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  1. @eoskoji That sounds great. Im looking forward to meet you
  2. Alright. I will post some pics tonight. Strange is that everyone is always talking about 1.5x when talking about iscorama36 and pre36 (i have a pre36 btw. In great shape). I think i will let the lens be rehoused by van diemen cause then i have better min focus distance, correct allignment, great housing, follow focus pitch gear and a increase in value. Does anyone have experience with van diemen rehousing? Greets rene
  3. @ dhessel: i have also a kowa 16 lens :) but its too wide for my taste.. i tried the iscorama it with the original prime lens from iscorama, a jupiter-9 85mm, super takumar 55mm, helios 44, super takumar 85mm.. all the same.. @Gabor: yes this little thing is really funny, perhaps they will eventually offer a raw video app with cdng output some day.. :) thx.
  4. hi, @tony wilson: thx, perhaps in the end i will throw it away and replace it with this: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/moondoglabs/133x-anamorphic-adapter-lens-for-iphone-5-5s @dhessel thx, don´t understand me wrong the shots look great.. you can take a look here: @ 2:26 i have shot with different primes and have to say that they all (also the original) have that strange behavior.. ) i shoot with a full frame canon 5d. @everyone: is there a good follow focus lens gear for the iscorama..? i have worries because 1. the housing is plastic, and 2. the lens housing is cone shaped.. perhaps i have thought about the half inch rail lens gears like these: http://halfinchrails.com/rigs-and-kits/zip-tie-focus-gears greets rene
  5. hello. i have an iscorama lens which is not exactly 1.5 but 1.4. furthermore it is more squeezed at the edges than in the mid. is there any specialist in europe (prefered in vienna) who can service and align the lens correctly. (i can try it myself with a detailed instruction how to do it.. (i have successfully removed the ring without damage so i think i have intermediate skills. please help thx rene
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