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  1. I think Canon even mentioned it in press if I recall correctly.
  2. Ok lets be fair here, The FS700 is huge with the accessories on rail for raw. A most ungainly thing. Regardless I think what it really comes down to is the business. Canon, is cameras, picture cameras. They are, they always have been. Its the basis of their business and what they cater to, specifically like most of their competitors, consumer cameras. Accessible, easy to use from film up to when they first started making film cameras, but also good quality. Their business model is frankly different than Sony who has their hand in all echelons of technology and even the high end production ca
  3. I just cant help but think that all the Panasonic LA7200 needs is something like a focus module so it can be adjusted for different sensors and lenses. Something that replaces the existing back, add two more lens elements behind the existing back element. Adjusts them all to make it fit right. Plus a seperate ring for close and far focus. I dont know. something like that.
  4. Eh I dont know... I mean, Apples target market when it comes to Filmmaking is Medium to Medium High range. I mean most production studios and motion graphics companies use Linux for the turnkey. So really, looking at that generally most people in those ranges dont have a perfect workstation system. Theres alot of lost profit from Apple when it comes to Hackintoshing since, higher end custom made workstations are generally cheaper with better performance compared to the Mac Pro (Ok fine, according to most people anyways). Regardless, it may simply be a thunderbolt to SSD drive issue. Perhaps
  5. If possibly and if anyone has the lenses. Would someone be able to do a comparison between the Canon 16-35 2.8L and the Tokina 11-16 on the LA7200? Id be very interested in that. It appears though it may be because its was 35mm just at the focal length with it starts CA Plus i was using it at pretty fast speeds since it was dark out.
  6. Yes yes, ill have footage up if it helps. There is some, at least from the raw stills.
  7. I had it on the BMCC with a Canon EF 35L for the taking lens.
  8. Trying to understand / fix the LA7200 to make it clearer, less CA, sharper and more usable. Building a lens from other lenses to attempt to do this. In any case, im trying to understand what is causing the issues in general using the LA7200 on DSLR or Blackmagic cinema camera. Is it because of the sensor cropping then? The LA7200 was designed for a 4:3 sensor crop therefore it will not work correctly on the BMCC, or larger sensors? Or is it simply a design flaw overall of the LA7200 , poor lens design / poor coating If it is a crop sensor issue, what is happening on the LA7200 to
  9. I wonder if you would still get the benefits of having it behind a lens. For instance integrated neutral density filters vs front mount ones. Although integrated neutral density filters are generally found just in front of the sensor.
  10. Anybody still keeping this up? I have what I think is a Tokina 0.5 diopter. Not sure, its a No 0.05 i believe ill have to check it but ive heard the 0.25 is better for clearing up CA on the LA7200. Not finding much on ebay these days.
  11. Ive been working on this with my LA7200 realize topic has been quiet, but getting nominal success with the LA7200 just got to fit the thing together right. Issue right now is that its a telephoto lens with non fixed front focus. Making work arounds trying to attach to non moving elements further in the lens.
  12. I have a question regarding the LA7200, basically in order to focus you would to move the back lens element or front. Would that be correct? Would it be possible to allow focus by adding another lens element behind the flat back lens element. Not sure how the image is presented by the square back of the LA7200. Im currently in the process of modifying it and frankensteining the lens with old junked vintage lenses to make it one whole lens that does not need a taking lens. Just want to make sure I have the physics right. Thanks in advance.
  13. See they have some videos on Vimeo showing it. It has its limitations but its slick. Slides right over fitting anamorphic to allow focus. Makes it look like all one lens at the end.
  14. Hm checked out a 50mm lens element. A Minolta. The thing is thick. Quite a bit thick. Not going to work its highly telescopic. I think the 28-80 wasn't nearly as telescopic because most of the telephoto elements were in the center part. Side note, may enable infinity focus on a Minolta adapter with the current FD element. Need to get myself an adapter.
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