I have only seen this look from pre-millennium film or Alexa/anamorphic packages. Nothing else but sticking some Kowa projector glass in front of most taking lenses on a good enough filmic sensor like the BMC and you've got chemistry close to what I'm seeking. It seems there is no way to get around it except for get the budget for better but I have had these ideas still. I would be satisfied with shooting spherical with the same kowa glass on top of my taking lens if this type of glass/attachment was available? Is there anyway to have this manufactured but not with an elliptical anamorphic stretch. If so this would generate the look. my other wacky idea which not sure of yet... is what about? Another lens after the spherical lens which squishes the image into a 4:3 aspect ratio which specifically fits the sensor size of the Black magic cameras? So for eg. Anamorphic attachment - Prime lens - Aspect ratio corrector - camera sensor My last thought like many others is to try and petition to have the BMC hacked, to provide this function amongst many others.
  12. Thanks to all suggestion in this thread. @Andylee, thanks for you suggestions, the sigma looks interesting to me. @richG, it would be nice to see these once they are ready. When will they be? @bioskop, it’s wider lenses which are needed. There is an helios 35mm but no footage of it out there. The meteor looks great but it is only 16mm:S @Sean Cunning, thanks I have now started to study the Jena and have my eye on a 20mm for testing! @Andy, the helios is sharp without being clinical, you can also tell it’s superiority compared to the 2.8 nikkors 24 and 35mm I have been using. To me the image it’s well ahead of what the nikkors produce. @Animanus, That’s interesting what C mounts are you talking about? Thanks for your reply! @Quirky, thanks, I have just seen some Minolta footage and it looks great, am looking to purchase a lens to test with. Here is some of my research from this thread.
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