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  1. The official topic for discussion of Magic Lantern raw video recording on Canon DSLRs.
  2. Myanmar Goes Democrazy is a documentary about the ostensible change in a country which suffered a military dictatorship for 60 years. This country is Myanmar also known as Burma. In November 2010 the first “democratic elections “ in decades took place. On the 1st of April 2012 reelections became necessary. Currently the country again faces a huge turning point in its history. Scepticism and Euphoria go hand in hand in daily life. We accompany 8 people from different social backgrounds and get to know their daily life and biographies. As there is a reporter who shows us her way to freedom of speech, astudent who was forced to flee from Burma, a monch who was condemned to house detention. In 90 minutes MGD confronts us with further subtile but striking stories about the lifes of people between past and present. Their struggle to fit their repressed biographies into a freedom yet to be gained. Democracy is one step ahead, but but hopes and fears of the people need to be heard.
  3. I currently own a 5D Mark II and love it but looking to expand to something with more video features like 60p. I love the image quality of the 5D and have considered getting selling my mark 2 and getting a Mark 3 but it's still pretty over my budget. Then someone had suggested I get the 70D, because it has the best video features of any of the canon DSLR's and also can act as a backup body for my 5D mark II which I can then keep. Will the 70d give me just as good video image quality as my current 5D Mark II? Or should I wait and keep saving up to upgrade to a 5D Mark III?
  4. There is my random RAW video test shots from 5D Mark II   https://vimeo.com/68181082
  5. Hi,   I just wanted to share my first video shot with an anamorphic adapter.   https://vimeo.com/65235134   This was an unplanned shoot which turned into a music video for a good friend of mine. Shot on a 5D mark ii with a Sankor 16-C and a jupiter 85mm taking lens. All hand held with no rig (told you it was unplanned) I wish I had more lenses and a stabiser of some sort but thats how it goes. The content was pretty cool so I thought it needed to be cut together. Sometimes the best things to shoot happen when you least expect it!   Cheers,   Chris.  
  6. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NHwsx6UogI[/media] This was shot on a 5D Mark II on a shoestring budget. One of the things we're looking to do is get businesses in our city to think a bit differently about how they can utilize online video. Most of it was shot initially using cheap E series Nikon glass and a Sigma 50mm 1.4, and about 30% of it was shot using our zeiss glass. There's maybe 6 or 7 shots that were captured on a 7D. Hope you enjoy it.
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